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Point taken, but dont forget Wizz may step in (or other airlines ) and offer Flights if the worst comes to the worst.
Just think we should stay off the negative and let Sky get on with the task of survival.
Who knows even a takover/merger may happen.Its still too early to say.
The fact they are still flying means something.

I have a flight booked with them and am not really too concerned at the moment.
Lets see what the winter season brings though!
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Old 21st Jul 2009, 08:10
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(ever tried to get a refund from Ryan-fxxking-air?)
Actually, in the obvious cases like above (flight cancelled or the schedule significantly changed) one gets the refund from FR within a few days.

There are still reasons to wish SkyEurope well. And if the recent changes of management will make NE less reckless... just hope it will help.
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Old 21st Jul 2009, 22:23
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I can probably speak for many of those who are owed money by NE for cancelled flights, being one myself, in that it is not a show of loyalty that we continue to use them, more necessity. Who else flies to Poprad/Kosice? I've resorted to getting money back through my credit card company, however as they need to verify matters through NE it is taking an inordinately long time and I suspect they are getting little assistance - so it may also be a fruitless task.
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Old 27th Jul 2009, 12:42
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All flights beyond the end of the summer season appear to have been withdrawn from the booking engine (and this has been the case since at least the middle of last week). Anyone know what's up? Is a big re-org of the route network / flight schedule underway?
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Could it be anything to do with the collapse of MyAir who SkyEurope worked very closely with? Or maybe it could indicate somethig more sinister - no more flights after the summer season, which would be a shame as SkyEurope have fought so hard to keep flying in difficult times. They may just be re-organising their route network for the winter season. Only time will tell...
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I was told today that Slovakian/Hungarian insolvency laws give a company three months to find a solution to their problems. Perhaps therein lies the answer....
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SkyEurope's owned B737 will remain at Orly. The airport had seized the aircraft 5 weeks ago due to outstanding airport fees owed by NE.

Today, the higher court in Creteil has ruled in favour of the airport, allowing the arrest to continue.
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Winter flights appear to be back / going back on sale. I'm not sure if this is the full upload or whether there is more to come. Anyway, a few obs for now:

Bratislava - Manchester from 5 x weekly to 3 x weekly
Luton - everywhere appears to not be on sale yet / cancelled
Nothing appears to be bookable to / from Vienna yet
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New investors

Sky europe has just sent its employees the news of a signed bridge loan along with a pre agreement for further investment depending on its reorganization success.

The winter schedule is out and we are now operating 2 aircrafts from Air Slovakia( skyeurope crews).

Looks like winter flying is now a certainty, a step closer to a possible aviation market resurrection
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My stag weekend in Bratislava and flying MAN-BTS next Thursday, had a call from a Sky Europe rep to make sure I knew of the recent flight time change, he seemed confident all would be well into the future with NE.

Looks like I may get my last weekends freedom after all.... !!!
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Seems that hope is still high for everyone at Skyeurope's, it would be great to see this company back on their 2 feet again. Best of luck to this colors!
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Where is Peter Paul to give us this good news !!!!!!
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All LTN winter flights now bookable.
No drop in frequencies from first look.
Great news as they deserve a break after all the gloom.
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SkyEurope announces positive financial and operational developments
7/31/2009 12:00:00 AM

Vienna / Bratislava, 31 July 2009 – SkyEurope Holding AG announces that it has signed two separate financing agreements to provide additional liquidity for the business.

The Austrian investor group FOCUS Equity B.V. has signed an agreement to provide new equity investment of up to €16.5 million in SkyEurope, conditional upon a number of factors including the successful completion of the financial
reorganisation of SkyEurope Airlines a.s. (the 100% owned subsidiary), which has been underway since last month.

SkyEurope has also signed a short-term, €5 million loan agreement with Chain Box Technology Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. This bridging agreement will be used to complement internal cash flow for working capital requirements until permanent funding is in place under the financing agreement between SkyEurope and FOCUS Equity B.V.

Nick Manoudakis, Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of SkyEurope, commented, “We are pleased to have signed these financing agreements so soon into our reorganisation. This shows that investors such as FOCUS see the potential in SkyEurope and recognise the opportunity of agreeing now to an investment in the company.”

SkyEurope Airlines a.s. also announces that tickets for the Winter 2009/2010 flight schedule go on sale starting today, offering great value flights across Europe and the Mediterranean this autumn and winter. The extension of SkyEurope’s licence has been confirmed and the airline will be operating on 32 routes to 24 destinations
in 17 countries this winter.

SkyEurope Airlines a.s. has completed its aircraft fleet renewal by signing a longterm lease agreement for two additional 737-300 aircraft. The aircraft will be leased from Slovak carrier AirSlovakia and fully operated by SkyEurope crews.

SkyEurope’s fleet now consists of four Boeing 737-700NG aircraft, four Boeing 737-300 and two Boeing 737-500 aircraft.
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Alright, here we go again! Skyeurope really never ever runs out of miracles and presents, does it. Probably noone understands how they keep doing it, and what they promise to investors in order to keep on getting more, but it must be real good.

So, are you guys now getting paid out all the money that SkyEurope still owes you?

Anyway, good luck!

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Still owe us...
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The Slovak press has published an interview with SkyEurope's CEO Nick Manoudakis. It would be tough to translate it, but... hey, I've found also a video version of this interview, it's in English!
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I think since the beginning SkyEurope has never been profitable
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NE grounded dt ops reasons?

Since 11am in the Mornig no SKY Plane is leaving Vienna. Pax announecment says that no NE plane is flying due to operational reasons. Long lines of Pax at the NE Check in Counters. They were told to get new info at 1pm 2pm 3pm. Now nex info is schedulesd for 4pm. Does anyone know the situation at Prag or BTS?
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"Troubled Slovak airline SkyEurope won a grace period until Friday to pay outstanding invoices....."

SkyEurope wins grace period from Vienna airport | Deals | Bankruptcy | Reuters
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