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BACX ....whats happening?

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BACX ....whats happening?

Old 22nd Jul 2005, 17:46
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BACX ....whats happening?

>104 pilots resigned ( either left or working notice since January)
>Poor Management visibility
>Flawed RJ re-location to EDI strategy
>Diabolical trip planning and even worse rostering

Whats is going on? discuss
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Old 22nd Jul 2005, 17:50
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Situation normal ...... although you could probably say that for every other airline in the UK...
Old 22nd Jul 2005, 20:44
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There are many sim rides and interviews for BACX pilots over the next few weeks, you can expect that number (104) to increase.

Rumours are that the EDI move isn't going ahead, the IOM and INV BAe146s are to stay, SWISS want to exchange some Embraer145s for some of BACX's RJ100s, and the leases on the Dash 8s haven't been renewed.

Since the 2005 Business Plan was announced it's been a balls-up from start to finish.

If year-after-year they direct people from LHS to RHS, from one fleet to another and from one base to another - they shouldn't be surprised when pilots start leaving in such numbers. Best of luck to all ex-BACX pilots.
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Old 23rd Jul 2005, 01:43
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The Swiss thread mentioned the ERJ/6xARJ swap but that it was abandoned in favour of four (probably rusty if form is any guide) Turkish ARJs.
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Old 24th Jul 2005, 07:10
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The unique and puzzling aspect to the never ending downward spiral of CX is that the architects of its creation and progressive destruction thereafter appear to enjoy the full confidence of BA still after five years.

Every single business plan (we are now on to at least number six) has failed. The operational management they leant us from BA (now thankfully returned) was by common consensus an absolute disaster- the individuals concerned lacking even basic man management skills.

The solution to every single failed business plan has been to cut , cut and cut again. If DE and co have any inspirational vision as to exactly where they are leading us then they certainly are good at keping the secret from us. What is apparent is that the baby has on most occasions gone out with the bath water.
Look at Air South West. This operation was handed on a subsidised plate to Sutton Harbour who have laughed all the way to their bank ever since.
Look at the J41 gift to Eastern complete with a 27 million pound subsidy!
Look at the deal with Loganair.

At a time where progressive and driven airlines are showing signs of aggressively fighting towards a future with new fleets, routes and recruiting, the pilot community at CX has the enduring impression that our one solution CEO (who does not even acknowledge his pilots when he walks past them in the terminal) is being allowed to hold on to his job when the reality is that he should not be in charge of a corner shop.

For the sake of all of us Wille.......RETIRE THE MAN!! before it is too late.
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Old 24th Jul 2005, 08:02
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The feelings about the senior management at BACX doesn't stop at the pilots and flying types.

Engineering are severely disgruntled along with many of the support staff. It would be so nice to follow the rest of the world and have a business plan that relied on FORWARD progress instead of cuts and savings.

We have two types due to leave the airline - Dash 8's and 146's. The company has changed it's mind on the 146's several times and seems incapable of even making a decision on the Dash's at all.

If they both go, where's the spare capacity? Whats going to happen to routes like IOM-MAN etc?

People seem to be leaving and not being replaced. Is this a WW ploy to emaciate BACX prior to dumping it?

The mushroom syndrome is alive and well and thriving on BACX soil!!

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Old 24th Jul 2005, 09:19
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Of interest how many staff do BACX have because WW's target or more correctly RE's target is still thousands and I cannot see that CX will contribute greatly. As I always say to you guys be assured that the organisation at Waterworld is no clearer.
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Old 24th Jul 2005, 18:00
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On good authority the remit of the CEO includes using CX as a proving ground for theories and models etc. Isn't he doing just that?

Maybe it is better to get it wrong at CX before trying to fit it to BA? How many agree?
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Old 25th Jul 2005, 11:05
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BACX is one of the top 3 priorities for WW, based on the cumulative and continuing anacceptable losses. Unfortunately the biggest stumbling block is TUPE, because dozens of airlines (and a start-up or two) would willingly take on a very high proportion of the routes if they weren't hamstrung by TUPE implications of having to accept current salaries and T & C's of both flight crew and cabin crew. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities of making a success out of the BACX network, but it would have to be on the basis of a complete blank piece of paper (just like Air SouthWest)
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Old 25th Jul 2005, 12:36
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I have to say that the negative comments that are posted on PPRuNe as well as discussing CitiExpress with a number of crew based at BHX, it has really put me off applying to them. Everyone seems to be very upbeat in their work & extremely friendly towards those interested in working there (comme moi!) but the biggest downside that seems to be causing everyone grief is the appaling management. If someone could PM me who works there, I'd be interested in getting a fuller picture!

Back to the topic in hand ... how are BACX performing on their network at the moment and is BA investing in the company? A dickie-bird told me that because CX wasn't performing well, they weren't getting a lot of money in from big daddy down in London. Shame, because it would be nice to see more Embraers ... whether more 145s or the much spoken of but never seen EMB-170/190 aircraft!
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Old 25th Jul 2005, 15:22
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I agree with you in some respects. It's better to try and bounce ideas about cutbacks and money saving on 2500 employees rather than 40,000+.

see your point
Old 26th Jul 2005, 21:09
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BACX management surely have hidden agendas.
Unfortunately for us poor soles who still "work" there, that's exactly what they are.....Hidden!

We are constantly told by our "management" team that such sensitive information isn't available to them and even if it was, it couldn't be divulged to such insignificants as the pilot workforce.

Our future personal plans and life changing decisions rest on having some grasp of the future of our company (if indeed there is one) and so cannot be addressed with any degree of certainty.

One thing shines through like a beacon in the night.....

forget running an airline, these people couldn't run a bath!
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Old 28th Jul 2005, 19:00
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Whats happened to the announcement about the route cuts in line with the most recent size and shape plan ?
Rumour had it,it should of happened today ?
The union were briefed last week about it.
Anybody have any idea whats happening now?
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Old 29th Jul 2005, 12:17
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Route cuts

6 Routes from MAN and 2 from BHX to be axed.
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Old 29th Jul 2005, 12:55
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Can you expand on that?
Are they routes they have much competition on

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Old 29th Jul 2005, 13:06
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I know an insider who is CX manager at BHX who believes that the only cuts will affect MAN indeed 25% of CX capacity is to be removed from MAN
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Old 29th Jul 2005, 20:06
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Is BRS still the most profitable CX station?
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Old 1st Aug 2005, 19:55
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Why do pilots stress about management? Why do pilots care about corporate strategy? I didn't sign up to even think about these things. I enjoy working at CX. I don't give management a second thought and hopefully they don't about me. I have a very stable roster pattern and the money is ok. I know some guys experiences are different but I can only say it as i see it!
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Old 1st Aug 2005, 21:02
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You must be fat dumb and happy of BHX then. The only base not to be affected by FSS 1- 20. I do hope you will be able to maintain this happy contented warm glowing feeling when your turn arrives.
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Old 1st Aug 2005, 21:05
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I don't give management a second thought and hopefully they don't about me.
"Second thought"?!!

XRJ - they don't give a flying fk about you!
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