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Old 19th May 2011, 00:30
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My point exactly.

Ever considered if you are a problem or a solution?
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Old 19th May 2011, 17:13
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Myself and 11 other enthusiasts met with Airport Director Mike Morton today, he spent about an hour talking about the airport in its current form, its future direction and its past etc. The guy was very open and didn't appear to hold anything back, even cracking the odd joke. He told us a lot of stuff, some of which is confidential, and as such I cannot put on here.

After the talk, we were given a tour of ATC, the Fire Dept, the IFTC Burning Ground, before going down the full length of the runway, turning off at taxiway Delta, back past the Terminal and finishing up back at the main car park. It was a damn good day!

The top and bottom of the visit though was to look into the prospect of forming a Friends of Teesside Airport group, similar to existing groups at DSA/LPL, which I personally am 110% up for.

After what I heard today I feel confident that we'll still be talking about this airport on here for a good few decades yet.
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Old 20th May 2011, 05:33
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Great to hear you had a great time at DTVA. I wish I could have came but I had a Exam at Uni.

Im glad you have seen DTVA has a future which I am very happy with.

Now lets hope we see our once great Airport back at the Top again.
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Old 20th May 2011, 16:53
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DTV visit

Good job the re were no aeroplanes using the runway(as usual)!!

so apart from the confidential stuff can you enlighten us mere mortals as to what was said??
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Old 21st May 2011, 11:15
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the confidential stuff
Reality is that whatever it can't be that confidential if disussed in open forum with "12 aviation enthusiasts".
I can however quite understand that in his position, then Mike Morton would not wish a summary of his views broadcast on PPRuNe.
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Old 22nd May 2011, 20:32
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Just some of the things discussed were who they are currently in negotiations with, airlines or otherwise, who they've talked to in the past and who they are keeping an eye on for the future - if I were in Mike's position I'd consider that pretty confidential.
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Old 22nd May 2011, 21:17
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DTV, are you able to enlighten me if a Belfast route is being pursued?
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Old 13th Jun 2011, 16:08
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BBC Tees news had a piece on this morning saying the cargo being run by a specialised company using the KLM flights out of Durham Tees Valley is doing very well and they're looking for more cargo options.
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 22:50
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Air Salvage International, the aircraft part-out and recycling firm currently based at Kemble airfield, are setting up a branch at Durham Tees Valley. Work will initially be carried out on Stand 9, with Hangar 4 eventually being used by them (which I assume will mean making that area airside?)

Their first customer arrives tomorrow, an unknown Boeing 757.
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Old 14th Jun 2011, 23:03
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The role for smaller airports

Air Salvage - a great development, well done DTV!

The UK has too many airports, but not too many airfields. Whilst it is not viable for every airport to have its own individual service to XYZ, there is a need for airfields with certain facilties to be home to industries like aircraft maintenance, salvage, storage, painting, pilot/ATC training, niche cargo, off-shore support, business GA, and (dare I say it?) aircraft manufacture!!! Our larger airports simply cannot safeguard space for this sort of activity. I think we'll increasingly see maintenance and main deck cargo moving out of Heathrow, Gatwick and to some extent Manchester. Despite the costs, airlines will be incentivised to ferry aircraft to maintenance airports or forfeit capacity expansion at their main hubs. BA have Cardiff already, there will no doubt need to be others. This is the future for the smaller and more marginal airports which cannot sustain many scheduled passenger services yet have good runways and space for hangars. This sort of operation is likely to create more skilled jobs locally than will stag weekend flights to Prague and Benidorm. The future is good for airports like DTV, just stop looking for passengers.
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 17:28
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The normally reliable spotter site DTVMovements is reporting that it isn't ASI but a new start up called Sycamore Aviation.

Good luck to them.
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 19:15
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Sycamore's 1st aircraft arrived today, I believe a 737-500 of soviet registration.
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 22:30
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Friends or enemies?

DTV airport

Obviously Mr Morton has a captive audience.

I would support any movement to make DTV airport better. I have a vested interest in making the airport better as it is geographically close to my home, and I and my family travel very frequently.

As you are very well aware, I am a very strong critic of the airport for reasons I have detailed in my posts.

Would you or Mr Morton have any time for critics of the airport? If the answer is no, then the airport deserves to go down pan, and I will do my damnedest to put this fetid airport out of its misery. If yes, than Im listening.

Over to you. Can you turn enemies into friends?
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 23:06
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Little bit of a rant there Mercury. I'm not sure that this thread will make much of a difference to policy but if it makes you feel better then so be it.
As for the aircraft scrappage company I was suprised to see such a relatively young aircraft being scrapped. According to a Google search ( Other Search Engines Are Available ) it was built in 1990. I am sure I have flown on older aircraft which are British registered. It was in a Russian Loco livery on arrival ( Sky Express ) which makes it even more surprising. Just shows how marginal aircraft operating is nowadays.
Good news for the airport if the business takes off ( no pun intended but all applause welcome.)
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Old 16th Jun 2011, 12:52
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Passenger figures are also looking pretty good.

Passenger Figures
Up at least 5% every month so far, significant ups in Jan, Feb and March.
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Old 16th Jun 2011, 13:01
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Passenger Figures May 2011

Total Pax 16,318 Down 21.7% on May 2010

Rolling Year 232, 800 Down 5% on previous year
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Old 16th Jun 2011, 21:47
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A rant it is, but a valid one. You really didnt answer my question, but I really didnt expect an answer. I do not think you are in a position to give one.

My comments may not affect policy. I can live with that. Your comments do reinforce my view that this airport is not a facility that is worth the effort to improve.

Mr Richmond may not give a damn about DTV, but consumer (although I hate that word) pressure is remarkably effective.
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Old 19th Jun 2011, 23:09
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dtv may passengers

21% down for the first summer month this can be only described as horrendous?

i make that between 250-300departing passengers per day?

these figure are before the nervous fliers see modern jet aircrat being dismantled in front of their very eyes!!

bad move me thinks...good for the spotter..not good for the customer!!
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Old 19th Jun 2011, 23:14
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The aircraft are not being dismantled in view of the general public, rumour has it the first aircraft will move landside from it's current position on stand 9 at some point tomorrow - only a rumour though.

Also, a contributing factor is that last years May figures include five Boeing 767 trooping flights and four Jet2.com diversions. Take those out of the equation and fair enough we'd probably still be down, but not by anywhere near as much.
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Old 20th Jun 2011, 01:16
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MME is likely to close.
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