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Old 12th Jul 2007, 18:39
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Both MON flights back on the A330
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Cheers mate.
Bit of a dissapointment for me as i was hoping to get up to see the 747 this weekend.
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Old 12th Jul 2007, 21:56
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Easyjet Winter

Dont think they will drop Stansted. Pax nos increasing. Up 11% during May

Notice the frequency on this route reduced on some weekdays, in order to operate flights to other destinations. Was this the case when the summer programme launched or has it been changed from the original.
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Old 13th Jul 2007, 11:57
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Air Transat returning to NCL next summer for Canadian Affair using A310s. 1 x weekly on a wednesday. Seems to only be a 1 hour turnaround though, in 0935 out 1035.
Looks like it ops outbound via Exeter.
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Old 13th Jul 2007, 18:36
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Anyone know whys Jet2s TFS flight that left at 1605 returned to NCL at 1900??
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Old 13th Jul 2007, 20:16
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No, but there seems to be some sort of communication breakdown - it is still showing 'Next infomation 19:30'

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Old 13th Jul 2007, 23:34
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Has TOM's NCL-Punto Cana flight for next summer already been cancelled?
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Old 14th Jul 2007, 12:55
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The flights to Punta Cana are still showing on my system as available to book for 4th May 08.
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Jet2 seem to be having a bad day today - quite a few delays, are they suffering tech problems?

Is next years Air Transat service in addition to the TCX and GSm or are GSM not returning to YHM next summer as they are returning a 757 aircraft? Will be nice to have another widebody for next year, quite a few planned already. EK A330, MON A330, TOM 763, TS 310.
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PUJ Still bookable on TOM web site
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STN up 14% in June so I can't imagine them dropping a route which looks to be outstandingly successful.
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Air Transat probably replacing the TCX as that runs for Canadian Affair.
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Guess who got caught up in the double whammy shambles that is Jet2 and NCL!!!
A 6 hour delay back from AGP with only a Ä5 voucher to keep us going, not enough for a sandwich. I heard 2 explanations from Jet2 as the cause. One was a plane at NCL having to wait for a part to be flown in, the other was a plane having to go to Palma for repairs.

So we got back to NCL at 5am. They couldnít find anybody to get any steps to the A/C so after 30minutes they managed to get through to an engineer working on a Jet2 plane next to us and got them to drag their steps across to us. Apparently Monarch from Orlando suffered the same thing.
As we got to the front of the long immigration queue there was someone telling us there was a problem with the luggage belts. After further delays there was a series of announcements on behalf of several airlines apologising for the delay giving ďoperational reasonsĒ as the cover-all excuse. An airport worker said if 3 planes land close to each other under normal conditions the airport canít cope as it is so under-staffed. One poor man(Swissport) was doing his best trying to get information for us but the duty manager had gone into hiding. After 2 hours we eventually got our luggage.
And would you believe the same thing happened the day before!!!
This isnít just ash666 complaining again, there were women in tears and men(especially some Glaswegians) becoming quite aggressive. MANY people were saying they will never use NCL(and Jet2) again. It will only get worse when Emirates start up and every moving thing will be given to them.
Isnít the City Council a shareholder? When the first point of contact for a lot of people to the region, especially businessmen, is NCL and it is a complete embarrassment why donít they bring pressure to bear? A lot of businessmen must get on the next plane straight back home.
The place is a joke, and not a very funny one.
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Old 15th Jul 2007, 11:21
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As someone who writes on this forum you should maybe understand that your baggage issue is not fully down to Jet2.
Are you aware that NCL airport was declared as a state of emergency yesterday morning and all airport bosses were called in? I think you may not. The reason..... yup you guessed it, baggage belt system, too many flights and no decent facilities to cope with it - whole airport ground to a halt, easyjet flgihts departing with half loads as their pax are still waiting to check bags in!!!
The staffing levels at Swissport, servisair and the airport have always been poor. 30 mins for steps is nothing, you normally have to wait that long for busses, or in the long Q for immigration.
One 757 was out of service yesterday, it was the only you came back from Malaga on I belive, It had to wait for a part to be flown up, it never went to PMI or anywhere else... why would Jet2 send an aircraft to Palma for repairs?
Although passengers dont think so... Ä5 is within the comensation guidelines that all airlines stick too.
I have noticed one thing with Jet2 that you wouldnt get with easyjet... ryanair or even BA. If there is a problem the flight always operates, yes ok it was delayed, but at least you were not the poor MJV passengers who were 8 hours late yesterday. If this was easyjet, there "2yr old aircraft" would have been cancelled... and you would have had to wait till next availibility. If it was ryanair you'd be dumped in the middle of nowhere! So i think Jet2 at least favours its passengers and operates the flight... even mega delayed, but at least they got you home. i think some people forget that when they are sat moaning. - alot of what people say when they are angry isnt always what they do.... just wait till next year when they are after cheap flights... we'll see who they travel with then
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From BBC Tyne website:

Passengers left behind at airport
The airline Easyjet has apologised to hundred of passengers after leaving them behind at Newcastle Airport. A problem with the luggage conveyor belts meant airport staff had to carry bags, causing long delays.

Easyjet decided that four flights, including to Bristol, should take off with only a handful of passengers on board so as not to cause more delays. A spokeswoman for the airline said passengers were offered transfers by coach or a seat on the next plane.

David Manning, who should have been on an early flight to Bristol, was left behind. He said: "I know families were separated and some people were on board flights because they didn't have any luggage to check in. Certain families missed flights who were due to be attending weddings in Bristol and the south west."
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The only good thing to come out of it was the attitude of the poor Swissport man. He was trying desperately to get hold of someone in authority to come and talk to the passengers as a group were demanding, but to no avail. He should swap jobs with one of the bosses.
I suppose the problem will be self-correcting. So few pax will want to travel from NCL in future that it will be able to cope with the few that are left.
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I totally agree with you ash
I wonder how long its going to be before something is done. Stop spending money on shops in departures and trying putting some into gettng baggage belts that can cope. Its seems the airport is busting at the seams sometimes. Airlines cant run a good remote operation becuase the airport cant cope with coaches etc etc
Swissport has serious issues with staffing levels, and Im sure all the airline they handle are worried what will happen in Oct when EK kick off.
The poor lad from Swissport would be hard pushed to find anyone of serious authority to come down and speak to the public at that time of the morning! after all it falls outside the mon-fri, 9-5 window!
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Out of curiosity, and I know this is a bit off topic so hopefully will only last to 1 informed reply, but does anyone know why all the LOCO airlines hold their prices at the very top right up to the end? It seems they would rather have empty seats than sell off the empties cheaply a day or 2 before departure, people that would buy their food and drink, duty free etc.
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If they sold seats off cheaply 2 days before departure then everyone would just wait until then before they booked. This, in turn would force the prices up, and there would be no benefit.
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Bit more to it. Keeping a price trend upwards, will normally maximise profits. It has the advantage of assisting cashflow and accelerating the breakeven point. Demand can still be controlled by simply deferring further increases. As you say if perception was that prices were likely to fall, then pax would simply be purchasing in a falling market, never good for any business.
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