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outabounds 24th Mar 2018 18:15

Pilot jobs Flysafair
Aparantly Flysafair on a huge recruitment drive.
Great opertunity to get on a jet early, get good hours, fast!

Not too sure on the working conditions, I hear very low morale and not even pocket money as a salary, but hey, get the hours and move !

Anyone else Have any gen ?

Contact Approach 25th Mar 2018 20:53

"Huge recruitment drive", "very low moral", "not even pocket money as a salary".

Modern day slavery at it's finest.

Deskjocky 27th Mar 2018 07:37

Add to that a hefty bond that takes a long time to wind down, I heard 8 years?? However if u want a lot of hours fast and are prepared to pay back the bond at the end because you wont stay the full term, and of course be able to support yourself on the salary.....then go for it.

Mango and Comair seem to have developed a taste for Safair type rated crew of late, the pay gap can go a long way to paying off that safair bond :}

Sky Goose 9th Aug 2018 09:31


Im thinking of applying to FlySafair as a DEC, anyone got any idea on the package they offer, cant find anything on the web.
Im a skipper on the NG with 5000 PIC.

thanks in advance.

Saffa_pilot 13th Aug 2018 13:23

Hi Sky Goose,

Things at Safair are slowly but surely improving. Morale is a lot better than a few months ago and since the salary increases everyone is a lot happier. Sure, yes the salaries could be better, but at the end of the day, the airline is only 3 years old and growing very nicely. At least in these turbulent economic times job security is definitely a draw card.

Training is really good and so is aircraft serviceability in general. As far as the roster is concerned, you will spend every night in your own bed and contrary to popular belief, average 60 to 75 block hours a month.

PM me if you like for any further information.

Shrike200 22nd Aug 2018 19:01

Wow, this login still works.

Anyway, I hear a whole bunch of Comair people actually went for interviews at Safair! Well.....ten, or something like that. There's definitely one person making the move already though, going from F/O to Captain I think, so it makes sense with Comair's horrible in comparison time to command. And two Captains who timex'd out of Comair now fly for Safair too, but that's a different story. How's that for a turnaround! Comair's quality of life is abysmal I hear right now, with lots of hotel time away from home, always brutal on the family. So sleeping at home is a pull. 60 - 75 hours is also less work than Comair, who seem to be up at 75-80 according to what I know. I guess Safair seems to have worked out that they don't want to be the 'Comair pilot training pool' company. With a faster time to command, better money in the short term assuming quicker command with the associated salary, it sounds like it's looking up for them.


Oddball77 12th Sep 2018 14:59

What sort of money are we talking about at Safair?

Ghost_Rider737 18th Sep 2018 11:32

8k USD gross for a Captain

Breakthesilence 29th Oct 2018 22:46

Originally Posted by Ghost_Rider737 (Post 10251813)
8k USD gross for a Captain

What are the average salary deductions in South Africa with no special claims for family, children etc.? In simple words, how much money you keep in your pockets from the 8K USD gross?

Saffa_pilot 30th Oct 2018 07:24

From 8k USD, you would pocket around 5k after deductions.

cavortingcheetah 30th Oct 2018 10:55

Cigarette packet take off = +- 33%.
It might not be applicable but be warned though, SA income tax system will change very soon and there will be no such thing as a self determined non resident ex pat pilot. In effect, if you want to go offshore you will have to apply for financial exit. That will not be a problem to obtain but on the date that comes into effect all your world wide property, save only South African fixed property, will be assessed for CGT and you will have to pay the CGT. The likelihood is that you will have to sell assets to meet that bill.
These regulations can be found on SARS website and others too. They are specifically designed to counter South Africans who work in low tax jurisdictions and who, on the not too distant future, will be liable for full SA taxes.


The Visionary 20th Feb 2019 20:45

Hey Saffa, sent you a pm. I am interested and was seeking some info. I have previos Africa experience and 737 typed. Thank you.

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