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CargoCat and tigermike,

Thanks for the info. Found the airport in question, code SOC.
Official name: Surakarta (Solo) Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusomo.

Is that MAN's longest-named 'destination'?
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cx cargo are cutting 6 flights a week from there opperations and flybe are only having 9 aircraft instead of 12 based for the summer season


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Air Asia X and Oasis

Gleno,MANFlyer and Mickyman,

I dont know anything different to you guys about these two carriers coming to MAN, however i am not a rocket scientist but have came to the conclusion that if an airline puts on its website that they have MAN as a future destination then i put 2 and 2 together. Why would they do that otherwise.
I think we all know in our minds that CX and MH will not come back to MAN as long as i have a hole in my ass.
My point is, that if Air Asia X and Oasis start MAN flights its better than nothing at all. In the mean time you can fly on both CX and MH from LHR like all the other MAN pax have to.

I am not saying anything else on the matter.
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The bmibaby ad had a map of Europe with lines drawn from Manchester to the 12 current destinations + Faro. No other UK base was shown. So not like the general ads used by Jet2.
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My Manchester Evening News tonight carries an Easy jet advert with no Malata but with a Corfu on its destination list, make of these adverts what you wish.
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End of RHS?

Is there any truth in the rumour that all RHS staff were told today that they are fully shutting up shop in less than 60 days?

Its been running wild around the airport today.
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End of RHS

Don't know the timescale but I heard they are shutting up shop
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Yup, 59 days apparently, which presumably is commensurate with the notice they have to give employees?
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bmibaby MANFAO

Apparently the advert in the MEN was incorrectly put together, FAO is not a new WW destination from MAN. The new routes were originally going to be release this week but something has "cropped up" and delayed it.
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They are not "fully" shutting up shop. The Apron bus drivers and the trolleys are still gonna be around but I reckon they will be working directly for the PLC.
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It would make sence for RHS to stay open with a small workforce, as DeltaIndiaSierraPapa said they provide all the trolley collecting staff and bus drivers, do they also still provide the drivers for the airfield paramedics?

It would be very hard to find the staff to replace these essential services in such a sort time. Let alone someone to take over their current airlines!
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With some huge contracts under RHS's belt i think some of the staff/equi will TP over to whoever gets the contracts. Flybe is a big one, will FS take it on with VLM just starting up in FEB.
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Yup, FS have got FlyBe. Will be interesting to see how that one plays out...
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its true ringway handling are to close if there is no way of saving the company by the 18th feb that is when the consultation period is up. Then they have to give 60 days notice to the airlines except one which is 90 days.

ringway could be asked to stay on beyond this time by the airlines if no other handling agent has been found.

flight suport only have flybe check-in and dispatch at this moment in time but its logical to say they will put a tender in and win the ramp handling

the front of house back of house trollies and transfer baggage drivers are not affected by this but as rhsl is closing they will all be transferd over to the plc under the mag's umbreller

there is no tp for the staff of ringway they are shutting and all equipment will be sold who ever gets the contracts will have first offers on that equipment i.s flight support if they get flybe will have first offer on the tugs belts and baggage trucks

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Man Flyer

To me ?. Of course it does. While I do travel to both KUL and HKG, I also travel to many onward detinations that are well served by CX and MH. Being stuck on SQ is not exactly the worst thing in the world granted, but it would be nice to have a choice.

I was hoping - vainly I know as we are witnessing MAN slowly morph into a bucket & spade/LCC hub - to see either or both MH and CX (re)start scheduled services, so I could use their respective hubs to travel around the Asia Pacific region, which I currently do an awful lot.
Can't see where the problem is? On the face of it... Oasis would still take you to a CX hub and with the lower fares that are associated with Oasis... you could still be far cheaper booking your connection with CX separately than effectively booking a through ticket if you traveled with CX for your entire journey!
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Just in answer to using a thoro fare with CX. I live in Manila but its the same for most HKG connections (TPE etc). Its cheaper in C class to book thoro with CX or BA to LHR than go with Oasis. On HKG to London Oasis are cheaper. I stopped using Oasis because their timekeeping is not the best and with limited departures and aircraft you can experience considerable delays. Everynight from LHR you have 6 HKG departures (2xCX, 3xBA, 1xVS) and others during the day. From MAN the best connection is BA to LHR and then onward. An Oasis service via Dusseldorf in C class cant compete.
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An aleternative service can always compete........on price. And on routes such as from MAN, such a service offered by Oasis would be popular.
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Has anybody got any passenger figures as to where the people who use BA and BD services to their LHR hub transfer too.

BA figures will be interesting to watch as it transfers most of its opperations to T5. Part of the reason for building T5 is so it can offer a transfer hub all under one roof.

Cannot see T5 or BA,s product enticing many passengers away from EK,s services to Dubai and that,s just one example.
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Has anyone any idea if GSM will be using T1 or T2 this summer, or who their hadling agent will be?
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Proposed routes on the oasis map shows Manchester,Cologne/Bonn,Milan and Berlin, in Europe.
Text version, says licenses have been applied for all the above,except Manchester.
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