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British Airways

Old 30th Nov 2006, 18:35
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Smile BA and the Streaky BACON

A question:

Does anyone believe that Willlie has got it right in retreating from the regions and starting the reformation of a BOAC oriented airline? Having got rid of BAR via BACX and BACON, LGW is clearly next, because it can no more compete with the LoCos than could BACON. The question is whether this is a viable policy.

Me - personally, and being purely objective I think he probably has, because the BA business model can never make a profit shorthaul, and the margins from Longhaul won't support S/H as a feeder. Interested in your opinions.
All those in favour of the motion please?
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Old 30th Nov 2006, 19:22
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Point to Point is the future - with the cost base in place, BA can only afford it in London. Feeder/hub model is dead.

Only problem is if BAA is broken up, price controls will cease. BA won't make a 10% margin on the higher feeds as demand shoots up - and the price controls and monopoly position are the only reason for its profits.

Right move in my opinion...future still uncertain.
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Old 30th Nov 2006, 20:19
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And does anyone think that WW is covering his arse slightly by keeping just a teeny weeny bit of control of the new larger Flybe or will he dump the shares later to give the impression of recovering some cash out of the wreckage of BRAL/ Brymon BAR and even Highlands. He must be slightly nervous about giving away all those peak time slots at MAN, BHX etc.
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 09:40
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Is Big Airlines on the treadmill to a lean clean op?

Just a couple of ideas to kick off the rumours....
Seems Big Airlines has profited from the Polonium case with good PR, to be honest deservedly so as they were quick off the mark with the hearts and minds stuff.
The pensions debarcle seems to be approaching a tentative conclusion, watch this space.
Boeing and Airbus are begging to line up long haul aircraft in the chatham flag (A330's outta LGW????)
And finally the stock market seem to be riding the wave with the share prices peaking over £5 today.
So where now for Big Airlines???
Answers on a postcard please
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 11:02
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Unhappy British Airways "robs" Cancer Research UK

My wife's nephew & a mate of his are starting, hopefully on December 10th, an unaided/unsupported row across the Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua - same route as Matthew Pinsent & Ben Fogle did with TV crew last year. They are intending to break the world record for the crossing which is 40 days. They have a target to raise £200,000 in aid of Cancer Research UK. On their BA flight out to the Canary Islands they were carrying essential personal items for the voyage and also a substantial medical kit which one would understand is likely to be vital on such a hazardous venture. Despite making the check in staff aware of the reasons for the extra weight BA still charged them £252 in excess baggage charges which effectively reduces what is raised for the charity by the same amount.

What a rotten lot they are!!
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 12:14
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Chrimesy, what a load of tosh you wrote! Good luck to them in their endeavour, but you imply that in support of their task, everyone should bend over backwards giving them freebies. Did they pay for their ride to the airport? If driven, did they try and get the petrol free from a garage? BA supports many charities, but it is also a commercial business, and these people bought commercial tickets and knew the rules. It's a bit unfair to apply moral blackmail to every business that they come into contact with. Each capplication does get looked at for its merits- it's not really fair to try and blag an overload citing 'but we're carrying this for charity!' at the check-in desk! Whilst one applauds people who do this, usually the book coming out about such endeavours, the newspaper articles and the TV documentary produced about it, often causes suspicion that personal profit motives enter the equation as well as charitable aims. Should a private business be expected to support every charitable enterprise because of the threat of bad publicity? Is this a form of blackmail?
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 14:09
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Well its not going to the regions thats for sure!!!!
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I have to agree with Rainboe. BA along with most major airlines, sell a selection of special fares, only available through specialist Business Travel Agents that deal with the voluntary sector. These Charity Fares normally offer an increased baggage allowance. Some airlines will consider "any reasonable amount" of excess baggage in connection with the fare - but it has to be requested in advance. No-one should expect to turn up at the check-in counter and say "This is for Charity mate!" and have any amount of excess baggage just waived through.

BTW - maybe the most generous for this was SN, will be interesting to see if it continues in the guise of the SN Brussels/Virgin Express merger.
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I'm not sure how you profit from the grounding of 3 x 763s, never mind the implication to pax that while they'll take care of you afterwards, BA does also fly people who have radioactive substances on them. The cost in staff time in locating 33,000 passengers and an unknown number of crew is also likely to be substantial.

Anyway it's all a big hoax say the Russians:
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 23:17
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BA where now?

They say that all publicity is good publicity and no matter what happens just keep your name in the news and thatís all you need to know if you really wanít to be king . The odd walkout by the wage slaves, The mad tail planes, changing of the guard (oz Rod to Irish Willie ) etc. It keeps you in the news it keeps the news out of the news and the end product Ėeverybody knows your name and thatís what countís if you want to sell volume and keep the city boys, the government, the shareholders and the good old British public happy. But (And never start a sentence with But) Radiation on planeís is a bit a step too far, I mean letís ask the golden question ď Would you fly on a plane that was radioactiveí I donít think I would. But then again on maintenance checks aircraft go through Non Destructive Testís especially on ĎCí Checks that use X-rays to look for cracks that human eye cannot see, so maybe this has something to do with it. But do I get the feeling this is not the case.
But keep this quiet, that Russian Guy was a CSKA Moscow fan went to the Emirates Stadium a few weeks ago to watch his team to play the mighty Arsenal and apparently this stadium is one of the so called 12 new government radioactive new sites.

Just to slightly change the subject, Iberia wantís to opt out BA and obviously Oneworld and join either STAR or AF/KLM. Where does this leave Oneworld and BA and AA. Letís not forget Aer Lingus and Swiss have both left Oneworld. Is Oneworld finished? There is also talk of BA being sold to a middle eastern party. Is BA finished? or is it all a publicity stunt!
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Old 2nd Dec 2006, 00:49
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Red face

I forcasted all that has happened. Jim French and his mates in the channel Islands are dining on local lobster and Bollinger as we speak- they deserve to!

Why so few of you did not see this coming alarms me- you guy's fly aeroplanes so well. You also need to read the tea leaves just as well.

Bacon Slicer.
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[QUOTE=GOAROUNDMAN;2997630]But keep this quiet, that Russian Guy was a CSKA Moscow fan went to the Emirates Stadium a few weeks ago to watch his team to play the mighty Arsenal and apparently this stadium is one of the so called 12 new government radioactive new sites. QUOTE]

Glad you never told anyone that then....phew
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Devil Days of BOAC!!!!!! Return to Thunderdome.

Today BACON, tomorrow Gatwick......ask not for whom the knife slices - it slices for YOU!
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Actually Echo it was in yesterday's Guardian,00.html

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Once T5 opens, how much will BA really need LGW anyway?

"Fed up with making too many payments on expensive and unprofitable regional airports? Do those bills mount up each month quicker than they can be paid? WW of London just made one call to Ocean Flynance, and consolidated all of his lets under one roof."
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Old 9th Dec 2006, 19:13
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I am another who has been predicting a retreat to BOAC for some time. When the 'Future Size & Shape' project stated that they would retain regions, I suggested that it was a deliberate half way step, so as to only retreat in measured steps.

Large corporations that have been getting bigger and bigger over the years reach a point at which they must either make a staged retreat - or will collapse in one big bang, and then be bought up by a competitor.

The BA high table are making a steady retreat and appear to have (if you pardon the pun) saved the shareholders bacon.

I notice the steady push to T5 and so I see the strongest possibility that they will be BOAC out of T5 and nowhere else. The only caution that I would give is that, currently, they are promoting T5 as the be-all and end-all. They are saying (to us the pax) that it will solve all our problems. No company should ever start to build customer anticipation this far in advance of a launch. They should always under promote the new product and then let customer perception and public reporting take it much higher.

Apart from that, they are doing what the big carriers of Europe have so far failed to do. They have seen some of them go bang and are trying to scale back without provoking too many strikes. And - NO - I am not a shareholder.

Oh yes, and they got Eddington to do the business on LHR 3rd slab of black-stuff AND the 2nd at STN is out of the picture for the time being and LGW won't get their 2nd for ages. yep, it all looks good for BOAC Mk2.
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Just for the record at the time of BOAC/BEA merger BOAC did in fact serve other pats of the UK. - MAN & PIK with B707s & VC10s to YYZ, YUL & JFK not forgetting BFS, EDI & ABZ with Viscount 700s as feeders into PIK. That said, its sad that loyal BA PAX from the 'other parts' are being treated as second class citizens by the once national airline and that their custom appears not to be worth anything. I also feel very sorry for all the staff out there likely to be axed. - I shall now look to *alliance carriers for my own travel until there is sea-change by WW etc.
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Old 9th Dec 2006, 22:46
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I would be really interested to know how loyal non London residents are towards BA these days, I personally dont know anyone who uses LHR and BA, All my colleagues use the likes of EK making there connections well away from London.

Anybody from the industry with any figures ?
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Old 10th Dec 2006, 00:25
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Originally Posted by PAXboy View Post
Large corporations that have been getting bigger and bigger over the years reach a point at which they must either make a staged retreat - or will collapse in one big bang, and then be bought up by a competitor.
Good points there PAXboy. The way I see it, some big corporations work, like BSBC, Barclays, Coca Cola and Microsoft! BA are in the process of making the most of their biggest asset (only asset?) and that is owning the bulk of the slots at the primary airport serving what is arguably one the the 2 premier cities of the world. As a flag-waving MAN supporter, I haven't got an issue with this........however...

The fact that it's profitable for them to fly to places like Ekaterinburg, Entebbe and Almaty from London, and yet haven't got a clue how to make Birmingham - New York or Manchester - Hong Kong work for them too, is rather bloody unfortunate IMO. It's sad.

MAN777 - I've been avoiding BA and LHR for more than 20 years, using any other carrier and any other transit point as a better alternative. The only time I've ever used LHR to connect was in 1990 when my MAN-HAJ-TXL flight was over-booked.
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I also operate an anyone but BA rule and use them as the airline of last resort. There are plenty of other options out of the north and I will use them. I also know of many friends and colleagues who think the same.

BA's treatment of the regions is abismal.

On a previous point I can recall direct flights from manchester to Toronto, Montreal, Barbados, Los Angeles, Orlando and Hong Kong with BA at one time and all long gone.

I also remember the time they taled of a tie up with SN and operating a 2 hub system with flights over the atlantic operating Brussels - Manchester and onwards and flights to the Middle / far east operating Manchester - Brusssels and onwards so obviously at one time someone in BA felt their were markets for flights from the North.

Finally didnt they also promise things like Florida and Singapore from manchester when they opened T3.
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