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British Airways

Old 4th Aug 2006, 21:22
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Jordan D

BA havn't suggested removing either of those. It was suggested by DTVAirport earlier in the thread.

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I think you'll find they have - take a look at BA photos on
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Old 4th Aug 2006, 22:24
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Don't forget net debt down by over 1 Billion ...
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 23:31
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Smile Thanks BA

Having just nearly f***ed up my wedding anniversary by getting my departure time at Gatwick for Prague wrong by 3 hours, I would just like to offer a big THANK YOU to BA, who, despite me having non-refundable tickets, offered me same day secured tickets from Heathrow, and saved my bacon!!
Well done, and EZ jet - look and learn about customer service.
Cheers BA!!!
(Oh & another point, you can make it from Gatwick to Heathrow in under 2 hours, but 4 days in the short stay car park at T1 will leave you crying at the cost (have a clean credit card!)).
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 10:11
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Actually easyJet have done the same for me - twice!!!!
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 10:14
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and ryanair for me
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 18:08
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So who exactly did you book the tickets with? a ticket discounter or ez jet because not sure why blaming ezy if you booked your tickets with a third party, surely it would be down to those who you booked with and not who is providing that service. Just curious

And also who do you think has been saving all the passengers from canceled ba flights..............hmmm i wonder, could it be ezy. think it goes round in circles!!
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Old 20th Aug 2006, 19:03
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What follows is an email I sent to BA customer services and never got a reply. Having flown EZY and EuroManx this week, I was amazed at their service compared to BA. Literally streets ahead.

this concerns an appalling lack of customer service on the flight noted. I arrived at 1830 at MAN for my 1940 flight. At 1845 I noticed that they had just started to board the 1710 flight. Realising there was a delay and knowing there was only one aircraft on that route I went to the enquiry desk. I had no luggage. I asked that, as there was a clear likelihood that there was going to be a considerable delay, whether I could be placed on that flight. I was told because I had a non flexible ticket, this couldn't be done. I asked about capacity, and was told there was capacity on the delayed 1710, but there was nothing that could be done. Clearly there was something that could be done, but it was chosen not to.

Had I turned up, and everything was on time, and there was no likelihood of my own flight being delayed, then I would have found it perfectly reasonable that my request was declined. However, when there is a forseeable delay, and there is an opportunity to transit a passenger early, then I consider there is a duty to take that action. This was a weather delay, so it wan't the companies fault, and not the pax' fault either. Some middle ground has to be arrived at.

The attitude of the staff on duty on the help desk was appalling. The BMI/AA staff on the next desk were aghast,watching the 'customer service performance of your staff. To tell a customer 'we're in the business of making money. Go and fly with Manx Airlines (sic) and see what happens to them' is beyond belief. This was a gentleman around 60 years old, wearing a jacket. His younger male colleague told me ' we've been on a training course, and people want consistency' Well, no they don't - when there is a way of helping, they want to get home.

Due to the Dash 8 we were meant to be going on going tech, we eventually departed at 2200. this was down to the hard work and 'can-do attitude of the engineers and aircrew. They were appalled at what was related to them and clearly embarrassed.

A number of years ago, Mercedes Benz started to do 'just enough' to put cars on the road. If you read the reliability problems, and destruction of customer loyalty, you will realise why they have started engineering cars properly again. BA can only dine out on its badge for so long.

I did not want any special treatment, and if I had gone to the desk to be told that they had already done this for a number of others, on a first come first served basis, just to get them home then I would have been happy.

The Isle of Man is a bit different, in that the passengers can't get a train or hire a car to get home.

Finally, I tried to ring 0870 850 9 850 twice. I gave up after six and five minutes respectively. This is atrocious.

I have effectively lost a day's work through this
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Old 20th Aug 2006, 20:20
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Typical response that you get from BA at Manchester. Most there, I am sad to say, have been in the job too long and they seem to be jealous of other people travelling.

I flew BA last week on a European flight to Heathrow. I got to the airport with a non-flexible ticket and asked if it was possible to get on the earlier flight which was an hour late and was still in. The BA staff said certainly and couldn't have been more helpful.

Where possible I always try and avoid Manchester. Much prefer Liverpool.
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Old 21st Aug 2006, 12:49
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I would not get use to this. They are indeed accomodating at LHR at the moment with all the hoo haa as there have been cancelled flights so they will try and get as many out on flights as they can. But to be honest, if you have chosen to buy an unflexible ticket they are well within their right to refuse you an earlier flight and you should not feel you have the right to complain! Just my opinion!
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I had no luggage. I asked that, as there was a clear likelihood that there was going to be a considerable delay, whether I could be placed on that flight. I was told because I had a non flexible ticket, this couldn't be done. I asked about capacity, and was told there was capacity on the delayed 1710, but there was nothing that could be done. Clearly there was something that could be done, but it was chosen not to.
You may well have received customer service that was not up to quality, however enforcement of ticketing rules is absolutely correct, even if so abysmally explained to you on the day. If however your arrival had been earlier, so that you were not checking in 25 minutes prior to the delayed departure time of that flight, something might have been achievable.

Furthermore, with security delays as they are, to expect to check in at 1845 for a delayed departure at 1910, while the remaining passengers on that flight are already screened and at the gate ready to go, while you are pre-screening and possibly a distance from the gate (especially if remote stand) is somewhat unrealistic.
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Travelling from the Isle of Man to outside the UK always involves two flights each way. People travelling for liesure with inflexible tickets usually allow several hours for connections in case of delay. They often arrive in time to be checked in for an earlier flight. Manx Airlines recognised its responsibility to the Isle of Man community and pax would be allowed to travel earlier if capacity permitted. In the case of BA total inflexibility prevails. I have even had staff laugh at me when I have asked. The problem is BA's completely inflexible rule book administered with no latitude or discretion. I would have some sympathy were pax trying to abuse the privilages of their ticket. When they make a reasonable request to travel earlier, freeing up a seat or two on the next rotation, it seems petty to refuse.

Incidently if you have to to pay the extra for two return tickets per pax it is no wonder inflexible ticketting is chosen.

I appreciate there must be added complications to changing flights under the present security arrangements. My comments are directed at the attitude which prevailed before, and no doubt will return when and if the some of the current tensions are relaxed.
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As an observation about IOM + BA, don't forget that they did not want the IOM and all of MANX - they wanted the four pairs of landing slots per day at EGLL. Nothing else was wanted and all of the subsequent bad service is just to run down the MANX routes until they can justify off loading them without it being too obvious as to why they bought the old airline.

Now, picking up a point that was discussed in this thread in April (yes, I am on the ball): MarkD
... why should overseas pax pay more than uk pax? The last time I checked, the BA fare YYZ-ORK-YYZ was always substantially higher than ORK-YYZ-ORK.
Yes and the LHR~JNB~LHR is more expensive than JNB~LHR~JNB. The short fact is that the carrier will charge whatever the market will bear. As I have understood this on a route that I and my family travel quite often ... the airlines know that the exchange rate for South Africans to European currencies are very high and, when they get over here, their costs will be high.

They also know that for the Europeans, when they get to South Africa, their costs will be low. So - they balance the flight costs accordingly and the Europeans are subsidising the South Africans but if this were not done, then the folks down South could not afford the seats and so the flights would not be viable. Whether this also applies to Canada, I do not know!

Between the UK and South Africa, all three main carriers do this, BA, SA, VS and I have yet to hear my theory challenged and proved wrong. I sit to be corrected.

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This ticketing is nothing new. A close family member flies regularly LHR-SFO-LHR, but her company's travel agency book her "Europe Destination (eg Berlin/CDG/etc)"-LHR-SFO-LHR-"Europe Destination", with breaks in LHR on both ways. Saves them at least 2k on a ticket at the sharp end, including a one way ticket from LHR-"Europe Destination".

Still, there are always going to be ways to cheapen a cost of a ticket.

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British Airways

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone knows how much British Airways charge when you want to change the dates which you have already booked?
I am looking at booking a flight(s) from london to Brisbane in Australia and the dates when i can travel both to and from Aus may be vulnerable to change.

I have had a look on the website but cant seem to find the info anywhere.

Many thanks

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It will depend on what sort of 'ticket' you have purchased. I believe a 'full fare' ticket can be changed at no cost, whereas a real 'cheapo' may not be changeable at all. I'm sure someone will be along shortly with the correct info, but best tell us the type of ticket?
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Just to let you know - there is an established British Airways thread in this forum currently on the next page so no need to start another.

The answer to your question is: How long is a piece of string? The price will depend upon (amongst other reasons):-
  1. The booking class of the ticket defines whether it can be changed at all.
  2. The booking class defines how much a change will cost.
  3. The difference between what you booked and what you want.
  4. How many seats are available on the flight/s that you now want.
The only way to find out is to visit the place where your ticket was issued. If you bought on-line direct from BA, then you will have to phone the BA customer service desk to find out.
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All BA public economy fares to Oz have the same penalty clause which says, basically, that it costs 50 for each transaction of change. Don't forget that it's the outbound part of your journey that governs which season the fare is in so if you change that outbound date and it falls into a different season you might have to pay more. Also assumption is that the same 'booking class' is available.
These days airlines try and make the rules 'simple' and as easy to follow as possible!

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Post The Independent " BA joins anti-BAA campaign"

By James Daley Published: 25 August 2006

British Airways joined the campaign to split up BAA's monopoly of Britain's largest airports yesterday, calling on the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to refer its inquiry into the UK airports sector to the Competition Commission.

Responding to the OFT's consultation, which was launched in June, the airline hit out at BAA, warning that air passengers would continue to get a sub-standard service until London Heathrow and London Stansted were under separate ownership.

BA's chief executive, Willie Walsh, said that both airports were in need of additional runway capacity, but claimed expansion had been held back "to suit the commercial needs of a monopoly owner. If we had separate owners, you'd have additional capacity coming into the market much quicker," he said.

The article continues.
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Interesting story PAXboy - do you think the timing (with regard to the change of ownership) is relevant?
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