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Any news about the increased number of security personnel and Border Control staff that will be needed to cope with the increased number of passengers?
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Originally Posted by wowzz View Post
Any news about the increased number of security personnel and Border Control staff that will be needed to cope with the increased number of passengers?
Ha ha! You know how to pull a leg...
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Doubt it will even be much different anyway. LS will mainly fly in during the off-peak periods when you'd normally get straight through passport control. It can't really get much busier during peak times than it already is.
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Can't help but notice that easyJet are recruiting for S17 cabin crew and pilots across all their UK bases, apart from STN. Maybe it really is the end...
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Or maybe they are fully staffed at Stansted for S17 and do not need to take on anyone else.
Why is everyone so negative when it comes to Stansted

G-ANPK (Stansted Air-Britain)
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easyJet aren't recruiting at Belfast, Newcastle or Glasgow either. These four bases are generally regarded as some of the happiest in the network so crew retention is generally higher, hence there is no need to recruit. More worrying is the amount of crew they need at the other bases where people are trying to find any way out!
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Originally Posted by compton3bravo View Post
Regarding the catchment areas for the new Jet2 flights out of Stansted. Having recently moved my UK base from Bedfordshire to East Sussex I would personally not even contemplate flying from Stansted (nothing against the airport by the way) just the logistics (road/rail) and cost (still cannot understand the cost of petrol/diesel in the UK compared to Continental Europe). It would have to be Gatwick and possibly Southampton for me. The airport's which should be worried in my opinion would be Luton of course followed by Birmingham, Southend and East Midlands. Far easier for people north of Stansted to drive there. I was told some years ago that a considerable amount of Luton's traffic lived north of Nottingham, whether this is relative today is open to question. Do not forget Thomas Cook will commence flights from Luton next spring so even more competition.
Although the crappy stretch of A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge is still enough to put people in the East Midlands off Stansted, unless the departure times are very favourable of course. Maybe one day they'll finally widen this stretch, at which point STN will become immediately more accessible at least psychologically.

As someone who lives in Notts and regularly uses Jet2 wherever possible for leisure trips, I wouldn't fly Ryanair from EMA even if they were slightly more expensive. They are really very well thought of here. I'd like to think their EMA base will survive BHX and STN opening without any shrinkage.

I see Jet2 doing very well out of STN. Wealthy middle England counties such as Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire will prefer the product to FR I am sure. Norwich and Southend have the most to lose.
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A bit of trouble last night according to the Daily Mail with a lot of flights arriving together surprise surprise. Mega queues at passport control, children crying, missing last trains etc. It must be true of course because it is in the Daily Mail!
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What was it? Slow news day? One of their journalists flying in and upset they weren't given special treatment?

There is nothing unusual about the number of flights. Doesn't excuse the queues though.
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A14 upgrade starts in Nov. But that means that in the meantime it'll be even harder for people from those parts to get to Stansted.
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hearing rumours that a 3rd handling agent will be used for the jet2 contract.
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EasyJet Spring/Early Summer 2017

STN seems to have held onto their 7 based EZY aircraft and all of its routes, despite some people's concerns.

Flight timings look to have changed a bit but generally pretty similar to Spring/Summer 16.
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24,009,348 passengers used London Stansted in last 12 months, up 8.4% on previous year. Just 6,000 short of record high set in Oct 2007.
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Interesting article and analysis by regarding Jet2 entering Stansted next summer. to take on Ryanair at London Stansted in S17

What I find interesting/disappointing is that in the years in which MAG have owned Stansted, Ryanair's market share has increased significantly while easyJet's and other airlines have decreased.

MAG always go on about how they've transformed Stansted, returned it to growth and have got a greater mix of airlines when the truth is all STN's growth is Ryanair and they spent 80m on World Duty Free.

STN is lucky Ryanair has been so loyal but they need to get more airlines desperately and spend money on the facilities asap.

I wonder if a Middle Eastern and an American ariline will come in any time soon? There was a lot of rumors last year regarding Qatar and AA coming in but all dried up.
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Although Ryanair are by far the largest airline at STN the airport does have a total of 16 scheduled airlines and a large portfolio of freight carriers so it's not all bout Ryanair although obviously they are the predominant airline.

Rumours of Qatar and American at STN where did you hear those!

Qatar Cargo do operate from STN though.

I can't see American Airlines making a return to STN if so it would be their third attempt and any flights involving the ME3 in my opinion would more than likely come from Emirates.

The recent 80 million invest wasn't just the World Duty Free it was about maximising the space within the constraints of the terminal as a totally new security area was built along with an enlarged and modernised shopping area and new restaurants and the redesign of Satellite 1.

If your a frequent user of STN you would have noticed the transformation from it previously looked like.

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With all the new flights announced by jet2 25 million passengers won't be a big deal anytime soon and if there will be a reaction from FR and EZY 28 million passengers are not unrealistic by 2018.
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MAG ready to launch legal challenge if LHR and LGW are both given the green light for new runways next week.
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I'll have great grandchildren by the time the runway opens.
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The AA rumours started from MAG frequently visiting Dallas to have talks with them about re-commencing STN flights. The Qatar rumours came from the Hotel being built opposite Sat 1.

I also doubt either of those airlines will start but I think 2017 will see a launch of a scheduled long-haul airline.

And with regards with the 80m, I think it has been been woefully spent. WDF and shopping/restaurants look nice but the design is awful, the choke points that exist in the terminal cause overcrowding and the shopping centre experience is not enjoyable for passengers. When they want to compete with LGW and LHR they need to seriously look at the terminal design again. Sat 1 already needs a refurb updating the refurb, it's falling apart if you look close enough. I do agree security is however much improved.
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MAG Probably have many discussions with many airlines and airports worldwide regarding business opportunities as do others but it doesn't mean an airline has any intentions of doing so it's all about your business as in MAG promoting itself so because of that rumours always appear but there just that.

'The Qatar rumours came from the hotel being built opposite Sat 1'.

What does Hampton by HILTON have to do with Qatar operating out of STN?

I don't really think that STN is out to compete with either LGW or LGW rather them gaining more of a share of the market which obviously means attracting new airlines and in particular a scheduled long haul airline to the airport (other than Thomas Cook and Thomson).

If and when a new runway and terminal is built at STN it will never really be able to compete with LGW or LHR, its main competitor is LTN to be honest.

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