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Eastern Airways

Old 18th Jun 2011, 07:10
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Hang on, ASW already operate GCI - PLH??
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Old 26th Jun 2011, 17:48
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ah, but Air SW is on the way out. Smell the coffee. You dont need route licences for UK domestics its only to C I .
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Old 26th Jun 2011, 22:30
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asw is soon to be on the t3 aoc, which means t3 call signs, so to start a new route it makes sense to do it under eastern.

ah, but Air SW is on the way out. Smell the coffee.
thanks for reminding us....
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Old 26th Jun 2011, 23:23
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and so is PLH
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Old 9th Jul 2011, 13:07
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Ha ha! LOL, and so are you at Eastern Airways!!! You will loose your oil contract in due course and, failing that, CH and his inept managment team will seal your fate by other means. That's assuming their crew have'nt deserted them first!
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 09:46
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According to Skyliner - aviation news & more

T3 took delivery of a Embraer 145 aircraft . The aircraft was delivered from NTE to HUJ as G-CGWV on 05 July.
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 12:11
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Its for a contract (Augusta - Westland) and contracts need renewing. Eastern are totally bereft of ideas when it comes to devopling new schedules. They have not come up with even one good idea for ASW. Nothing! CH and his team think that a good route is to link CWL with MME, ha ha ha!!! Two of the most depressed places in Europe and they think they will find demand, lol. The demand is there in the southwest but they lack the flare and understanding to unlock it. Why not try flying to a satellite of Amsterdam or Paris....they are closer than Aberdeen for goodness sake. Furthermore your car generally sinks when you try and drive it across the channel.
They also seem intent on pissing off any remaining pax by refusing to operate out of PLH during August. They have known for over a year that PLH Mil closes annually during the summer so why didnt the ammend the summer schedule before selling it rather than having to phone all the customers to tell their journey will commence 1.5 hrs early with a grinding coach ride?
Although Eastern have flourished in the 'noughties' there are another 2-3 years of this depressed market yet to come. Majority of Easterns schedules are very thin (just like majority of ASW's) and their business will unravel overnight when they loose an oil contract (just like when ASW lost LGW). Deja vu!!
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 13:17
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CWL-MME has not been linked by Eastern Airways. The only Current routes from CWL with Eastern Airways are NCL & ABZ. Many moons ago BRU did make an appearance when they had an aircraft based at CWL.
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 13:43
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Although at the time the aquisition of ASW was billed as Eastern airways expanding the fleet & into new routes etc this has not been the case.

Reading between the lines Eastern aquired or was paid to take ASW to wind it down and liquidate it by the back door. To tidy up things, as SHH were either not interested or not capable of doing it themselves.

Many of easterns routes are thin, but highly profitable which suits the smaller aircraft and higher fare structure that they use.

The biggest problem they have now is loss of crews, a steady stream are leaving, and many more in hold pools or likely to leave. People are wary of taking command as they dont want to be re-bonded. There is a mini recruitment boom starting for experienced crew and Eastern will not be able replace them quick enough once it gathers pace. The management are simply to arrogant to understand this.
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Old 11th Jul 2011, 17:40
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OXF Charter

Does anyone know if the planned OXF-PMI charter service has been dropped?

The only reason I ask is because information including timetable info was available to view on the OXF website until very recently. Now the info seems to have been removed.

Details on check in times are still showing but no other info.

London Oxford (Kidlington) Airport EGTK/OXF - Oxford Airport Passenger Information

If it is still going ahead. Could the recent E145 delivery be the aircraft that will operate the route?
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Old 11th Jul 2011, 22:13
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I think this is another Pie in the sky route for Oxford

You cant operate this route with our present economy (You would be lucky to make the route pay in good times}

Oxford is a G A Airport nothing more or less

There have been clowns in the past trying to develop Oxford Airport

(MR HALSTED BEING THE CIRCUS MASTER) and its all fallen flat on its face

Sorry its the truth I have been saying this for years along with the clowns who think Coventry will rise from the Ashes

The end is nigh for small airports Im afraid and the soonest they realise this the better

It appears from the posting Eastern is now on the verge of ???

Buy ASW No Airport to operate out of Maybe CH likes Dash 8 s

Sorry to all you hopefulls but u know the above is RIGHT

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Old 11th Jul 2011, 23:15
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im sorry learjet50 but you clearly have know idea about the daily opperations of oxford airport, the airport never has a quiet day and i know this because i fly from it everyday, just read this link

London Oxford (Kidlington) Airport EGTK/OXF - London Oxford Airport reports busiest weekend to date

as for commerical flights, its jersey route is very popular and on many flights it is completely full, this is definately one small airport thats time is definately not up.

can i also add that the only reason varsity express was not successful was beause its owner did not pay the aircraft lessor.
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Old 12th Jul 2011, 08:36
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Though of course Eastern didn't actually buy Air Southwest, it was given a large wad of money to take it away and get Sutton Harbour Holdings out of the pooh honorably, a very astute deal.
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Old 12th Jul 2011, 15:57
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Eastern will loose that Oil contract if they keep on using the standby aircraft for other flights whilst its supposed to be ready in case of an aircraft going tech!

Thats how Flightline lost their contract is it not?

What is the outlook for Eastern?

Cheers Sox
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Old 12th Jul 2011, 22:13
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Here here

I think that is what will happen in Plymouth this week. Good luck to all.
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Old 12th Jul 2011, 23:25
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Flightline lost the contract because they went bankrupt and the standby aircraft is only used after getting permission from IAC.
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Old 14th Jul 2011, 17:38
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Dickie is counting his millions tonight. Sutton H cash in the bank, liabilitys traded out, assets sold. Bing bang bosh, lots of dosh.
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Old 15th Jul 2011, 01:51
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Or overdrafts reduced, inevitable delayed?
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Old 23rd Jul 2011, 15:58
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Flightline lost the contract before they went in to administration
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Old 14th Aug 2011, 20:17
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T3 have announced that they will end the 2 x Daily MME-LBA-SOU service on Friday 3rd September. T3's weekly Sunday service, ABZ-MME-SOU will continue to operate

T3's seasonal service from DIJ-SOU will end on the 30th September.

From this date T3 will only be offering 3 flights each weekday to and from ABZ and a Sunday flight to ABZ via MME

T3 dropped there flights from ABZ and SOU to LPL earlier in the summer.

Eastern Airways have had 4 J41 aircraft listed as available for Sale/Lease. Does anyone know if T3 have sold/leased these aircraft or do T3 have plan to store some of there fleet this winter??.

The aircraft in question are

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