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Old 4th Oct 2006, 21:21
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Originally Posted by Sir George Cayley View Post
Geoff Muirhead axed the taxiway to save in the order of 10 million and the 24L ILS to save 1.5 million
Originally Posted by 757operator View Post
and 1.5m will seem cheap if even one aircraft gets it wrong.
Since that decision was made, say 10 years ago, the Board members will collectively have been paid quite a lot more than 1.5m in bonuses.

Fact. Check the published accounts.
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Old 5th Oct 2006, 10:17
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Re VORDME RW24L, on Saturday night/Sunday morning when we came in the approach lights were visible at "100 above" minima but the PAPI's did not show until below MDA. Not good for manoeuvring, and remember too that the final approach track and the runway don't line up. The weather was far worse than what was officially on this ATIS, which is of course up to 29 minutes out of date. Also, as you might expect in showers, the weather on the approach was a lot worse than on the airport.

Surely the move to reopen 24R shouldn't be when RW24L falls to VORDME minima, but well in advance, say 1000ft cloudbase? The minima are just that, the very worst acceptable conditions. They are not a target for MaPlc to aim at and the runway should be changed well before the minima are reached.

Having to do an approach down to VORDME minima is what you have to do at an undeveloped airport in the Med or Third World, not in mainstream UK just because the airport operator fancies doing a bit of work on the runway that should be in use.
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Old 5th Oct 2006, 16:37
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At the moment the long-hauls for next summer are the same as this year, give or take the odd aircraft subsitution (Delta 763s in place of 764s) and the loss of SQ's 2 weekly ZRH/SIN 744 flights. These are probably being replaced by 777s, depending upon aircraft availability.

CX start to Hong Kong indefinitely postponed and there's been no announcement by TG about a possible MAN-BKK service.
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Old 5th Oct 2006, 16:52
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CX couldn't get the right regulatory approval to route through Moscow, so it looks like they've given up, because it's all gone quiet.

SQ apparently does very well from MAN. So much so, that there was talk of an additional 3 weekly frequencies, bringing the total to 10. I don't know why the MAN-ZRH-SIN flights have been pulled, other than it's reported that they're not as popular with passengers. Having intermediate stops is no longer really a profitable way to operate.

Nobody seems to know about SQ's plans to replace these two flights, but they are currently taking delivery of 777-300ERs (not sure how many). I think it's pretty safe to say that MAN will receive at least a daily direct 777 in future.
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Old 5th Oct 2006, 19:11
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I believe the problem SIA has is that the B747 are leaving the fleet and of course we all know about the A380 to replace them.

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Old 8th Oct 2006, 19:09
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yo guys, the antobob that was here in Manchester earlier this week, does anyone know if it true whether it will be coming back with all the equipment it took out ????
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Originally Posted by bigmuk View Post
yo guys, the antobob that was here in Manchester earlier this week, does anyone know if it true whether it will be coming back with all the equipment it took out ????

No, EMA by the sounds of it - on Tues/Weds.
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 13:02
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Looks like the GB airways MLA service is to make a comeback next summer despite its axing for the winter. BA timetable showing a daily service.

2 based A320's again next summer one of which will do the 3*week BRS-TFS on a W pattern. PFO, TFS and HER all confirmed for next summer although no sign of DBV or AGP. There are a few gaps in this schedule although not enough time to do anymore W patterns suggesting one or two new routes from MAN? anyone know more??

Is the EMA-TFS dropped after the winter?
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 14:11
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GB will not operate MAN-AGP again.
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 14:21
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DBV has been dropped for next summer as well.
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 17:16
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Does anyone know why they are dropping AGP? You have to be a little concerned if they can't make AGP work. This is one of the core destinations along with ALC, PMI and FAO. I know there's a lot of competition on the MAN - AGP route but there's so much demand that surely they can all operate in harmony with one another. ZB, WW, LS and TOM all seem to cope with good year round loads despite the large volume of flights. Is this another case of a BA operator running scared of the opposition?
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Originally Posted by initial View Post
Is the EMA-TFS dropped after the winter?
Not that I'm aware of.
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 19:37
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Heard mutterings that for every passanger GB carried MAN-AGP it cost them money true or not i am not sure. This will have changed considerably since going to the Connect product IMHO.
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 16:47
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Second Runway Operations

Just been down the southside of the airport this afternoon and noticed that 24L was being used for departures at 14.15. I thought that the airport adopted a single runway operation between 12.00 - 15.00 daily. Has this changed?
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I Have Control
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Thumbs down Pathetic

Manchester Airport were feeble in the extreme in their handling of traffic today. Granted LVP's, but traffic flow was simply staggering in its slowness. Not knocking ATC, but why has 24L not got a Cat 3 ILS, and why does single runway operation persist when vis is at worst murky? Most professional big airports can handle double the traffic flow in these type of conditions.

Along with the Staff Security debacle, this is a continuing saga of useless management and a poorly run airport. I am voicing the opinion of many MAN-based colleagues as well as my own.
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 19:02
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Lady Lexxington
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Manchester airport to start charging to pick up passengers.

BBC News
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 19:10
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Whilst I'm sure a CAT3 ILS on RWY24L would beneficial - what help would that have been today? I would suggest a CAT3 ILS on RWY06R would be more of a priority given the operating modes a MAN. My understanding is that they can operate dual runway 24L/24R in LVP's due to cloud (but not RWY06L/06R as 06R is only equipped for CAT1. They need to look carefully at developing dual runway operations in LVP due to visibility, I suspect part of the issue is runway crossing's and the associated runway incursion risk.

I suppose we have to accept that in adverse conditions there is likely to be some degree of disruption.
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 21:10
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Week last monday (2nd.) youngest daughter and i passed through MAN. She checked in for a BA flight at about 0530 bound to Oz via LHR. I checked in Jet2 for a flight to VLC at about the same time. I passed through security in about ten minutes and she took 1 Hour 20 minutes to pass through security. Would the large difference in time be due to volume or other reasons?? Just seemed to be a lot of people about at both terminals..
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Old 14th Oct 2006, 00:39
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For T1 & T3 you can expect an average of 1 hour to get through security at peak times, it seems illogical though as it varies from day to day. As I now often spend an hour to check in & an hour to get through security, I have cancelled my exec lounge pass & no longer use airside shops, due lack of time.There is no pleasure whatsoever in starting your trip from MAN.
It is frankly appalling, recently passed through a very busy Hamburg, Barcelona & Dusseldorf-all with ZERO security queuing times.Add this to the minimum 1.80 charge to pick pax up, being shortly introduced under the laughable guise of "safety" & "security".
Its certainly making EZY & RYR flights from Liverpool alot more attractive. Do they really think business men on short flights are going to put up with these huge wait times?
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Old 14th Oct 2006, 00:50
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Mr A Tis is right. I flew out of Liverpool last Friday night (A very busy time at Liverpool) and the queue was backed up into the landside buffet area yet the queue was moving and it only took 8 minutes to get through security. All x-ray machines and Security frames were operational and it was well staffed.

Incidentally, Liverpool Airport is to expand the security search area and add a fifth X-ray machine (complete with staff!!!!) in November.
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