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Old 22nd Nov 2010, 19:33
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Slightly off subject, anyone know why the Luton bound Easy from Sharm as not been allowed to fuel, paxs told seems to be some problem with payment of fuel this sounds a bit strange but now heard the Gatwick a/c has also been parked next to the Luton 1 on the ramp. Paxs on Ltn a/c sat on ramp for 3 hours waiting now being put up in hotel

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Old 22nd Nov 2010, 20:02
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Sharm El Sheikh

Both tonights LGW and LTN flights are showing as cancelled on the Sharm El Sheikh Airport Website. Very Strange .
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Old 22nd Nov 2010, 20:05
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Hurghada and Luxor into LGW are both canx tonight and Sharm re scheduledto 02.30-all other carriers are arriving no probs from there-Strange????????
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Old 23rd Nov 2010, 12:17
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The problems at Sharm El Sheikh is down to arguments over fuel bills being paid or not.
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Old 23rd Nov 2010, 13:53
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Not quite . . . .

[QUOTE]EasyJet flights hit by fuel dispute
(UKPA) – 32 minutes ago
Holiday flights returning to the UK from Egypt have been disrupted in a row over fuel payments.
Budget carrier easyJet had to put three plane loads of passengers up for the night in Egyptian hotels after the local supplier refused to refill its planes.
Passengers on one Gatwick-bound easyJet plane that got away late from Sharm el-Sheikh were initially told in an airport announcement that the delay was due to easyJet "not being able to pay its fuel bill".
But easyJet said on Tuesday that it had no outstanding fuel invoices with the Egyptian refuelling company and would be "changing suppliers immediately".
Passenger Tom Stanley, 83, from Deal in Kent, arrived back nearly two hours late at Gatwick on Tuesday after an easyJet flight.
He said: "There was an airport announcement at Sharm el-Sheik that easyJet could not pay its fuel bill and that was the reason for our delay.
"Then we were told that the flight had been cancelled and then, finally, we were able to board late and the pilot told us that the airport had run out of fuel."
The easyJet flights from Egypt that were delayed overnight were Luxor to Gatwick, Hurghada to Gatwick and Sharm el-Sheikh to Luton.
EasyJet said on Tuesday: "We can confirm that, regrettably, three of our flights were disrupted overnight due to a refuelling issue in Egypt.
"We can also confirm that easyJet has no outstanding fuel invoices with the refuelling company and as a result of the disruption we will be changing suppliers immediately."
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Old 23rd Nov 2010, 16:38
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... which is why I said 'arguments over fuel bills being paid or not'.

The suppliers saying they have not been paid while the airline says they have.
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Old 25th Nov 2010, 09:40
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Liverpool to Gibraltar

easyJet has announced that the Liverpool to Gibraltar service will commence on Tuesday 29th March 2011 operating three times a week. I think this is at the expense of Liverpool to Dubrovnik which appears to have been dropped.
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Old 25th Nov 2010, 09:51
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Aswell as Liverpool to Gibraltor - easyJet launch - Manchester to Palma (PMI)
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Three good timed flights, 2 of them Tuesday and Saturday, days when MON dont fly from MAN. Just priced up my holidays and they are half the price of Monarch, so thanks to EZY and all who kindly posted the rumours of this route on here, you`ve save me a fortune
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Old 25th Nov 2010, 16:38
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Also 3 new routes from MAD to BOD, NAP and VCE announced. Flights from SXF to Rome will land/depart in FCO instead of CIA from 10th January.
BRS, LYS and ORY are the only routes (altogether 5 daily flights) left from CIA next summer.
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 10:28
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I have been following this forum for some months, and noted with interest the links posted by Shingles (in July) to two interesting docs re easyJet ops.

I have just battled with easyJet for four months for a refund of expenses incurred returning to Geneva in July after a flight from Gatwick was cancelled late in the evening. It was impossible to rebook as staff said they had no Internet access, no food vouchers were offered, no transport to hotels was offered, and I was lied to about my options for rebooking, being told wrongly that I could do so from Bristol.

I received numerous standard and infuriating emails thanking me for “sharing my thoughts” with easyJet, but no real info as to why the flight had been cancelled. EasyJet blamed weather conditions; these were fine at Gatwick and Geneva but I was never able to find out whether the a/c had been delayed by weather earlier in the day. It was impossible to fill in the elusive claim form on the easyJet website, but after a month I received a refund of my ticket cost, and after four months’ continued persistence I received the cost of my return to Geneva (by train in the end) less the cost of my original ticket. No compensation was offered for the lack of vouchers, the utter inconvenience or the lies. I have gone back to driving to and from the UK – more expensive but civilised; I didn’t even have to produce a passport last time I crossed the Channel. I shall never fly with easyJet again if I can possibly help it, and nor shall I use dreadful Gatwick.

It’s wearing keeping up a battle, but if everyone persists then maybe easyJet will be persuaded to provide some customer service when things go wrong.
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 11:36
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Does anyone know if easyjet plan to launch a blackberry compatible site?
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Old 29th Nov 2010, 10:19
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If EZY wanted to, would they have aircraft available to start services from both BHX and MAN, say 2 or 3 per day, to Belfast? If so when could they realistically have them ready to start?
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Old 29th Nov 2010, 19:50
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No more London Newcastle for easyJet from Summer 11 onwards
Good news for BA and flybe
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Flight are being pro-actively cancelled at an earlier stage if it is looking likely that the weather will end up seeing it cancelled. It is more convenient for passengers (provided they receive the e-mail/text in time) as they won't set out for the airport. Obviously, in retrospect one or two of these cancellations appear needless (if the runway was indeed clear) but helps provide a more robust operation on days such as these both in the airport and the actual schedule.
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Robust!!! You've been listening to management rubbish again haven't you!!
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 12:46
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h&s - Can you let me know your source for the cancellation of NCL-STN?

It was rumoured that the route was droppped for this Winter, but it is still being operated with STN based crew.

The NCL-STN route appeared quite late for bookings this year and wasn't confirmed right up until about 2/3 months before the Winter schedule despite people telling me it was cancelled.
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As far as I know EZY did cancel the NCL - STN service from the end of October with NCL authorities actively looking for a replacement carrier. Subsequently EZY decided to operate it up to the end of March 11 with a STN based a/c to see if they could make it work. There are no plans (at present) to re-instate it for the summer 2011 season.
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 15:18
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Heebeegbee, whilst I get frustrated with Easy management from time to time, they are normally pretty good when it comes to disruption (not including the self inflicted cock up this Summer). Just compare cancellations compared with Ryanair during volcano, snow and ATC disruption.

lfc84 your attitude stinks. I simply gave an explanation without any personal reference to you or your post.

The fact is that if it is looking unlikely to operate a flight could be cancelled in order to protect the operation (and it's passengers) later in the day. So for example, if the runway wasn't cleared at XX.XX the decision may well be taken to cancel that particular flight as
A) In all probability it reduces further inconvenience to the pax
B) It protects the programme further down the line.

So for instance, if that aircraft was operating LPL-IOM-LPL-AGP-LPL then it is better to cancel the IOM as LPL-AGP has no weather issues and a major delay/AOG on the IOM could seriously mess up the operation causing further disruption. Now, occasionally I imagine there are times, like today, where the pro-active cancellation is, on the face of it, needless but in the majority of cases it protects the operation and it's passengers!

I'm not going to stick up for an airline needlessly but by the same token I am not going to slate a carrier just for the sake of it. Those of you in the know will know that flights aren't cancelled just for the sake of it and in fact there is a lot of focus on OTP and cancelled sector stats.

Now, thanks to info from liamfr, it would appear that this wasn't one of those instance but believe me this has been happening up and down the network today. A little bit of respect shown when respect is shown towards you, lfc84, doesn't go amiss.
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A number of recent posts have been removed. Mostly because the original poster did not follow the Forum rules, but secondarily because the replies enabled him.

From the Forum SOPs:

Folks, PPRuNe is not a Customer Service point of contact for your trip. If you have questions regarding aircraft type, movies, seating, meals etc. CALL THEM.

Further, PPRuNe isn't a flight tracking site. If your flight hasn't left and/or arrived on time..... ASK THEM not PPRuNe.

Better to get the information from someone responsible and accountable for providing it to you rather than an anonymous website.

You paid for the ticket, may as well get the service.

The Mods
And now you know why.
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