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easyJet has suspended the service between Liverpool and Basle & Mulhouse. The service will return in March/April 2009.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 15:47
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Ezy Flights:

Extremely sorry if this has been covered already...!!

Could anybody confirm either way if these flights will operate or not..

I am having different views from the Orange Crew at LTN.


Thanks DB10
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 10:23
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Flight Support

Apparently closing the doors later this week for good. A sad day for all concerned, good luck to you all and for the future. You will be missed.
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We had flights booked on the above route at the end of Jan, had no communication from Easy but one of the party noticed a problem with his booking while checking in for a different flight.After eventually getting to speak to someone at Easy they confirmed route was non op and they were adamant that they had informed us (as there were various booking refs for our party and no-one had been told the route was non-op we put them right on that).They re-booked us on LTN-ZRH at no extra cost though
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flight support

today is the last day a very sad day and still no call from bt of course not he has managed to destroy us at lpl without care or concern but we hold our heads up high and seen our last flights out of here with the same pride as we seen in the first. with the help and support of our best friend and manager jk where would we be, we did it all for her and only her and absolutely no one else. It may have started as AR,s station years ago but it has finished today as JK,s and only JKs . Look forward to seeing B T and tramp in the gutter with nothing and no one and with not an ounce of respect from a living sole you have deserved nothing else we will walk past that gutter and spit all over you both.
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So sorry to see Flight Support LPL go - from first hand experience they were the best group of guys n gals to work alongside. Through all the good times and sometimes the bad they always kept a professional head and gave every pax either VG, W6, 3W, FUA & even GSM the best possible service.
All the best people, it was a honour to work alongside you all.....

P.s Hope you all enjoy tonight!

ex eurmanxdude
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Thumbs down memo to staff

So what about the memo circulated to all remaining FS personnel.Looks like LPL might not be the last !!!!!
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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 17:30
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It's a very sad day - met the nicest bunch of people working for FS LPL that I have ever came across in my life. Shame its always the good ones that get s%^t on. Guys and girls of FS Liverpool it was a pleasure to work with you you all helped me along even when i was being a bit thick!

Everyone worked really hard and I guess this is the way you get treated for it - JK was a great boss and I'm sure a lot of it's down to her keeping everyone together.

Its been great working with FS LPL, I've left with fond memories that I will remember forever, I hope you all find jobs in no time and thanks again for all being great people to work with
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it is a shame what has gone on we can only hope the people at the top end up on the dole and see what we have had to put up with long live jk rip ar/bt
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flight support

thankyou all for your kind words, nice to hear from you euromanxdude miss ya over here, nice one supersnake

it has been very emotional and alot of tears have fell we have said our goodbyes to jk not a nice time at lpl right now

she supported us to the bitter end even up to today,enjoy your well deserved holiday
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Do you know, what BT and AR could even ring the desk or ring ops or show their faces to say goodbye, why? do you feel ashamed, well you should do, AR you should be ashamed of yourself that day you stood watchin the guys from departures while they did the offload then the onload on the KTW, stood at the window watching Thanks. BT you should be ashamed all the backslapping behind res "flight support rewards loyalty" boks, "you'll be ok" Boks,you left us high and dry Thanks mate "genius" Am just so angry!!!!!!! we did nothing to deserve what you did to us. Thanks eveyone for your kind words and support over the last couple of months. Thanks to JK for your support over the years. RIP Flight Support
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lplpaxagent just got on to who you are, hope your ok. pm me conan
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keep your chin up

it was indeed a sad day a good nite out i just dont no how bt and ar can sleep at nite or do they lets hope it all ends in tears and the former staff can have the last laugh
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I've sent a PM to you Dark Knight mate

BT and AR will get whats coming to them - these people always do...
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The guys and girls at LPL were and still are the best. Good luck to you all
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Flight Support

LPL Airport have done nothing to bring new airlines to the party for the last few years and have the commercial sence of a bunch of children.

VLM have cut their schedule to nothing since FS took over the station, wizz have cut theirs gradually, and euromanx went pop earlier in the year.

No Flights = No Revenue = equals a non profitable station, Its not rocket science.

It is a sad sad situation that has a bigger picture than BT and AR being a pair of twats.

Good luck to all of you who unfortunately ended up losing on this, I hear you are a great bunch of girls and boys, but I think you really should look at the bigger picture.
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KLM are to serve Amsterdam from Liverpool.

The three times per day service (dep LPL 6.15am, 10.30am and 8.30pm) starts March 29th 2009.
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3 x F70 - KL1034 @ 0615, KL1038 @ 1030, and KL1042 @ 1730
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Dep Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Arr Liverpool Liverpool John Lennon (LPL)

09:25 09:50 KL1037

16:25 16:50 KL1041

20:30 20:55 KL1045
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KLM Cityhopper

Does anyone know if the F70 a/c is nightstopping there at all? I do hope so as I love Liverpool! I presume it would be nightstopping to allow for the early outbound flight to AMS in the morning.

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