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Old 12th May 2012, 17:37
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Thank you for the replies re the Q400 leases especially "DL"

Using that information can we assume that is it for 2012?

"DM" was delivered 18/7/03 and "DN" 31/7/13 and I trust they
will go in 2013.

Also is there any scope to accelerate the delivery of the 175's
if required?

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Old 12th May 2012, 22:22
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Flybe have 10 year leases so one would assume it's curtains...
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Old 14th May 2012, 09:46
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G-FBJF coming towards the end of the month. don't know about accelerating other deliveries, would be useful though by the sounds of it.
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Old 14th May 2012, 09:59
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Considering much of the 'Making Flying Better' campaign is underpinned by using the Ejet, it might not be a bad idea to accelerate those deliveries (if it can be done by Embraer) Imagine all of the disappointed people thinking that they are about to board a shiny new Ejet with wifi and all the rest of it only to be greeted by a tired old Q4; which is still the mainstay of the fleet by a long way. Making Flying Better it does not...

Perhaps one of the reasons for a slow fleet renewal is difficulty shifting the Dashes? I know that the airline will struggle to convert crews over and still cover the existing schedule if new Ejets were coming thick and fast.
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Old 14th May 2012, 10:27
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Is 'difficulty shifting the Dashes' actually FlyBe's problem? If they reach the end of their initial 10 year lease, presumably they become someone else's responsibilty. If Flybe try to shed them early, this presumably comes with a financial cost.

I'm also not sure it is fair to describe them as tired. I fly them very frequently, and if you get one of the G-ECxx or G-FLxx series, they are in very good nick from a passenger perspective. OK a shiny new E175 would be better, but they can't swap out 30+ aircraft overnight.
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Old 14th May 2012, 11:48
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Does anybody know which Aircraft/routes will get onboard Wifi? The website says 'selected routes' and it was also mentioned in a local newspaper article some aircraft/routes from SOU will get it. It would be nice to get it when I fly SOU-ALC in July!
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Old 14th May 2012, 12:42
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It you were running BE, would 'bucket and spade' routes be top of your list for this type of enhancement?
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Old 14th May 2012, 13:06
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A fair point, but I assume the availiability of it will be based on whether an aircraft has Wifi or not and the Embraer 195's which fly most of the 'bucket and spade' routes are also used on a number of business routes and are Flybe's 'flagship' aircaft so it should definately not be ruled out!!
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I could be wrong but the availability of the wifi is not based on your final destination. Is available domestic for the UK. Not Europe-wide.
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That will be the tired old Q's that have turned Flybe into the indisputed domestic force it is today?

As previous posters have mentioned, the 175's will come online with each Q lease end. I will be very surprised if the Q's don't remain the largest fleet type. Suicide springs to mind .
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Old 15th May 2012, 01:40
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Are there still 3 E-Jets based in Southampton?There seems to be very little E-Jet activity in Southampton now.Does anyone here know which ones are based in Soton?Looks like they all gone to Birmingham.We used to Have G-FBEE,GFBED and G-FBEB but all 3 have disappeared now.
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Well, they must be there, as routes like FAO, AGP, ALC and PMI, which either re-start or increase at this time of year aren't flown on the Dash.

I suspect they are just out flying more than they were during the Winter!
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Old 16th May 2012, 13:02
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Southampton EJETS

Two E195s during the week, three during the weekends. You should see their increased presence shortly.

Will operate to destinations such as EDI, MAN, JER, FAO, GLA, IBZ, PMI, ALC, NCE, AGP, MAH, BZR... etc...

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Originally Posted by "ematom1'
any schedules released for ema yet?
Only EDI and GLA flights released. Flights will be operated by EDI and GLA based DH4's.

Edinburgh to East Midlands

BE261 EDI 07:15 EMA 08:30 DH4 x7
BE265 EDI 14:45 EMA 16:00 DH4 x6
BE267 EDI 18:15 EMA 19:30 DH4 x6

East Midlands to Edinburgh

BE262 EMA 08:55 EDI 10:05 DH4 x7
BE266 EMA 16:25 EDI 17:35 DH4 x6
BE268 EMA 19:55 EDI 21:05 DH4 x6

Glasgow to East Midlands

BE551 GLA 07:05 EMA 08:20 DH4 x7
BE555 GLA 14:35 EMA 15:50 DH4 x6
BE557 GLA 18:05 EMA 19:20 DH4 x6

East Midlands to Glasgow

BE552 EMA 08:45 GLA 09:55 DH4 x7
BE556 EMA 16:15 GLA 17:25 DH4 x6
BE558 EMA 19:45 GLA 20:55 DH4 x6

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Sou - Emb's

Problem is that Sou only has so many stands that can take the high tailed emb's.

Although its not like BAA have just sold two of their airports for multi-million pound sums, Sou's airfield will have to stay unfit for purpose it seems
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Flybe signs to MoU with Finnair to operate there E190's

Just announced on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) this morning, Flybe Europe signs MoU with Finnair to operate there Embraer E190's. See press release copied below :-

Flybe Group plc

("Flybe" or "the Group")

Contract Flying MoU with Finnair

Flybe, Europe's largest regional airline, today announces that Flybe Nordic, its joint venture with Finnair, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnair to fly 12 Embraer E190 regional jets on behalf of Finnair under a contract flying arrangement.

Under the terms of the MoU, the long term E190 contract flying operations will commence on 28 October 2012. The aircraft will fly for Finnair on a number of European short haul routes, taking advantage of Flybe Nordic's competitive cost base.

With this further agreement the number of aircraft flown by Flybe Nordic will reach 28, double the number flown when the business commenced operations in August 2011, of which 20 will be flying under contract for Finnair.

Mike Rutter, Managing Director of Flybe Europe, commented:

"Flybe took the decision in 2011 to expand its successful regional airline business model into the Nordic and Baltic regions with the objective of becoming the largest and most successful regional airline in those areas.

"In the ten months since its foundation, Flybe Nordic has expanded its operations from Finland to Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden - in the latter country establishing a growing presence at Stockholm's city airport Bromma.

"We have been flying eight aircraft on a contract basis for Finnair since August 2011 and we are delighted that the quality and efficiency of our operations have persuaded Finnair to add another 12 aircraft to our partnership."

Mika Vehvilšinen, Finnair CEO, commented:

"This move is a logical extension of our co-operation with Flybe. The MoU covers approximately one third of Finnair's European flights. Flybe offers us a cost efficient platform for operating this traffic and enables us to continue to offer the wide network and frequencies to both our regional customers as well as our customers flying between Europe and Finnair's Asian destinations.

"We believe that, from the customer point view, the change will be virtually unnoticed as they will maintain the benefits of our extensive network in Europe and opportunity to exploit our fast Asian routes. We look forward to this expansion of our co-operation with Flybe, which has proven its capabilities to run regional traffic efficiently."

Jim French, Chairman and CEO of Flybe Group plc, concluded:

"Today's announcement marks another major step in the successful development of the Flybe Nordic business. This extension of our existing contract flying operations for Finnair is a key part of Flybe Nordic's strategy, adding substantial scale whilst balancing Flybe Group's overall risk.

"With this deal, 25% of the fleet under Flybe Group's management will be deployed under contract flying arrangements. We believe there are many more similar opportunities to develop this side of the business."

22 May 2012
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Does anyone know if BHD will get more Ejets based? What about the BHD - SOU route, any ejets coming?
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I hope there are some Flybe E-Jet drivers here.Now could you tell me how you tame your Brazillian Jets.I know from AC pilots that the E-Jets were a real pain in the backside to start with.They called it Embraer 180 as the jet would need a constant restart.Did you have to deal with issues like that?Do you still have troubles with them and which E-Jet is your "Hangar Queen" in the Flybe fleet?Personally I love the E-Jets and the sleek modern design.But I do know of other E-Jet pilots who detest them even calling the little jets "Brazillian Bitch"Love to hear from Flybe Pilots.Also wondering if there are female Flybe E-Jet pilots.
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if there are female Flybe E-Jet pilots
I can confirm this for you... as I had one flying BHX - ABZ in June '10!
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I have seen plenty of female FO / Captains on the E-Jet. As well as the Dash.
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