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a320-- 11th Jan 2021 19:12

VFly Air Ghana
Anybody have any knowledge of this airline?

Its advertised for Captains positions on FlyGosh.


pfvspnf 13th Jan 2021 12:44

Cabin crew or he is pilot ? Author now ? Wait till the elections are over and if Museveni stays in power better luck over there than in Ghana

UL505 20th Jan 2021 00:49

They are bad. They don't even have the AOC and no Aircrafts you gotta be real stupid to pay blindly. When you question them about their operation, their AOC and aircraft orders they get pissed off and this is how they answer you.

This airline doesn't even exist. They only have a business registration. Still no AOC from the Civil Aviation so what if the civil aviation refused to the AOC? How you going to get your money back? From Ghana or Vietnam?

Where are their airplanes? Still haven't purchased yet hahahha... if you are pilot be like a pilot and act like one.

These guys want your money first nothing else.
Andy is a child crook. Stay far far away or else you will regret

zepekinio 21st Jan 2021 00:42

There is no such thing in Ghana called Vflyair
Itís a scam.

pfvspnf 23rd Jan 2021 02:29

how can I pay them ? Western union expensive

UL505 23rd Jan 2021 17:27


100% correct.

Tiyara 5th Feb 2021 17:46

100% scammers

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