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CWLFLY booking operator ceases trading...

Cwlfly bookings operator ceases trading

23 July 2008

Cardiff international Airport regrets that the company, Travel Wordwide Ltd (ABTA number K346X/W9059) who operated the bookings system on the website has ceased trading.
The trip finder facility for booking flights, holidays, accommodation and car hire is therefore not available.
If any customers have booked using the bookings system they should ensure that their travel plans have not been affected by following the steps below:
1) If you do not have all the details regarding your booking contact Travel Worldwide Ltd on 0871 989 9928
2) Contact the specific airline/ operator as appropriate to ensure they have a record of your booking and your contact details
3) If there are any queries or concerns contact ABTA, the Travel Association on 01243 621500 or email [email protected] . For claim information quote the ABTA claims number AB29059. The claims period will close on 21/01/09. All claims and supporting documentation must be received prior to this date.
The cessation of the bookings system does not have any direct impact on Cardiff International Airport's operations and viability. The rights to now revert to the airport.
Cardiff International Airport is reviewing the bookings element of the website and whether to re-introduce the service and if so how. as a logo and its continued usage is being reviewed as part of the re-branding project currently underway.
Steve Hodgetts business development director at Cardiff International Airport said, "We are disappointed that the operator of who operated the site alongside their own has ceased trading and the issues this may cause for existing customers. was a market leading site when launched but has been increasingly imitated in a crowded market place. We will urgently review's relevance now the market has changed and direct booking with airlines and mainstream operators is now so widespread. This review may lead us to conclude it is no longer necessary to compete with our airline partners sites in this form."& lt; /p>

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DUS - That's a bit unexpected, could be doomed as I don't see it getting enough city break travellers to make it sustainable.
Well, this route would also attract those who voted for CGN (#8) as Cologne is just 25 miles down the road from Dusseldorf. Plus, Düsseldorf serves the largest catchment in Germany (and one of the largest in Europe).

And wasn't there a direct BRS-DUS route by BACON until the untimely death of this airline?
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There was a direct CWL- Dusseldorf flight way back in the early 1990's. It was operated by Manx Airlines wth a J31.
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The survey was instigated by the route development team back in October 2007. It was an area identified as a key set of missing data.

I suspect the ABZ volume is due to high demands from fed up oil and gas travellers completing the survey.

DUS being so high is a good indicator of the growth in German - Welsh trade activities .
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What Cardiff Needs...

Want to give my view... anyone else?

1. Aberdeen - 6x Weekly with Flybe E145/DH4
2. Frankfurt - Daily with Flybe E145/DH4
3. Dusseldorf - 4x Weekly with bmibaby B733
4. Brussels - 2x Daily with bmi regional E135
5. New York - 2x Weekly with Continental, and Move BRS to 3x Weekly
6. Munich - 3x Weekly with bmibaby B733
7. London - Daily with Highland airways J31
8. Cologne - Daily with bmi regional E135
9. Milan - 3x Weekly with bmibaby B733
10. Hamburg - 4x Weekly with Flybe E145/DH4
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1. Aberdeen - 6x Weekly with Flybe E145/DH4

Why not just get Eastern to load a through fare? The connections are there already…

2. Frankfurt - Daily with Flybe E145/DH4

Not sure they can spare the aircraft right now. Should be double daily, which makes the aircraft shortage double hard...

3. Dusseldorf - 4x Weekly with bmibaby B733

Um – look at who owns baby, then further why bmi don’t go to Germany. Capiche?

4. Brussels - 2x Daily with bmi regional E135

This is possible, assuming all the regulars haven’t decamped to Brussels Airlines in Bristol. Would need some serious price competition to get them back…

5. New York - 2x Weekly with Continental, and Move BRS to 3x Weekly

No way. Why would Continental split their yields and double their base costs?

6. Munich - 3x Weekly with bmibaby B733

See above re DUS.

7. London - Daily with Highland airways J31

Been there, done that. No chance - Cardiff Central every 30 mins to Paddington.

8. Cologne - Daily with bmi regional E135

See above re DUS and MUC.

9. Milan - 3x Weekly with bmibaby B733

Been there, done that. Can’t see it happening.

10. Hamburg - 4x Weekly with Flybe E145/DH4

Is there any real leakage on this route??
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Unfortunately it is all fantasy.

Water finds its own level. In other words, if a route was perceived to be profitable or even viable, there would be someone operating it already. The best judges of this potential are not airport management or any other body with a "wish list" of flights, but the airlines themselves. After all, it is they who are acutely aware of the bottom line and the danger of not breaking even. And it is they who, with a few exceptions, are totally indifferent to opportunities at CWL.

The likelyhood is that none of these routes will come to fruition. It is time to stop comparing CWL with BRS. They are not in the same league. Routes have come and gone repeatedly and CWL's growth has been modest at a time of unprecedented expansion in UK aviation.

In reality, CWL has found its niche as a small regional airport. It has neither the demographic, nor the economic prosperity of other UK regions to break out of this niche.
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Many moons ago BRAL used to run a CWL - CDG -CWL-BHD-ABZ - BHD - CWL - CDG - CWL as a days flying. You could buy tickets from ABZ to CDG if you wanted to and some people with a lot of time on their hands actually did ! What it did do was provide routes from three airports that were supported by pax from the others. Worked really well and made money where direct services may have been commercially marginal. Surprised Fly Be didn't extend to ABZ.
Hello Mr Visual, ah yes indeedy, and many others too,GLA,EDI,BRU,CDG and BHD/ABZ were the breadwinners, remember the Saturday services to Waterford and Guernsey?
S'funny how the flights all made a profit,'till we were took over by you know who....

Anyhow, see-ing as its the Executive Jet market which is on the up,
I'm surprised no-one has yet proposed a fully kitted FBO for south side,
(which btw still resembles Dai Woodhams scrap yard,'bout time it was cleaned up)

In reality, CWL has found its niche as a small regional airport. It has neither the demographic, nor the economic prosperity of other UK regions to break out of this niche.
Oh I think the economic prosperity is there,(here?) just look at all the nice shiny Mercedes-Benz parked up in Rhoose these days, the problem is imho definitely demographic, Cwl just hasn't got the same catchment area
as Bristol,or Birmingham (another alternate for most sensible peeps), or to put it another way, airlines need bums on seats,and there ain't enough bums to go round.

The River Severn is a major stumbling block both
psychologically and financially to encouraging peeps from the english side
to try out Cwl. I agree with you, having worked at both,its' time to stop comparing Cwl with Brs.

The one advantage Cwl has, and which it consistently fails to deliver on, is the suitability of its' runway for long haul, and when the long hauls do divert in, what are they met with, park it in BAMC, we might get a (single) bus to deplane the passengers,if the baggage loader isn't broken and Tommy Apron can find a driver. Hardly a good sales pitch to the prospective customer is it?

Cwl needs to realise that the Airlines are its' customers,just as much
as the passengers that go round the revolving door are customers of the airlines


(from executive jet-land)

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Another security blunder at Cardiff Airport.

Oh dear - not again!!

Airport chiefs red-faced after security blunder - WalesOnline
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This whole story stinks if you ask me, lots of contradictions throughout. Yes there was an error made - we are all human, but I think this woman is jumping on the band wagon just like the family on Monday.

There claim to stardom - the passengers must take some of the fault......fancy not knowing where they are flying too.......come off it, the crew announcements would have said Turkey, the route map on the aircraft shows Turkey and the Captain PA would have said the route they were taking to Turkey. Even if they did not know where Arrecife was, surely the route map & inflight brochure would have shown this !!!!!

What about all of the good the handling agents do.............diversions, emergency landings, deaths on aircraft etc this never gets mentioned by the Airport, Airlines or media. The guys n gals at CWL are all over worked & under staffed.
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I think bmi regional to cologne could work, and maybe they could do aberdeen as well, with a based E135, 37pax, thats a good amount for these routes, and bmi do operate to cologne from EMA, so from Cardiff there shouldnt be any problem surely...
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I was always really surprised how well DUS did from BHX and BRS. It is not an obvious one and attracts little or no leisure traffic. But DUS covers a big industrial area in Germany, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Essen and some other smaller but heavily industrial centres in the Rhur Valley. DUS airport has its own rail station on the national network which makes rapid connections easy.

DUS was regularly BACX best German route and the one Fly Be really kept going as a priority, it was the only one that kept its night stopping aircraft. DUS makes its cash on the SUITS not the SHELL SUITS. Whether there are enough SUITS in the CWL catchment to make it viable who knows. Probably won't find out for a couple of years yet though ! Best bet would be for WAG to talk nicley to one of the Team Lufthansa companies. Think it's Eurowings at DUS but could be wrong. DUS is only a bit further than AMS so wouldn't be too uncomfortable in a Q400 if Fly Be started a base.

Don't hold breath for any new routes from anyone to anywhere anytime soon !
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Have to say that I'm pretty tired of the comparisons with BRS as well. They may well of been a similar size in 1996 but that's sadly is no longer the case.

CWL still had a good chance 6-7 years ago to catch-up, it will continue to grow and I'll be very pleased indeed to be able to fly to more places from CWL.

I will admit to being one of the big CWL supporters up until a few years ago, when I think I didn't use it for nearly a whole year (I fly at least once a month). Either Bristol had a direct/better flight or was cheaper. I remember one easyjet flight to NCL where nearly half the people had Welsh accents, because it was cheaper to fly from BRS (even including parking/hire car cost and bridge toll).
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Canned Beans

Rumour has it the FFB plans have been put back on the shelf to gather dust, due to the economic situation.
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False rumour mate
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Do You Know Anything
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I know a few people in said airline. I don't know what their plans are but was under the impression that during their last bit of PR awhile back they were supposed to launch in June this year.

Has not happened, there are some smart people in that airline and they may well be thinking that it will be better to launch when the market is better or after a lot of the weak airlines have gone.

If they did launch now I doubt they would have the resources to survive for long. There is still a lot of competion as well as better known brands.

My guess is and it is a guess that they will hold off until things settle down a bit and some of the weak competion goes bust.

None of what I have said is based on any facts or any conversations with people from within the airline, just my own opinion.
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there not that many weak airlines anyway just all the big boys
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Spoke to a member of Thomson Fly crew this morning, and they said that next summer the plan is to have only 2 x 737/800 based here, any truth in this or is it just speculation???
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I'd heard 1x 757 & 1x 738 but things may have moved on. There's a fair while to go yet so plans will probably change anyway.

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