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For Summer 2006 BA will operate a greater programme, optimising aircraft to the maximum, by flying more night sectors on shorthaul services and upping frequency on a number of routes. By dropping HAJ and MUC BA is concentrating solely on leisure dominated routes, with the exception on AMS, LUX, domestic routes etc.
  • New route to Varna, varying times including one night departure
  • Increasedfrequency to ALG, again with an extra overnight flight
  • Other new routes to TIA, KEF and KBP
  • New route to Izmir, Turkey
  • Increased frequency to SKG, KRK, PRN, VNO, SPU, DBV, VCE, VRN, PSA, NAP, NCE
  • Reintroduction of ATH flights and transfer of RIX from LHR to LGW
  • Seasonal routes to Bari and Cagliari return

Does this mean that BA is committed to short haul at LGW, even though the proposal to merge the two sets of Cabin Crew is moving ahead. Surely if BA are to continue all these extra short haul flights, then a huge requirement for extra crews and aircraft is needed. Afterall those LGW 737 a/c are showing their age immensely and suffer tech difficulties quite often.
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Re: BA Gatwick expansion

I think what you're seeing going on here is a smarter use of aircraft and resources. Remember, by dropping the German services, they are losing up to six daily rotations and simply finding more inventive uses for this capacity. In terms of crew expansion, I've heard that with the new "product" - or lack of - being introduced at some point this summer, the number of cabin-crew on some shorter flights will reduce.
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Re: BA Gatwick expansion

This cant be true can it no more night flights !
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Re: BA Gatwick expansion

Have just checked BA.COM even though it hasnt been released but hey its true bang goes my life !
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GATWICK - Gate 24 Centre

Taxied up to Gate 24C in a B737-300, stopped on the correct centreline and with the B737 bar nicely lined up with the light strip, and what happens? The jetway won't reach the aircraft! The nearest it can reach is 1ft away from the door. Nothing wrong with the jetway apparently, it's just the way it is.
Could someone at Gatwick please explain?
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Re: GATWICK - Gate 24 Centre

Actually it's Stand 24M, in our nomenclature. Gates are in the building.

The jetties are normally set up so that a larger aircraft parked on the Middle of a stand are just within reach. Some stands can accommodate a 737 down the middle, but it's usual to use a Left or Right stand for 737 types - the Right is usually a coaching job, or a walk to the building, depending on distance etc. Then some jetties can't 'kneel' down enough to get on a 737 door.

Unfortunately at the moment, we have 5 stands out for planned works (6, 10 11, 12 & 34) which means that many aicraft are being displaced from their usual parking spots. This only started this week and it'll take the Handling Agents (who assign the pier-served stands) a little while to learn which a/c can fit where. Where they have to use a stand where the jetty won't reach, they'll normally meet the a/c with steps, or expect you to use integral steps (if you've got them fitted). As far as I'm aware, there is no definitive list of which 737s have steps and which don't. Some of the more experienced Handling Agent people know which do or don't, but why not let them know what your a/c can do during your call inbound (assuming you know yourself, that is!). The actual stopping place on any given stand is a complex issue, involving in the first instance, safely accommodated within the confines of the stand, 4.5 metre distance from any object whilst entering or leaving the stand, then in the right place for attachment of the refuelling dispenser, fitting of the Fixed Electrical Ground Power, ability to access the holds with the refueller parked, fit of the jetty, space for catering, cleaning, toilet, water vehicles, can the tug get on the front etc etc. It often takes a lot of juggling to & fro during several turnarounds of any given type to reach a compromise. With 7 different marques of just the 737, for instance, 4 of the 767 (with or without No 2 door) and 3 of the A320 family, it's a major task to get it right.

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Re: GATWICK - Gate 24 Centre


Thanks for that, I had no idea it was so complicated. So our handling agents may need some educating, it seems.

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Gatwick Runways

Gatwick uses one runway for all operations but does anyone know how many runways there are at Gatwick? I seem to remember hearing that there are/were 6. Some have simply become part of a taxiway. They aren't necessarily operational.
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Its got 1 "standby" runway for if the other one is closed, generally for maintenence, as it takes a while to get working. Also there are only SRA or visual approaches so it will severely limit movements. Normally used overnight. Gatwick has certainly never had anything like 6 runways. Heathrow did.
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Thanks Hotel Mode. I must have been thinking of Heathrow.
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No real secret this...............has been common knowledge for last two months.

Hangars 3 and 5 , which have been vacated by BA for the last three years .

DAS air had been using H3 but have now gone ( evicted ? )Hangar 2 all empty, will go as well

Not sure about Hangar 1....... currently been used as a motor vehicle repair facility.

Think the leases on H4 and H6 have a few years left to run...
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Mig, dont think this will effect the new runway as I think it is planned to be constructed on the far side of the airport beyond the NOrth Terminal!!!

Oh those many SEP's in Hanger I will miss the place! lol!
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It will certainly make landing on 26L a hell of a lot easier in a southerly gale.

The "Laker's revenge" phenomenon will be removed.
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New Runway

The new runway is proposed to be behind the existing BA hangars on the other side of the A23, not the other side of the North Terminal.
Beyond the NT is the town of Horley, whilst it would be benficial to demolish the place, there are less buildings with owners to upset on the other side.
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Bbrown, Apologies...I was always under the impression that the runway was being built to the far side of the airport!!! What was I thinking?
Suppose the thought of Horley being demolished was too good to be true!!!
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If it was a choice between Horley and Crawley.........
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I thought Charlwood was for the chop if a new runway is ever built.
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The last plan I saw for new runway at LGW had Charlwood sitting between the runways with its only access from the West (ie new runway to North).
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Last year (or maybe th eyear before) the local council held a 'consultation' and sent a leaflet round with 3 options on it, 2 of which were for a new runway south of the present runway, re-routing the A23 by varying degrees, and the 3rd was for 2 new runways, the southern one and one to the north of the north terminal.
I think the latter was to scare the local branch of the Nimby brigade...
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I understand that the new generation A/C don't need the same level of maintenance man hours but I think its a crying shame that BA engineering at LGW has declined so much.

In the days of the Diesel 10, LGW eng seemed to have a huge ammount of expertise and capability on site, and were a great bunch to work with. I'm not saying that those who are left are any less capable, but there certainly isn't the on site capability to support the operation that there used to be.

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