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Old 4th Dec 2009, 08:36
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passengers: 3,351,187 +12.2%
load factor: 84.8% (+0.9 pp)

(Ryanair: 4.96 mln +15%, 80% +1pp)
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Old 7th Dec 2009, 14:24
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East Midlands Airport

The airport's website today has confirmation that Easyjet's flights will cease on 05/01/10.
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Transfering pax to BMI Baby!!!! - East Midlands Airport

I am surprised at the lack of comment re the one alternative of offerring to transfer passengers to BMI Baby flights.

Today competitors next year mates!

An extremely decent offer by easyjet to say the least.

Would there be some financial compensation for BMI baby? Obviously
I don't know how many bookings this involves but say if easyjet charge
£20 a flight less on average over several routes (easy certainly are cheap in advance) that could be a tidy sum involved.

Just can't imagine Ryanair arranging the same with flybe when they
cancelled BHX-HHN. Mind you I could imagine MOL offering flybe 1000
x 0.02p's in lieu to put the pax on the BE to Frankfurt!!!!!!

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Old 8th Dec 2009, 13:35
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will easyjet be doing any BOH flights for summer 2010?

BOH-GVA has been operated now for 4 years successfully 8 flights per week but i cant for the life of me fathom why its only operated in the winter.
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Old 8th Dec 2009, 14:19
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I agree ryanair1, crazy decision to operate all those Geneva flights in winter during the ski season while operating nothing at all in the summer when people want to head for the beach
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Old 8th Dec 2009, 16:55
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Just because the ski season is over, and there is more demand for beach holidays, doesn't mean BOH-GVA can't work year round. Might be worth looking in a summer 'Lakes and Mountains' holiday brochure? And that would just be one potential source of summer passengers. Second home owners, and maybe even limited business traffic would be attracted by a year round service

What maybe the issue is are there better uses for the aircraft in the summer, such as flights to 'beach' destinations?
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Old 8th Dec 2009, 17:12
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BOH-GVA Year round

I've been a regular user of this route, and will again this year, not once for skiing though! In my case its work.

But what you see when you use the BOH - GVA flight is consistent good loads and yes of course skiers, but much more than I would have expected of VFR traffic... all those wrinklies that are reputed to live in the BOH catchment have friends and relatives in Switzerland that they visit and who in turn also travel to BOH to visit Granny.

The consistent message from pax is that its so much easier than Gatwick or LHR, and god forbid Luton or Bristol (due nightmare road journeys).

The Air Berlin experience was very similar re VFR from BOH for Germany.

I agree with Ryanair 1, there is scope for a year round GVA, though perhaps at reduced freq.

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Old 9th Dec 2009, 08:49
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Andy Harrison leaving Easyjet

AH to leave EZY in June 2010

Brace brace!!!
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Any sauce?
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STOCKS NEWS UK-EasyJet falls on CEO resignation | Markets | Market Movers | Reuters
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Strong rumour that Mike Sucks is on the way back, aaargh!
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Old 9th Dec 2009, 11:48
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Sir George Cayley
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Oi! Pudding, stop thinking about food. 'any sauce?

Tomato, brown? Or do you mean 'source'?

Sir George Cayley
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By sauce 'pudding' might be meaning scandal... that's my take on the question.
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Quite simply it appears he has lost the support of his workforce!
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More likely he's had enough of Cor. Alas my bonus wont let me leave.
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Old 9th Dec 2009, 12:54
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Andy Harrison just resigned
Share loosing 9% at the moment!!!
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Old 9th Dec 2009, 12:56
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wall street journal

LONDON (Dow Jones)--EasyJet PLC (EZJ.LN) Wednesday said Chief Executive Andy Harrison had resigned, the third major boardroom departure in just under a year in the wake of a long boardroom battle with founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou.
The budget carrier said Harrison "has indicated his desire to leave the company in order to seek new challenges," but didn't indicate what he planned to do next.
He will remain in his current role until June 30, 2010, but his contract has been amended to ensure a smooth transition until a new chief executive can be found.
Harrison, 52, wasn't immediately available to comment.
At the same time, easyJet said Michael Rake will take over from David Michels as chairman from Jan. 1, 2010. Rake has been deputy chairman and senior independent director since June.
Michels has been interim Chairman since Colin Chandler retired in July. Chandler's retirement came a couple of months earlier than expected.
The airline is also still searching for a chief financial officer after Jeff Carr resigned in May, which followed Haji-Ioannou's refusal to approve last year's annual accounts.
Late last year, a boardroom spat erupted between the easyJet founder and the board. Haji-Ioannou had been concerned the company's growth strategy was too aggressive during the economic downturn and after nearly eight months, both sides eventually settled to annual growth of seats flown at 7.5%, instead of 15%.
It expects to have 207 aircraft in its fleet by 2012, up from the 181 it had as of Sep. 30 2009, but has some flexibility to defer 50% of its orders, if it gives manufacturer Airbus 18 months notice.
Carr took up the role of finance director at bus and rail company FirstGroup PLC (FGP.LN) and, in August, easyJet appointed Bob Rothenberg as non-executive director on Haji-Ioannou's request.
Despite three senior boardroom departures in under a year, the airline said it was confident that it was well positioned for the future.
Rake said: "Andy Harrison has done a great job over the past four years and under his leadership, easyJet has developed into a truly pan-European airline operating Europe's leading air transport network. EasyJet has a very strong senior management team and I look forward to being part of the continuing development of the business."
Wyn Ellis, analyst at Numis, described the airline's founder as a "complex character, well-known for his forthright opinions", saying that was "a set of circumstances that might be considered to make life complicated for independently-minded executive directors."
A spokeswoman for Haji-Ioannou said he declined to comment. He owns 15.5% stake but together with his brother and sister, the family has a 38% interest in the airline.
Gerald Khoo, analyst at Arbuthnot Securities, said, "We remain positive on easyJet's long-term fundamentals, with opportunities to gain market share profitably during the recession. However, we accept that a company with no permanent CFO and in search of a new CEO may well struggle to outperform in the short term."
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Sir Stelios - I think it is your time once again...
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Sir Stelios - I think it is your time once again...
The history of company founders who sell on part of their shareholding to do something else which bellys up and then return to sack the professional management so they can try and redo history is not good.

There is a reason why entrepreneurs sell on and thats because the requirement for growth is vastly different from the requirement for entrepreneurship.

This sends out all the wrong messages in Stelios being unwilling to let go so anybody joining in a senior capacity in the future knows the boss will always be interfering.
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It makes me laugh, Stelios is the biggest shareholder in the company, yet he still does not have a controlling stake.

This means, if the dispute was based on the expansion of the airline, the board would be able to go ahead as they planned as Stelios only has a 38% say. If he was so wrong, then surely the board would be confident enough that the remaining 62% would agree with the proposed expansion if an EGM was called on the matter, which would never happen.

Does this not mean that the board themselves didn't believe in their own expansion plans?

If I had a serious investment in a company and had employed personnel to run it for me, I would have confidence in their decisions. However, if I felt that it would stand a chance of ruining my stake in the company, then I would have my say and I am sure that Stelios thought hard before making his opinion known.

Now the matter of him returning to the board. I am pretty sure it isn't going to happen any time soon. The man has moved on and his interest will now solely be the numbers on the books rather than the smiles on the faces of passengers (being one of his early day pleasures). However, being an entrepraneur, surely he would be able to bring something different to the airline.

It is arguable that MOL is an entrepranuer - he pretty much started Ryanair from scratch in their new format and has consistently grown the carrier. He has certainly brought something different to the industry - could Stelios not return and do the same? Just a question...

It is no doubt that Stelios has revolutionised the European skies and he should be respected for that. His experience in the airline industry may not be the longest but surely he has more 'know-how' than certain members of the board. It's not like the CEO worked in a different industry, say motor maintenance, is it? Oh wait...
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