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It's strange that you've latched onto the HUY thing.. I work for a key airline that would/should feature largely in your master plan, and that is just one of them, and funnily enough they haven't even pricked their ears as I'm sure is the case with all of the others. I have spoken to people in GA in the area who know Mr Makin who say exactly the same as pretty much everyone else has on here, that he's interested in establishing a first class GA airfield with plans for non aviation related revenue, which I have also made quite clear (as have others) that I'm fully supportive of. There are no plans to turn the place into an international airport. So if you've got the cash, go offer him it, otherwise stop your trolling on the LBA thread.
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Lifestyle / Airline commits to Leeds Bradford Airport after coming through turbulence THEBUSINESSDESK.COM?
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As you asked here you go Leeds approach

Calls for new Leeds airport - Yorkshire Evening Post
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Do BA passengers still get free airport parking, or has that promotion ended? A year, or so ago, I used it and it represented a great saving. Can't find any details on-line anywhere, I assume it has ended?
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Eastern Airways are adding a 4th daily Leeds/Bradford - Southampton service from September 14th 2015.

Wonder if this is a response to flybe's service not been on sale for the Winter season?

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Thumbs up Aurigny to LBA

Announced in Guernsey daily paper today that application to fly 3 to 5 times a week from GCI and return with ATR 42/72 to LBA has been approved. Service to start next spring. Flight timing in the middle of the day probably to utilise ac providing GCI - LCY early morning and evening rotations. Following in the footsteps of BKS and Northeast ?


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Why, are you wondering if this will strengthen your personal case for a new airport at Church Fenton? For what it's worth I saw a missed approach due to 'evasive action' not so long ago at a much bigger airport..
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Was the ZB late departing after take off clearance?
Missed approaches happen all the time, no big deal and not unique to LBA!
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Standard missed approach

Thought it worth clarifying, the standard missed approach doesn't incorporate the noise abatement procedure. The standard missed approach off both ends is straight ahead to 2000ft followed by a climbing turn back to the LBA to hold at 3000ft.
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Can you confirm date and time - can't see anything on 23/7 at 14.13z on FR24?
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Looking at FR24, the RYR 38XU was on approach to 32 and then turned right towards Bramhope. EXS223 LBA-TFS was taxying but didn't appear to be on the runway. The ZB followed the RYR in after its missed approach, not before
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This must have something to do with Church Fenton, surely..?
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Monarch Airlines have today announced that they are to commence a new 3x times weekly service from Leeds/Bradford to Malaga from June 2016.
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Originally Posted by N707ZS View Post
Aviogenex flew 134s.

Was the runway extension built when you thought JAT flew 707s. Yugoslavia holidays seem such a long time ago before the war.
Yes they did operate 707s from LBA and yes it was after the runway extension. Don't remember any Tu134s on the route though we did see an Interflug example.
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BA struggling..?

Up until November 1st, British Airways is running what seems to be a crazy offer on just the LBA and NEW domestics to LHR. Make one adult reservation, point-to-point, and up to three children, up to the age of 11, can fly with you absolutely free.

Can't ever remember an offer from BA so generous or desperate to fill the aircraft, depending upon how you regard the offer.

i think posting the link would breach site rules, but googling British Airways Kids Fly For Free should take you there.
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I'm sure all the suited-and-booted premium business travellers will just love their journey aboard the flying creche!
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Or, if we're being less cynical, a clever ploy by BA to try and attract families away from the trains. Improved trains on the West Coast have already destroyed MAN-London flights, and they may now be trying to protect their market share on the East Coast before that disappears as well.
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Graham K
I think you will find that most people would be connecting on those services, (it was what they were set up for, and is used as the reason a certain extra bit of runway is needed in the south).Travelling to central London from NW or NE is generally quicker by train.

Mr Mac
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Sorry to hijack the thread, but is anybody in the know if the Britannia Airport Hotel offers a shuttle service? There is conflicting information on various booking sites (some say nothing at all, others mention a taxi, other a shuttle for 6 GBP). The hotel website itself is useless and their contact form does not work...
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Ring them and ask !!
0871 221 0191

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