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With Newquay or RAF ST. Mawgan being in the Southwest news a lot of late.

Air Southwest and Monarch are trying to get traffic to and from the southwest but not forgetting Mr O leary with Ryanair or though they have cut back.

The U.K. goverment are not helping in keeping the airport going,
it is a major airport for the southwest when you look at it geographicaly, it is a good location other.

When you look at the nearest commercial airports around Exeter Bristol and Plymouth they are a long way away.

When the airfield has warm sector conditions it will suffer from foggy conditions, but the airfield with the help of Mrs Windsors boys and girls will be there providing they do not pull out with radar and vectoring for the ils.

Providing the military do not pull out ,otherwise it might end up like Manston a very long runway and not many people to use it.

We would hope that Newquay is around for a very long time to come as i believe the old Brymon was one of the airlines to keep it back on the map long live BILL Bryce
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The news today is that the airport will be mothballed in 2007 and the EFA is going to Scotland.

I have posted on this in the Air Southwest thread but here goes again.

The airport ( civilian) is owned by the Council and they have only vague ideas about running the airport or how to develop it. The best case would be if the airport were sold to someone that does, someone that understands what other revenue the site can produce.

Newquay was on the map long long before Brymon, I worked for Westward Airways in 1966 which was possibly the forerunner of Brymon and even we were latecomers. You need to go back many years before that.

Newquay is not in an ideal position, if you live in the area of Cornwall east of say Bodmin it is almost as quick to go to Exeter. Not enough traffic can be generated from the rest of Cornwall to develop a significant and viable route newtork. It will always support a limited number of routes, especially to London if the night sleeper is cancelled, the airport has to make better use of the routes it does have and find other activities to bring in the cash. Never forget as well business is of course very seasonal.

There is plenty that can be done here but I feel nothing will change until the owners shape up or ship out.
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Groundhog, read the announcement carefully...

St Mawgan is not going to be "Mothballed" it is closing, and in all probablity the MoD will dispose of the site.

The Council do own the "Airport"... if by that you mean a terminal building, a hanger and a carpark, everything airside is MoD property (see above).

Civil flights into Newquay began well before 1966, way back in 1939 in fact with Western Airways using Trebelzue Airfield (which is now part of RAF St Mawgan).
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New bmibaby route to Manchester, all helps
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Don't know if they are just in middle of updating it, but bmibaby's website lists MAN-NQY as a new route, but don't yet seem to have told their booking engine! Anyone know the planned schedule?

** edited to say that it is now done. flight is daily, and even the first week of the school summer holidays look cheap.

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Snoop Newquay

I believe that Cornwall Council are short sighted and totally unable to run an international airport. First and formost the MOD will probably have to sell them the land with the runway and atc on and with the councils fiancial constraints that alone would be a problem without trying to find the running costs. They should have bit the bullet and gone whole heartedly into trying to get the JCA at St Mawgan and tried to slowly invest in the airport.Once again the unjustified wurzel gummidge image of people from the south west has been seen in the attitude of Cornwall County Council (not much up top).They deserve what they get.
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Footster - For someone who comes from Devon ( joke) you are spot on. Not only are the CCC totally incapable of doing anything productive about the airport but they are also have an arrogance I find astonishing. See if you can get them to reply to an e mail or letter.

I believe the call has gone out for the resignation of Cllr Whalley over the handling of this farce. Probably Conservative posturing but it has been a farce!

I have come across at least two ex airline C.E.O's retired down here plus other professionals from the industry who I know would assist but will the Council listen... will they @"?*
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Heard on the news last night that Ryanair is pulling out of Newquay. Any idea if anyone is going to take over the Stanstead route?
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Think what you heard was the morning flight is cancelled and the later one under review - aren't all flights always under review!

The Council spokesperson did say that he had received approaches from other airlines and I have no doubt that if Ryanair did pull out others would take their place quite quickly.

My guess is after the long cold winter they will be back to twice daily.
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As mentioned on another thread Air Wales seem to be about to launch ORK-NQY.
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Announced on local teletext this morning - wish them well with it.
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Ryan Air have been pulling out of NQY for a while now and it is all to do with the onset of 5 charges to all outgoing passengers by the CCC. This is a redevelopment fund they call it. Last I heard Ryan were pulling 5 flights from NQY. Whilst I don't live down there I do holilday in Newquay and these new arrivals will give me another reason to visit the old air base

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You can't book the Stansted Ryanair service after March it seems... What bloody fools politicians can be.
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Don't worry too much as you can't book any flights out of BOH after saturday 26th March. They haven't loaded up the summer schedule yet.

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I know its early days since the Goverment announced the closure of St. Mawgan but according to Cornwall County Council they had airlines banging on their door to operate flights from Newquay. All that has happened is Ryan Air have cancelled the morning Stanstead Flight, Air Southwest have added a couple of flights along with one from Air Wales. Well CCC if thats the size of it then CCC really are out to play with the fairies.
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bmibaby will be doing flights on a daily basis to Newquay from Durham Tees Valley & Manchester for summer 2006, although the airline has pulled the daily flights from Birmingham. I'm not BHX based so have no idea about loads or profitability, but would've thought that it was a nice little route for predominantly leisure pax as I believe it was once daily. is offline  
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Angel BILL Bryce

Sorry to be sooo nieve, but who was/is BILL Bryce...?

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ASCIL REF Bill Bryce

Bill Bryce was the person who founded Brymon I believe back in the 80.s i think.
He was either Australian or a New Zealander.
Back in the early days of there operation they had a twin otter aircraft with the registration G-BWRB the last three letters standing for William R Bryce,
Hope this clears this up
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Thanks "Matey"
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Bill Bryce

Bill Bryce was indeed was a New Zealander. Sadly he past away last year after a long illness in his homeland . If my memory serves me right he started Brymon flying Britten Norman Islander aircraft out of Plymouth and using a Handley Page Herald on the Newquay- Heathrow service. He was one of the founders for using STOL aircraft first the DHC6 Twin Otter and then being the first airline to fly a DHC Dash 7 into the London Docklands on a trial flight and eventually selling his share in Brymon to concentrate on the construction and running of the London Docklands Airport. Regional air travel has alot to thank Bill Bryce for.
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