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BBMF SAT 13th MAY Bradford

Hi All, Wondering if anybody out there would know the Times for the Flypast at Cullingworth on Sat
(Between Bradford - Keighley- Halifax)
I understand Lanc-Spit- Hurricane are comming
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Think I'll give the new thread a bit of a kickstart and talk about an old hobby horse, i.e summer holiday charter flights.

I'll nail my colours firmly to the mast and state my opinion that that a third based charter machine for LBA is justified. It's been said on these forums over the last couple of years that the IT market is gradually on the decline as the low cost business gathers pace. However, I still believe there's a healthy charter market out there, not necessarily to Spain but certainly to Greece (e.g. Kos, Kefalonia, Thessalonika, Skiathos), Italy (Naples, Pisa, Sardinia), Slovenia and Croatia.

Airtours and Thomson have reasonable programmes at the moment, Thomas Cook is improving and First Choice is somewhat lacking. I definitely feel there is scope for the latter two companies to get together at LBA and base a TCX or FCA aircraft for the summer. They could comfortably cover their existing commitments and move into the unserved/underserved destinations mentioned above. Thomson may wish to have a wider crack at Greece; I don't know what happened to their Zakynthos route but there must be enough business out there to justify a few other islands or maybe the mainland. And with the exception of Verona, nobody is doing Italy (Jet2 notwithstanding. I ain't counting them coz this is charter business).

BTW, my inspiration for writing this piece was a certain travel agent in Yeadon. I looked in the window last week and saw advertised fourteen Greek holidays. THIRTEEN were Manchester departures, the fourteenth was from... wait for it...East Midlands. Absolutely not b****y good enough, I fumed. Where the hell are the LBA flights I wondered. The airport less than two miles away and all the travel agent can offer in the window is flights from somewhere else. Hopeless !! If you want Spain, terrific. If you want Greece (or anywhere even considered slightly exotic by LBA standards), forget it.

There, I feel better for that. My point is, we're doing all right (more pax than Cardiff) but we're not doing nearly as well as we could. Securing Jet2 was a major achievement for the airport but that was over three years ago. The airport cannot afford to rest on its laurels, it needs to get some serious choice in it's holiday charter programme. And whilst it chews that over, it can wonder why Centralwings decided to clear off so quickly.
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Originally Posted by Mooncrest
Thomas Cook is improving and First Choice is somewhat lacking. I definitely feel there is scope for the latter two companies to get together at LBA and base a TCX or FCA aircraft for the summer.
First Choice dont seem to care about the smaller airports in Northern England/Scotland that much. Theres a similar situation with them at HUY, MME, LPL and EDI. Even NCL doesnt get a based aircraft (although that is to do with a deal with TCX from a few years ago)

As for Thomas Cook, they are expanding from LBA, HUY and DSA instead of focusing on one airport in the region. Therefore, I doubt a based aircraft is on the cards but maybe the rumoured AEU extra aircraft for part of the week may be used by Thomas Cook for some extra flights
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I have heard rumour of thomas cook in talks with astraeus for more flights soley for themselves, for next summer 07. I believe there will be 1 1/2 aeu a/c based at leeds towards the end of this year.
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I.O.M flights

Just been looking at lbia website,and it appears a new operator Manx2 is due to start flights from lba to iom.Can anybody tell me what type of aircraft is pictured?Cheers.
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Manx 2 IOM Type of Aircraft

Hello there lbalad,

The aircraft pictured on the LBIA web site is a Czech built Let410, a 19 seat aircraft rumoured to be conducting the route.

There is still some uncertanty as to this type being used on the route as other reports claim Jetstream 31's would be another option.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!
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Airport Privatisation

Things are happening.

Daily Telegraph got an inside line on this:


While Grupo Ferrovial's consortium battles to acquire London airports operator BAA, steered by chairman Marcus Agius, a number of smaller airports look set to change hands.

Sources said Devon County Council will send out an information memorandum on Exeter and Devon Airport to pros-pective buyers this week. Leeds Bradford Airport could also be put on the block.

It's understood the local councils that own the airports are interviewing a number of investment banks to advise them on a potential sale.

It's unlikely any of the major infrastructure funds, such as Goldman Sachs, will be interested in Exeter and Devon and Leeds Bradford airports. But smaller players, including Babcock and Brown, could be. Sources also said that if Ferrovial is successful with BAA, it might look to sell some regional airports, including Belfast City, to help finance its offer.

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The latest political obstacle to privatisation was overcome last week when Bradford Council voted to ratify a decision made by the Executive Board in March to allow Bradford's 40% shareholding in the airport to be offered for sale. With Leeds and 3 other minority shareholders having already voted in favour selling their shares, the process can now move on to the next phase. As it stands, Leeds City Council will manage the disposal process on behalf of all 5 local authorities and they will appoint financial advisors to market the airport and facilitate the tendering process. It is likely there has already been some degree of sounding out potential bidders in advance of this more formal process getting underway so hopefully it will not take too long for potential purchasers to throw their hats into the ring.

As to who that might be, there were something like 30 initial expressions of interest in a 50% stake in NCL back in 2000/2001 when NCL was roughly the same size as LBA is today. On the basis of a potential 100% stake in Leeds and given it is the last airport of its size that will be coming to market directly from the local authorities, there should be a fair degree of interest.

MAG and Peel are likely to be non-starters given the precedent of Macquarie's (joint owner of BRS) bid for EXT being referred to the competition authorities. TBI, Macquarie and Copenhagen Airports all have interests in UK regional airports, none of which serve the Yorkshire & Humberside catchment and it would be surprising if they didn't show an interest. Babcock Plc have recently purchased Alstec, a company who provide baggage and inter- terminal transfers for BAA Heathrow and in the press release Babcock are quoted as saying "Alstec's skills and track record with those of Babcock creates exciting new opportunities in two major growth markets: nuclear decommissioning and airport management". Clearly a very diverse business then, but one would imagine they too will look closely at Leeds if they want to get into airport management. Arguably not the best option for LBA relative to Macquaire, TBI etc given the lack of experience and, more crucially, the lack of any other airports in the Group. Perhaps the biggest commercial vulnerability at LBA is the fact it exists as a stand-alone airport surrounded by airports that are part of larger groups and these groups are getting increasingly good at building relationships with an airline at one airport to attract new services to another. Peel's relationship with EZY / RYR at LPL leading to new services at DSA being a good example.
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Totally uninformed speculation - I wonder if Channel Express would be interested in teaming up with an airport specialist?

I wouldn't be in favour but it would be interesting -though suspect Channel Express wouldn't have the capital.
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Bet some of the LBA management are croaking !!!
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I've heard it rumoured (stress RUMOUR) that Dart Group and/or Wal-Mart have expressed an interest in share acquisition of LBA. However, given that Dart own Jet2 who are by far LBA's biggest operator, I couldn't see them gaining anything approaching a controlling interest in the airport as it would be potentially very harmful to competition. As for Wal-Mart, I suppose they might wish to use LBA as an air cargo hub for their UK distribution network. After all, cargo is sadly lacking in our back yard. I just hope they wouldn't be interested from a land and property point of view. You could get an almighty supermarket on that spot. And discarded trolleys all over the runway...

Whoever finally gets their hands on our beloved aerodrome, let's hope there is plenty of investment and aggressive marketing so we can try to match the likes of Bristol and Newcastle.
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Wal-Mart Aviation used to have at least one aircraft based at LBA. From what i heard the new boss of Wal-Mart Europe is not particulaly keen on flying and got rid of the plane/planes and pilots.
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Hi just wondering was there a VC-10 in the LBA area last night?

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Would AEU ever opt for a 757 at LBA, ok a 737-700 next summer but for a few flights with the 2nd a/c could this be a 757 ?
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Guess who's back......

I don't think they would, the 73G suits their needs well from LBA!
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Cork axed

Just heard from a mate at Aviance that bmi are stopping their Cork service at the end of June. Sorry if this is old news.
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Hello Fox, long time no speak.

Yes it's true the LBA-ORK is being scrapped. Apparently something to do with increased fees at Cork because of the new terminal. Something like that anyway.

Another one bites the dust. First Jersey, now this. Wonder if they'll go for the hat trick ??
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On another thread ScotAirways to EDI in competition with bmi. Can't see bmi giving up the EDI though.
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