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Easyjet growth slows

Here's a story on the financial news wires:


easyJet, Europe's second-largest no-frills airline, said it carried 2.94 million passengers in May.

This represents an increase of 15.2% on the same month last year.

The Luton-based carrier said May's load factor, passengers as a proportion of the number of seats available, was 83.9%, slightly down from 84.1% in May 2005.

For the rolling 12 months to end-May passengers totaled 31.72 million, up 13.5% compared with the same period last year, the load factor was 84.2%, down 0.9 percentage points, and total revenue was 1.5bn, up 21.1%.

easyJet said although load factors for May were slightly behind the rolling 12-month average this was in line with internal expectations.

'Following strong April revenue results, which benefited from the timing of Easter, the positive performance has continued in May,' said CEO, Andy Harrison.

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So where's the slowing of growth?
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Aberdeen Fog - Easyjet

On Friday, EZY141 from LTN to ABZ diverted due to the harr at Aberdeen. All the other main airlines (BA, BMI etc) got in (just some prop Eastern Airlines etc that didn't, apart from EZ).

Don't Easyjet have ILS on their 737's ?

Got the same flight on Monday (tomorrow) and fog is forecast at Aberdeen again. Not as if fog at Aberdeen is unknown!
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Does it not depend on specific pilot training / rating ?
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Yep - just because the aircraft is fully equiped - doesn't mean the crew are. If they're new to type and line training their minima can be higher.
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For what it's worth, I was the ABZ radar controller on Friday morning and although the BA, BMI, Eastern, etc did get in it was only after they had also gone around once like the easyJet. Unlike the EZY, they held for a bit and once the weather improved slightly the others who had the fuel to wait made a second approach and got in. Bizarrely, the EZY said he was diverting to Prestwick - not sure why they preferred there over GLA or EDI. The only other one we lost was the Atlantic ATP freighter.

So I don't think the question is about aircraft equipment, more about holding fuel.
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[Fog isn't a constant cloud. It can drift and has more and less dense areas in it. It is possible to get lucky and find a "pocket" which is above visibility minima and lets you land. But as said above, it's whether you can afford to hang around
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Don't Easyjet have ILS on their 737's ?
All easyJet's 737s are capable of flying down to Cat. 3b limits. ABZ's ILS is as far as I know, only Cat. 1

If the RVR is below easyJet's Cat. 1 minima, then the flight crew cannot commence an approach and descend below a height of 1500 feet with subsequently, getting the ground or runway in sight.

Diversion fuel may also have been a factor.
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All the same, it seems bizarre to use fuel to divert to PIK. I wonder how the pax made the trek back to ABZ? I have been on a board BA a/c that have been holding for ages at ABZ for the fog and we popped down to EDI until it cleared. But going all the way to PIK???
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Edinburgh and Glasgow were both pretty poor weather wise while Prestwick with it's own little micro climate was clear. I'd say it was sensible to use a couple of kilos more gas rather than go around at your diversion and be forced to call a mayday.
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LTNABZ, don't pay pay cheap fares and then complain! You pay cheap, you get a cheap product. End of story!
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Exactly how is diverting due to weather a "cheap product"?
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Here we go again. A thread that mentions Easyjet and the Pay cheap get nothing quoters all appear out of the woodwork. Not at all a constructive comment and totally off topic. The thread is about a weather diversion not about how much the seat cost on the aircraft!
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I think you'll find that the EZY aircraft had the capability to divert to PIK which had solid good weather, and was not restricted to the much closer GLA or EDI with poorer weather. The weather at the time at Aberdeen was below the legal airport minima not the aircraft minima which as EZY always normally has a CAT3a or b minima which is the lowest you'll find.

That any of this be cause for anything but praise and thankfulness is a mystery.


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When I was flying easy's B737s they were all CAT111A with a decision height of 50ft and a RVR of 200m, unless, for technical, reasons the aircraft was temporarily downgraded. The diversion policy is that a nominated alternate must be operating in conditions which would allow an approach one category higher than minimum. For example, if the airfield, crew or aircraft were limited to CAT1, then the weather conditions must be good enough for a non-precision approach. And these conditions must be forecast to exist for one hour either side of the ETA at the destination. I suspect that an immediate diversion to PIK looked the safest course of action. Easyjet may be low cost, but it's never been low safety (except for exhausted crews!)

The company claims it saves tens of millions of pounds a year by discouraging the carrying of holding fuel - when conditions are allow- so they are happy to absorb the costs of occasional diverts. These savings help keep air fares low. If the wx at Aberdeen was forecast to be poor then the policy is to take holding fuel; I assume the crew weren 't, or felt the wx wouldn't improve - only they will know.

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Aberdeen's ILS's are Cat1 and look likely to remain that way.The ILS equipment supplied by Nats could work to Cat 3 standard,but the rest of the airfield(BAA's ) isn't up to standard.
It's surprising that they haven't tried to upgrade to Cat2,as it's a problem that always happens at this time of year.I guess that driving passengers up and down Scotland,instead of upgrading the Airfield is seen as ok to BAA(Ferrovial).
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Sir easyJet

From the BBC

Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who has seen his business empire take off over 11 years, has been knighted in the Queen's 80th Birthday Honours list.

Sir Stelios, 39, who is honoured for services to entrepreneurship, dedicated the knighthood to his staff
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Well done that man !!!
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Good for him & richly deserved!

As an aside, I thought only British citizens could get knighthoods?
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"Good for him & richly deserved!

As an aside, I thought only British citizens could get knighthoods?"

Seeing as Stelios has got a knighthood, the answer is either:

a) He is one
b) You're wrong

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