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I could imagine the Ryanair are starting to pull some pax away from Wizz at DSA with Gdansk and Krakow available up the road in Leeds. Certainly Krakow will be taking possible Katowice pax.
While it is giving PAX more of a choice and yes some PAX will use FR from LBA instead, the same can be said for Wizz taking FR PAX at DSA. Just look at the passenger statistics for DSA... Very minor changes with mainly increases on some routes! Add to this Doncaster and its immediate area has one of the largest Polish/Eastern European populations in the UK then I can see why Wizz are happy...

Moving to EMA would make sense in this case if Ryanair decided on more LBA Polish flights. Also,I think there could be more jobs available for Polish workers in the LBA region.
EMA is more of a competitor to DSA than LBA is despite them being in the Yorkshire county. Ryanair have a base at EMA too with flights to Poland, so the same could be said that they could increase flights from there should Wizz move in...
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That's great news ! With two based aircraft, we have a small Lithuanian Airlines again. Maybe they can paint some small LT flags onto them :-) Seriously, the additional flights to LTN are very welcome, as the 6:30 departure is a bit inconvenient, and goes straight into the crazy arrivals mess at LTN in the morning. Now awaiting the answer from FR. We won't be unhappy here in BHX about a few more KUN flights, if that's possible. The reason that EIN has such a boom is of course its proximity to the German market. As soon as the German government drop their stupid tax, they will come back to NRN and also CGN. Surely EIN is throwing money at the airlines currently. I agree it's too many flights to EIN, DTM is a much better bet.
For sure the EIN statement is far from reality.... EIN doesn't gain at all from the German tax. EIN is situated in one of Europe's most populated areas but still 90km from the Dutch/German border. Whenever I visit EIN, I see a lot of Dutch and Belgium car plates but almost no German ones. I know that Wizzair didn't have lot of passengers in NRN, also before the German tax and therefore only BUD is left at NRN with 2 or 3 freqs per week. DTM is more than 150km away from EIN and doesn't have any influence on the EIN market or vice versa.

Wizzair's only destination in The Netherlands is EIN which is 110km from AMS, 100km from DUS and 120km from BRU. Because of it's central location it's for many airlines a very good low cost airport .
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Wizz Air

LTN, MAD reduced. LCA, ALC cancelled
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Jamie -

To clarify, these are flights ex-Bucharest, due to changes in night curfew hours at BBU.
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Despite the curfew another (the 6th) A320 will be based at BBU next June.
Wizz Air
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Flights to/from Lviv

Wizzair is coming back to Lviv by march ending.
Confirmed flights to Treviso and Dortmund
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W6 will leave NRN (last flight to BUD on 9th January) and from 13th January W6 will launch BUD-DTM.
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New destination from Gdansk

Wizz Air will start two new routes from Gdansk to two new destinations in Norway:

2x per week Gdansk-Trondheim (starting April 1, 2012)
2x per week Gdansk-Haugesund (starting April 4, 2012)
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How is Wizzair still in business? I dont get it. It's definitely been asked before because travelling for $15 on an airplane makes no sense to me.
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Magic Milkshake

Your question isn't serious is it?

Not all Wizz flights are $15. Many are far, far, far more expensive than that. They manage costs ruthlessly and are very frugal.

They sell, sell, sell everything extra and have numerous additional lines of revenue creation.

If your question is serious, you may as well ask the same question of every other low cost airline.
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I'll tell you how they are in business, to book a flight with them from London to Budapest is cheaper on any given date with easyJet, Malev (full service flag carrier) and only 12 more with BA that charge no extras for credit cards, luggage, refreshments etc. There was a time Wizz was about 100 cheaper than BA on average.
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General question for those using them regularly, are they in the habit of cancelling flights at short notice which had previously been available & confirmed as operating ?
Mrs Playstation had a confirmed reservation last week BBU-BCN, 7 days before departure she printed her boarding pass & (bizarrely) it was for a flight the day before the confirmed reservation,& arriving at an inconveniently late hour rather than mid a-noon as reserved.
Being a public holiday in Spain (assume this was the reason) nobody from Wizz appeared to be available to answer the Spanish number quoted on their website.
Finally, the next day she received an email confirming the cancellation/non-availability of the reserved flight, offering re-booking / refund.
As the timings didn't suit she canx & rebooked with Blue Air.
A fellow pax on her Blue Air flight told her that she had given up using Wizzair as this short notice cancellation of flights had happened to her several times.
I know that Ryanair for example have been guilty of doing this in the Winter months if flights were not sufficiently well subscribed, but usually it was decided quite some time in advance.
Just interested to know if this cancellation/offer of re-booking is a fairly standard modus operandi (as the other party suggested to my partner) or a one-off, as it is difficult to take seriously / rebook with a carrier that runs its schedule in such a random fashion.
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In my time there, it was rare for flights to be cancelled for frivolous reasons. In fact, it never occurred to my knowledge.

There must have been an operational reason.

There was, I believe, a small event involving a BBU based aircraft a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if the knock on from that event may have impacted your wifes flight.

Google Wizz Air and click the news icon. It'll tell you the event and date therein.
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Cheers, yes every company has "off days", I was just a bit baffled at it being cancelled 1 week before , & subsequently intrigued by the comments of the other pax.
Every company has its share of dissatisfied customers, & I know full well from usually residing on the other side of the fence, that they are not always justified
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Modlin Airport near Warsaw as an important new Central-Eastern Europe base of Ryanair? Seems a bit less likely now.

Tomorrow in Warsaw will be held a big press conference concerning the creation of first carrier's base at Modlin Airport. A few hours ago it wasn't obvious which of the two is organizing this announcement. According to the most recent rumours it will be Wizzair, not FR.

Of course, it does not exclude Ryanair as the next in line, but... will be somewhat tougher for them to come there on their own terms.
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Yet another Black Sea (ish) base for Wizz. Expect a London route soon.
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Wizzair moves all flights to the new Warsaw airport Modlin (WMI) as from 18th July.
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I see that Wizz are still actually charging a 10 euro "Government Tax" on flights from Cork to Modlin, despite the fact it was reduced to three euro around a year ago. It's nice that they continue to mislead their customers.

The problem that generally I've seen on Wizz flights is that whilst they are very good for the public in Eastern Europe, tourists coming into the country tend not to actually use them, in fact many of my friends and colleagues in Western Europe have never heard of them.
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I used Wizzair (Ukraine) last year to fly from Kiev to Valencia and was quite impressed, the service was very good.
It's a pity they don't fly from Liverpool to either Kiev or Lviv, the only way to get to Ukraine is via London.
After flying with BA from Heathrow a few times you hear quite a lot of passengers saying we need a direct route from Manchester or Liverpool, if it ever happens I hope it will be Wizz.
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Hard luck, I heard Ryanair may start LPL to Lviv
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