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Visited the Airport this week... great airport, such varied operations. Perhaps start some discussion???
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A N other Airprot

Good to see new Airports appear, keep it going, you do have a Jersey connection be it only a Dash in the summer??
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Any news on the extension. I had heard that BAA have applied for planning permission for 300m, but only intend building 150m (possibly due to funding available).
That would allow one of the current operators to follow up on their stated intention to add more European flights, but not much else.
I also hear that they will not be building an associated taxiway, so there will have to be increased traffic spacing to allow for backtracks.
GBALU53: No regular flights to Jersey, but I think there might be a weekly ERJ45 for a short summer season.
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ABZlad do you have a source for this ? It would seem prety pointless applying for permission for a 300m extension and then only building 150m of it. They would have to alter ther planning permission application wouldn't they? - I have seen no mention of that anywhere.
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Gogsymac - My source is a friend who works at the airport.
Apparently, if planning is granted for the 300m extension, 150m can be built with no major alteration to the original permission which is valid for, I believe, five years. Then when, or if funds allow, the remainder of the extension can be built without going through the planning process again. (Compare it to building half a house at the start of the planning period and then finishing it just before expiry).
Personally, I am disappointed if my source is correct because it would mean that flights would still be very limited in range.
In addition, the building of the extension in two phases would double the potential of disruption to flights during construction and have the added expense of moving the approach lights and Glide Path twice.
Perhaps the BAA could tap Donald Trump for a loan to build the full extension when he arrives this weekend to further his plans to build a championship golf course near Aberdeen!
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Thanks for the further info ABZlad.
It would indeed be a pity if your source is correct.

i shall speak to Donald Trump tomorrow to see if he can help in some way.
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Fit like min?
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Seems Flyglobespan are to launch ABZ flights in S07, with an announcement apparently due next week as to where.
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This week's hot rumour suggests that they ARE now considering a parallell taxiway-They don't say when though!!! it could be 20 years hence.....
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They don't say when though!!! it could be 20 years hence.....
If it's anything like the bypass then quite probably....
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Seems Flyglobespan are to launch ABZ flights in S07
Great news for Aberdeen if it happens this time. However the airport desperately needs new concrete for parking - not just stands laid over existing remote parking areas. Last Friday morning I saw three aircraft holding on the ground for fifteen minutes awaiting a stand. It seems to be getting worse.
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Indeed it does ABZ lad.

With double-parking on 8 & 10, & Stand 1 split A, B C when required, new stands and more parking both badly needed.

Believe there is WIP on new stands as we speak?

Re parking, would it be worthwhile asking if the heli cos could strike a deal to allow a/c to park on their aprons, or is that not feasible.

Have heard/seen FLT 146s on the Bristow ramp before, albeit that may be a special case given that FLT do the IAC flights t/f SCS.

Re GSM, they had slots at PRG for an ABZ route, but may have handed them back by now, as this was several months ago. Also talk of a BGO route, competing with WIF.

If the latter is true, what with SAS/CNO/WIF, X9, BMI R possibly being joined by GSM, RYR & BEE on the Scandi market(the latter 2 certainly have alluded to looking at the Scandi market t/f ABZ), could see another Viking invasion!

All ifs, but, maybes of course...we wait & see.
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Today's report says GSM acquiring 2x B737-700s (modified) of which one will be ABZ-based from S07.

Preparatory work on new routes "90%" complete, only slot agreement with the various airports outstanding (may be the most difficult part?!)

Routes to be announced "in the coming weeks" so nothing this week.

Good news for ABZ, wonder what the "mods" are to the 737s - winglets maybe??
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Richard Taylor

What report?
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Cheap flights to up to 14 holiday hotspots will take off from Aberdeen next summer, the boss of a leading budget airline revealed yesterday.

by Keith Findlay
Tom Dalrymple, chairman of Edinburgh-based Flyglobespan, expects to announce destinations within a few weeks.

The company has bought two new planes and one is to be deployed in Aberdeen where the current size of runway has been a stumbling block to Flyglobespan's plans until now.

A host of popular holiday destinations can be reached with the new Boeing 737 700 aircraft, which are more fuel efficient than other planes in the airline's fast-growing fleet.

Flyglobespan's summer 2007 programme for Aberdeen is still being finalised, but all of the Mediterranean resorts ? as far as Cyprus ? are being looked at.

The news was welcomed by city leaders last night.

Aberdeen Lord Provost John Reynolds said: "Flyglobespan are a Scottish airline and it is wonderful news from Aberdeen's point of view that these new routes will be taking off.

"There is certainly the business up here. Most people have to travel to the central belt to get their connection."

He added: "The sooner the better ? if it could be tomorrow, that would be great."

Mr Dalrymple said 90% of the work involved in getting the new flights up and running was done, but the airline was still negotiating with airport bosses over take-off and landing slots.

He said the destinations will be dictated by demand and would not necessarily be places already served by Flyglobespan.

The carrier currently operates from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Stansted and flies to European hotspots including Tenerife, Lanzarote, Faro, Majorca, Ibiza, Alicante, Malaga and Nice.

Mr Dalrymple said there would be at least seven new routes from the Granite City and possibly as many as 14.

Flyglobespan first pledged to launch flights from Aberdeen in March last year, but only if a ban on landing at the airport after 11.30pm was lifted.

Councillors subsequently gave the go-ahead for round the clock opening.

That led to Flyglobespan quickly unveiling plans to start new flights from Aberdeen this summer.

But the airport's relatively short runway proved too much of a hurdle and forced the airline into a rethink.

With a little modification, the new aircraft will be able to takeoff and land at Aberdeen and complete its journey without having to stop for refuelling.

Boeing's latest 737 700 model costs around 25.5million and carries 148 passengers.

Mr Dalrymple would not reveal where the second plane will be deployed, but said the airline's two new aircraft were due to be delivered next spring.

Flyglobespan's first flight took off in April 2002, and it now operates 11 aircraft to destinations around Europe, as well as the US and Canada.

Flights start at just under 30, including taxes, but climb in price for more popular travel days and times.

The airline expects to carry almost 2million passengers to over 20 destinations this year.

Next month it starts a daily service from Glasgow to Florida and more long-haul expansion is planned, possibly from Aberdeen if the runway is extended.

A spokesman for the airline said: "The Aberdeen expansion is great news for local holidaymakers. As with all Flyglobespan flights, people taking the Aberdeen routes will have the option of taking flight-only and adding transfers or accommodation."

Mr Dalrymple added: "We promised that if Aberdeen Airport extended its opening hours, we would fly from there. We then had to find the right aircraft that could handle the runway and also give us the range to get to some attractive resorts.

"This new 700 is the perfect plane and we look forward to organising some exciting destinations for next summer."

He said many people from the north-east were using Flyglobespan from Edinburgh and Glasgow. "That won't be necessary next year," he added.

Source: Press & Journal
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Was up looking at the work in progress in relation to the new a/c stands to the west of Stand 13. Anyone know how long the project will take to complete? Was it 3 extra stands?

Re GSM, would like to think there is a large local market for direct flights abroad. Many people in this area head south to GLA,EDI even NCL to catch flights. There were 160 on last night's MON flight t AGP, so hopefully an indication at least that there is a market somewhere that can be tapped.

As usual, fares/destinations/frequency will be important.

Finally, anyone know how BMI Reg are doing on the AMS route in competition with KLM. Have they impacted on KLM loads at all, or are both enjoying growth on the route.

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New Stands

The "new" stands should have been ready this month but will now NOT be ready until sometime in June-if we are lucky!!
Desperately need some more concrete (not revitalised old ones) with some traffic experiencing delays at the moment of up to 25 minutes.
Let's hope that when RYR (and next year GSM ) have their new routes, that they will have a stand to move on to.
The revamped stands are capable of taking 737 variants so they should help.
And if a certain US airline should start to Houston, or rather back from Houston.......
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GSM newsletter confirms a 737-7 at ABZ for S07.

Still negotiating landing slots, but mentions the a/c will bring Med resorts & as far away as Cyprus within reach.

Would they compete with MON on AGP, doubt it could sustain 2 operators?

BAA ABZ talking to anyone else?
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The Rolling Annual Passenger Total for ABZ has passed the 3m mark (May-May), the first ever time the airport has achieved this.

Quite an achievement given the size of the catchment area in the city & shire.
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The place is a joke.Always has been,only the BAA are getting caught out for years of neglect.
The only people that make that place work are the Airport ATC.BAA have no dealings with the helicopters.BAA don't have to deal with 50% of the traffic.BAA don't have to deal with the gridlock when they run out of stands on a daily basis.
I have seen bigger terminals in the Southern Philippines,which is really 3rd world.
Nats has treated the controllers there like s...t for years.They are now just about the lowest paid in Nats,at one of the most complex and difficult to validate Towers in the world.
It's falling to bits,and I couldn't care less
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City Star

TaD's rantings aside(justifiable by the way), City Star seem to be happily chugging along with their OSL & SVG/KSU routes, plus charters.

Does anyone in & around ABZ have the latest on their expansion plans?

Have any of the new a/c reached ABZ, or even Iceland. What about the new routes(4, if reports were accurate), are negotiations continuing. Doesn't look like the new routes will come in time for summer*.

*if it ever comes.
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