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Southwest Airlines (SWA)

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Southwest Airlines (SWA)

Old 8th Mar 2005, 01:14
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Southwest & ATA expanding codeshare today!

Here with link about WN & TZ are adding codeshare to HNL & OGG.


Tell us what are you think about WN & TZ is adding connecting with PHX hub.
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Old 8th Mar 2005, 04:49
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Should be good for both airlines.

PNRs have been well above expected on the MDW operation.

SWA is asking for (and has gotten) accelerated code share schedule.
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Old 8th Mar 2005, 17:50
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Nice to see Southwest using ATA to access high cost markets. Perhaps ATA will build up services from airports like BOS to SW hubs like STL and BNA?
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Old 9th Aug 2005, 04:30
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Southwest airlines ??

Do you know how many aircrafts and employees does Southwest Airlines has ?? Thank you ..
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Old 9th Aug 2005, 10:04
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A simple browse of the website will reveal all...............................


More than 31,000 total Employees throughout the Southwest system.


Southwest currently operates 429 Boeing 737 jets (as of May 25, 2005).


Hope this helps.........
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Old 20th Oct 2005, 20:55
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Southwest Airlines Profits Up.

Idn't this the LCC with a highly unionised workforce? Seems it is possible to make money in a unionised environment without behaving like a certain unmentionable airline.

Southwest profit beats forecasts

Thursday, October 20, 2005; 7:15 AM

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Southwest Airlines Co. <LUV.N> on Thursday reported its quarterly earnings soared 91 percent, beating forecasts, as fuel hedges helped the top U.S. discount carrier outperform a weak industry.

The largest U.S. airline by market value said third-quarter net income rose to $227 million, or 28 cents a share, from $119 million, or 15 cents a share, a year earlier.

The results included $87 million in one-time gains, without which the quarterly earnings would be $174 million, or 21 cents a share, beating Wall Street analysts' forecast of 18 cents a share before exceptional items, according to Reuters Estimates.
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Old 20th Oct 2005, 23:36
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Southwest is a great airline with a great business model. However, I think in the current environement that without the fuel hedges they would have had an operational loss. Anyone know if this is true in the current quarter or just in the past few?
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 00:55
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southwest profits

Very good article about this is Saturdays NY times.
Without the fuel hedges they would have lost a packet - at current revenue. That is the rub every one misses. Most people don't understand Southwest -from the beginning they've run on these lines.
What is the cheapest we can run a sustainable operation?
(And keep it cheap – no big offices – no big salaries – no big ego trips)
Take this - add some profit - that is our price
Can we get this much out of a market?
If yes – lets go – if no – let’s go elsewhere.
They own almost all their planes – they have one type and a flexible workforce – so they can shift assets, as they need them. Cleveland slows down – send it to Tampa!
Currently – they do not need more revenue – profits just went up. If they had no hedges – they would have raised prices – shifted assets – They have that flexibility, as they are the low price leader. Their price increases stick.
Much like Dell they set the market price. No one is going to out Dell Dell and no one is going to out Southwest Southwest. Find another niche – this one – airborne Greyhound – is taken.
Interesting to note – the founder of JetBlue – founded a charter airline in Salt Lake which he sold, for much $$$, to Southwest. When the non compete expired – he was not the fool to joust with the master – No he headed cross country to the big Apple and set up Jet Blue. He was smart enough to realize he was not selling to Aunt Edna going to Vegas for the $7.99 all you can eat but the Jay Lo’s going clubbing in Miami. So he has created the hippest airline in the country – in the city that eats it up. (And if you know anything fool – you know every New Yorker loves a bargain – so they low price is part of the cache)
Morale of the story - know your market - stick to the knitting
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 08:40
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Thumbs up

20driver , it took a while for me to translate your post into English, but hey I get your drift

Southwest and Jetblue are industry leaders. Although they like to believe otherwise, Ryanair comes nowhere near in comparison.
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 13:57
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Southwest has also announced that in early 2006 they will commence service to Denver International Airport. They served Denver briefly in the early 80s at Stapleton, but always shied away from DIA because of high landing costs. Either those costs have come down significantly, or WN has decided that it can't pass up another population center....but I would have thought Colorado Springs might have been a better chance to get a big chunk of traffic.
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 15:56
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Either those costs have come down significantly, or WN has decided that it can't pass up another population center.
Yes. Costs have come down and SWA is not shying away from markets like we have in the past.
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Old 21st Oct 2005, 16:49
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Last night cruising along I became so bored that I actually read the complimentary newspaper which had thoughtfully been pushed under the hotel door on layover.

Article ref SWA: Made a profit this quarter due to fuel hedging although the future was going to be something of a challenge with an expected loss if oil prices stay high.

Of related relevance.
Jet Blue: First operational loss - the shine has come off.
NWA : 2005 operational loss $1.7b - not shiny at all.
DAL : 2005 operational loss $2.6b - not much left to polish.

If you're thinking of buying stock, best of luck.

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Old 6th Mar 2008, 10:13
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Everything is under control.
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Southwest may be fined by U.S. regulators

From the Wall Street Journal:

"Federal aviation regulators are seeking a penalty of at least $3 million from Southwest Airlines Co. for failing to properly inspect nearly four dozen older planes for potentially hazardous structural cracks, according to people familiar with the details. The penalty is expected to be the largest imposed against any passenger carrier in about two decades.

The Department of Transportation and a congressional committee are examining why the Federal Aviation Administration didn't ground the planes temporarily last March after learning of the missed inspections. The case focuses on the carrier's failure to perform certain inspections on its older-version Boeing 737-300s as required.

Calling it an inadvertent internal-maintenance misstep, the airline initially believed as many as 100 planes out of a fleet of more than 190 of those models were affected, according to one person familiar with details. The inspections are part of an FAA 2004 aging-aircraft safety directive.

Southwest completed all the inspections roughly 10 days after it voluntary alerted the agency about the problem, which didn't cause any accidents or incidents. Six of the 46 affected aircraft turned out to have cracks -- some as long as four inches -- in the fuselage, according to one person familiar with details. The mandatory inspections, part of federal and industry efforts to ensure the structural integrity of older passenger jets, are designed to detect and repair such cracks when they are much smaller and pose less of a safety risk."


(subscription may be required)

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Old 20th Mar 2008, 18:39
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Southwest Airlines (SWA)

Now that EU/US openskies is near, is it possible for SWA to launch inter-EU flights such as CDG-FRA or MAN-MAD (just random collection)?

I don't see why not? I would not expect it from them though. They may offer a great service but for them to cross the Atlantic, it would not please FR or EZY and if FR are let loose on the US from 2010 they could be ruthless!
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Old 25th May 2008, 07:33
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Post Southwest's Herb Kelleher Retires.

A fitting video tribute from the Dallas Morning News can be seen here.
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Old 25th May 2008, 07:55
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A fitting tribute indeed. It proves that to run a successful airline it's not necessary to be a slob like Michael O'Leary.
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Old 25th May 2008, 10:21
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No similarities

He always valued loyalty.
He always recognisedand rewarded hard work.
He always paid tribute to his pilots.
His pilots bought him a Harley for his 70th birthday.
His pilots are amoungst the highest paid in the US.
His pilots are 100% unionised in SWAPA.

There are no similarities or comparrisons to be made Leo, pity.
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Old 25th May 2008, 10:38
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Moon Walker
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Thumbs up

Always wanted to work for this man.
A true Manager ,i wish my management had 1% of his abilities.(but they don't)

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Old 25th May 2008, 11:33
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One of the finest men in aviation, and industry in general, ever. I have the utmost admiration and respect for the man. He consistently proved that treating staff (and customers) with respect and still make a profit is possible. What a truly great legend.
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Old 25th May 2008, 15:55
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A shame to see Herb go. He ran SWA so well, and the airline weathered so many ups and downs without losing its grounding. Under his management SWA remained an incredible beacon of how an airline should operate and how it can remain profitable.

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