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GerhardSteenkamp 15th Oct 2021 12:27

Immigration Agencies for US EB-2 NIW Visas.
Hi There all,

Can anyone share any recommended, trustworthy Agencies, Consultancies or Lawyers that could assist in evaluation a candidate for the eligibility for a Green Card on the EB-2 NIW Visa?

I am a little weary of everything that I find on Google, as most of it seems to be phishing sites that just want to harvest your personal information.

Feel free to reply by clicking on my name for an email link.
Thanks in Advance.

Regards from the Okavango Delta.

B2N2 15th Oct 2021 22:38

Your inbox is full.
Send me your email and I’ll forward it to the party involved.

losbol 22nd Oct 2021 12:30

Same here
Good afternoon Can you also relay that information via pm to me? I had the same experience as mr Steenkamp. I find it challenging to get the right information. I am a dutch citizen, living in South america, but with work experience in Africa ;)
Thanks in advance!!

T/O after nine 13th Nov 2021 15:10

Hi B2N2
Could you please send me the information as well concerning a good lawyer for application of US EB-2 NIW Green card?

Thanks a lot.

B2N2 13th Nov 2021 19:16

I can highly recommend pineslaw.com out of Miami.

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