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Remember Cardiff is not the only airport having problems this year, at least we are not a Coventry (no offence). But give Cardiff and the airlines 2009 to get back up on their feet and they will tackle 2010 full force
I agree!

TCX are slowly pulling back into the program they had a few year back. They are easing into a permanent winter base. The program issued for W09/10 is the same as W08/09. But bare in mind its still W08/09! If this winter has been that much of a success for them, things could still change.

TOM have chopped and changed alot recently. CWL was seen as one of their low-cost bases, along side BOH/CVT/DSA.
So.... DSA lost 2 a/c and long haul, CVT lost everything and BOH has also been reduced. CWL has lost one a/c and long haul. In comparison thats not that too bad.
TOM are doing a lot of changes in other areas and are probably still finding their feet after the merger.
S09 is a busy schedule plan for TOM, just on the 2 a/c. 757's and 733's have been or will be leaving the fleet, and 738's are slowly being delivered, maybe its a/c availability for now until more -800's are delivered. In a couple of months the S10 schedule will be released and all will be revealed.

I highly doubt Aer lingus will base an a/c at CWL. If anything it will be Irish routes released (I.E DUB) This would be a good one, as it would offer onward connections from DUB, not many, but an alternative to the ever reliable KLM! EI recently started NCL and that has been a success. I think CWL (And Southwest) is the only place they dont serve now.
However, this could be just be a rumour as a result of them selling CWL-DUB for the rugby.
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The only Aer Lingus that we are likely to see from CWL is a code share on the RE Dublin flights which would offer decent connection alternatives.

But I'd be pleased to be proved wrong.

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looking at the website i can work out 4 Baby flights departing within 2 hours of each other approx every week day. Looks like theres a 4th aircraft on a W pattern (Step in the right direction)
Following on to this. The schedule on the website doesnt show them as W patterns with dep/arr times. Also on a Sunday there's a requirement for 5 a/c during the evening.
Looks like 67 flights, with 2/3 extra during high season.
Does anyone know how many there were last summer?
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BMI Baby Recruiting !!


Had a call today from BMI Baby offering an interview for cabin crew. I applied like a year ago and never heard anything so was a little suprised they have called now. I thought with the way things they would be reducing crew etc or has a lot of crew left.

Applied for Cardiff so not sure if it is for that base or they try to get me to go to another.

Anyone know anything

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bmibaby recruitment

Eleven new cabin crew on initials next week, for Cardiff base.
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bmibaby recruitment

sounds positive - for a fourth based aircraft?

More breaking news on the CWL website - jobs fair!!
For BRS jobs perhaps?!
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Interesting, wounder if we may be seeing baby expand at CWL and getting that deserved extra aircratf. Sounds good
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big plans for brs 4,000 jobs to be created in Bristol Airport expansion - WalesOnline
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BMI Baby

Just looked at one week in June for Baby and it is a most unusual
schedule. A case of "glass half full" or "glass half empty" one thinks.

Glass half full - every weekday in the middle of the day five aircraft
required but only three in the morning and at night.

Glass half empty - chop Glasgow & Belfast and three based no problem

Cabin Crew recruitment - I assume they have offered the bhx cabin crew a choice of a move first or have they just left when the base was cut from eight to five aircraft?

It actually sounds quite promising for CWL as I doubt both BFS & GLA would be chopped. They could be re-timed until after the EDI each weekday & ALC (Mon), BCN (Wed), FAO (Thu) and there is a gap Friday.
That is unlikely as it would probably turn out like the BHX-BFS last summer at 2100 dep with half loads - not their brightest idea.

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Given Baby have just reduced their fleet by three aircraft and made a load of cabin crew and pilots redundant I very much doubt there is going to be any expansion anywhere ! Any extra rotations probably W patterns from other bases.
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bmi baby


Of course changing them to "W" patterns is another alternative although the booking engine is still selling the flights as Cardiff based at the moment.

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bmibaby recruitment


sounds positive - for a fourth based aircraft?
I understand BMI Baby are making flight deck crew redundant today at other airports so I very much doubt that
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Its probably more likely a case of having to offer Cardiff positions to those Cabin Crew who were made redundant at BHX before they could recruit externally. Now that process has finished, they probably have a few slots to fill by external recruitment.

And as mentioned before with 3 aircraft less and crew being made redundant there isn't going to be any expansion.
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What about TCX -anyone know their plans at CWL? Is it just the one A321 based S09? Is there anything additional even on a W pattern bearing in mind BRS will have 2 based and possible 3 according to rumours there?
1 x A321 at CWL again this summer, 2 x A320 at BRS (no change).
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A Metro III operating the highland route today. Possible new aircraft??
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Question Luton route

There was talk of a CWL-LTN route some threads back, think the company was called Maxi-jet???
Any more news on this?
What is a "W" pattern also?
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Presume the J31 went tech as the Metro positioned in this afternoon from Isle of Man. EC-ITP it was, one of the Euro Continental ones with Manx2.
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W pattern

"W" pattern is a way to operate flights to airports which are not necessarily busy enough to support a based aircraft. So, for example, a company at say Luton will operate LTN-PMI (Palma) with Luton outbound passengers, then PMI-CWL with Cardiff inbound passengers, CWL-PMI with outbound Cardiff passengers and finally PMI-LTN with inbound Luton passengers. The point is then that the aircraft is back at home base, ready to operate a flight to another destination.

The crew are changed in CWL, the outbound crew probably stayed overnight in a hotel, while the inbound crew will probably travel straight back to their base or next airport.

It is a way for companies to offer lots of departure points without having a large number of outstation bases.

Maxiejet - not a hope I'm afraid on their original business plan
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The metro was operating due to crew sickness on the J31.
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ski flights

The CWL timetable shows a Sofia flight on a sunday - havent noticed it on the arrivals it operating?

With out going into the BRS/CWL debacle again why is there such a poor choice from CWL for the winter ski flights-wouldnt Grenoble/Lyon/Turin work.
Know of loads of Welsh skiiers going across the bridge for these destinations.Has the airport tried these?
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