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Bad start a 14 hour delay today in plane leaving Manchester for Palma
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Never mind it's TOM so they'll probably save some time by operating the return leg into MAN not LBA.

TOM are really good at looking after LBA pax not!

I was booked TOM ex LBA a few years back and they pulled the flight and operated it from MAN despite excellent bookings, I will never book TOM again as I won't Fly Ryanair after they dumped me and the family in Cork.

Unfortunately not all airlines put the customer first, thank goodness Jet2 are far better in these situations.
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so is the palma flight operating via manchester?
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No it operates into LBA on a W-pattern from MAN. TOM have no based aircraft at LBA. It is meant to operate MAN-PMI-LBA-PMI-MAN.
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Old 6th May 2011, 19:27
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TOM Delay

Looks as though it was a mess up in the operations department at Thomson, at the scheduled time of departure to Palma the Aircraft was still in the Maldives waiting to operate back to MAN. Like someone said not a good start, only way is up though from a 14 hour delay!
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Old 10th May 2011, 15:05
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Ryanair Launches Leeds Bradford Winter Schedule With 11 Routes

Faro and Malta are dropped.
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Jet2 have announced a new summer route to Las Palmas-Gran Canaria. Flights are to operate once weekly on Mondays from May 28th 2012.

Meanwhile the 2x annual Christmas Shopping charters to New York are now on sale. Flights depart LBA on Thursdays 1st and 8th of December 2011.
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PIA were expected to be ending Leeds from 11 June but revised schedule now show flights loaded upto next summer.

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There is a schedule for the PIA but looking at their website it doesn't appear as if you can book a seat beyond the 11th June.
I hope I'm missing something - it would be a big loss for the airport.
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A sad loss indeed it was one of their better performing routes. I guess they will just put the flights back into MAN as the demand from Yorkshire can always travel over there.
PIA have been hit by late flights breaking the night time noise rules put in when the runway extension was granted. They reduced from 3 flights a week to 2 to try and mitigate and said they would look at using a 777 to take up the slack as they are quieter than the A310s. It appears the 777 must be a non starter due to restrictions caused by runway length in certain conditions.
Their A310s must be due replacement soon and a perfect replacement will soon be available in the 787 which has fantastic runway performance, unfortunately PIA have not ordered any.
Lets just hope someone can be found to take over the route if they do pull out rather then have the Pakistani community having to brave the M62 again before their long flight to ISB.
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There was a post on another forum with a link to an article stating
PIA are disposing of six out of twelve A310's as well as six 733's.

The replacement will be twelve A320's allegedly.

If this article is correct then this might have contributed to the decision
if the LBA route is going.

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Seems odd to replace 6 733 and 6 A310 with 12 A320s given the A310 is a widebody medium/long haul aircraft. Maybe they are dropping longer routes and concentrating on shorter routes? Could be more route closures to come?
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Just found this from January...Odd how things change.

"PIA closes its twice weekly Glasgow-Lahore route on January 22 following an appraisal of its loss-making operations in Europe which could see it pull out completely from some countries. PIA’s decision to axe Glasgow is linked with competition from Emirates, which operates daily from Glasgow to Dubai with onward connections to Pakistan.

Speaking from PIA’s base in Karachi, spokesman Mamoon Rashid said flights from Pakistan to Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds/Bradford were profitable and could be expanded. PIA will also continue with its Manchester-New York route."
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Leeds ending for sure, now confirmed by the press.
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Sure dose look like its now confirmed that PIA are quitting the Islamabad route next month. See below link..

PIA discontinuing Leeds flight

So I wonder if anyone will come in and replace the Pakistan route anytime soon, And if so which airlines would consider it?

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"I fully expect PK at LBA to be a dim and distant memory in about 6 -12months. The specifics of LBA profitibility are very much in question along with rest of their network. The protesteth -too much quotes from the UK manager will come back to haunt...."

My quote from January. There were a few here who seemed to think they knew better...
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I think it was inevitable that PIA would discontinue serving LBA. Undoubtedly there is a large catchment of ex-pats in West Yorkshire but it is simply not economic for a long-haul airline to fragment its operation across multiple airports in a distant country. The only exception to this is perhaps Emirates with their enormous resources and huge global hub at Dubai. PIA is a point to point operator from Europe, and the UK can be well-served from London and Manchester, with Birmingham perhaps the only viable other departure point. Glasgow has gone. For northern England MAN offers good surface transport connections and is free of any operating constraints. We'll see whether additional capacity is put into MAN to take up the displaced traffic.

PIA is coming to terms with commercial realities. As a government-run flag carrier its route network has no doubt been influenced historically by ex pat requirements as much as hard economics. The final reason may well be the retirement of the A310s and the lack of a suitable replacement which can cope with the operating constaints at LBA.

An independent airline might see an opportunity here to compete with PIA's MAN services. Air Blue currently go head to head from MAN, using the A319 via IST.
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PIA - You're Spot on Roverman

I think that in the North of England, the only viable option for long haul direct (and even to certain extent via euro-hubs) will be from MAN. EK from NCL will continue to succeed by way of its geographical postion (albeit a very limited catchment) but anything else is a non-starter. And this includes EMA and BHX (which will always come second fiddle to LHR).

Even in what is a tight, highly competitive market, this is what is happening. It will be interesting to see how prices the the gulf change when there ar (soon) 2000+ seats a day from MAN e/bound...but then again, pax figures from the likes of LH seem to indicate that there are still plenty of people willing to go long-haul via MAN from MUN and FRA.

We live in interesting times...
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Air Blue are rumored to be considering taking over LBA service.
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Shame about PIA, but economics and no replacement for the ever ageing A310 I guess it was only a matter of time. But IMO I wouldn't be surprised if Air Blue jump in if they can get the rights so all may not be lost
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