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LimaVictor 3rd May 2015 05:44

Ethiopean infos.
Does anyone have any infos about the ethiopean offer ?
It sounds pretty good, 20/10 working pattern, confirmed tickets to/from home and 175K a year.
Any insider infos and tips would be highly appreciated.

galwaypilot 3rd May 2015 07:07

Ethiopean infos.
175k per annum? Is that in some African currency?!!:-P

Ansett737 3rd May 2015 09:03

Ethiopean infos.
Check archives, several threads about them!

cpnkirk59 8th May 2015 15:37

It's not $175k. That includes housing allowance (for use in Addis), per diem, etc. The actual base pay is much less.

A number of pilots at my current employer have left, for Ethiopian. Essentially, I have received the same info, you mentioned. No one want to say how much they are making currently ( for base pay). Ethiopian is supposedly paying salary during training - not for sure. Also, they give you a residency card - if you are paying US taxes, this allows you to defer taxes on the first $97,000 (approx).

The one captain started on the B777 and was recently x-trained on the B787. Another pilot, "supposedly" is being hired directly into the 787.

Housing allowance in the compensation, will allow you and a few other pilots to rent a house and maid service. It doesn't cover all the food costs (you don't receive per diem in Addis - only on your trips). There are many good places to eat in Addis Ababa - some western, some ethnic. But, they charge pretty close to Western prices; so, the Expat crews will bring a suitcase of food with them.

Trimaranus 16th May 2015 07:38

Sorry guys, lots of wrong info here.
the salary depends on the fleet you are assigned. the lowest is on 737, the highest on 777.
the contract is 20/10 with the option of 25/12 and is signed for 1 to 3 years renewable.
perdiem are paid for the all 20 days, whether you are in addis or flying. It s always 60 usd a day for a total of 1200 usd.
Housing allowance is paid in ETH BIR and is the equivalent of 1250 usd.
House rent in Addis abeba (expecially in Bole, the airport area) is crazy. and if you don't share a house with someone you definitely add some money from your own pocket.
At the moment only ethiopian crew have a x-qualification on 777/787 but this will be probably done with expats as well in the future, may be with a training bond. (no expats on 787 at the moment)
on 777 the annual salary excluding perdiem is 118.800 usd
on 737 is 85800 usd
Vacation is 14 days/year so you can make max 24 days in a row.
All these information are not confidential and they also can be found on many recruitment agencies websites

WrldWide 17th May 2015 14:43

Thanks for the update. Had up until your post, considered ET an option but will now remove them from my list. Currently ME3 777 cap looking at options.

linkebungu 17th May 2015 16:51

I Was under the impression that ex-pat Captains were getting the 777 freighter. Is that not true?

QCM 17th May 2015 18:54

Good post Trim.
What about not being paid during training,and eventually everlasting training requiring going through each destination? Rumors? Facts? Thanks for objective answer.

Trimaranus 18th May 2015 10:58

Expats cpt now fly both cargo and pax but for some (unknown reason) they do not fly to US as only ethiopians do.
Pay during training: used to be like that (no base salary till released) but know i think is changed, but not sure 100% sorry.

captplaystation 23rd May 2015 20:44

I read on another thread that you are paid, but retrospectively after the training. . . . . . better have some cash when you join (and pass the training if you want to be around to claim )

Better, but still not really on. . . . . :=

cpnkirk59 17th Oct 2015 20:07

Any New info?
I've been following the Ethiopian thread for a while. I'm at a point, where I'd like to apply(DEC B777 Capt).

Is there anyone, that has updated information? Still hearing "great things" about the contract (and crazy rumors!). I'd appreciate any updated information.


Masagemarad 20th Oct 2015 13:37

Stay away the B777 is a a waste of time i was just there really hard to commute as you lose two days of commuting from the US as the flight that goes from Washington IAD is an early morning flight you have to get there the night before.
There is no Business Class as they advertise they stick you in the back of the plane.
They do not like westerners there and they will try to bust you in the simulator for eval. The B767 sim is inop no money to repair it Captains flying the 767 are going past there six months and getting waivers to continue flying. they stick you in a B737 simulator that is not maintained to standards. They will put in a forty knot crosswind to mess you up and fast forward the ground speed.
The hotel is out in the middle of no where as they recently just changed it is a one star at best. No AC or Heat in the rooms or building.
While I was there one of the other crew members interviewing got there Iphone stolen.
The Medical clinic where you do your physical is not sanitary at all better have all your shots or you may catch something, they reuse alot of testing equip without cleaning.

They also do not reimburse you for your visa as they also say.

Taylor01 20th Oct 2015 22:01

Completely wrong!
Business class (we call it cloud nine) every time we go home. I have been here a year now and it is just fine. If you really need some info and are considering coming here feel free to pm me and when I check this site again I will respond. You get full pay reimbursed once you finish the short training period. From start to finish usually less than 1 month. The 777 is great, you can work as much or as little as you want to, meaning you follow the regs to the T. You get a roster every month, but keep in mind it will change!!! The above post about pay is correct, it depends on the A/C. Housing is in ET dollars but easy to change to USD and you per diem goes into your home account with your month pay. On time every month unless a holiday messes it up. Come with an open mind. There is no air conditioning or heating in any place here because the temperature is very nice. You are coming to a country that is not what we are used to so, yes the clinic leaves a little to be desired but nothing different than you would get in any other third world. And as far as the sim goes if you come in here with a good attitude if is a breeze, the guys are friendly and if you can not land in a 40 kt cross wind, first I have heard of this, I wouldn't want you as my Captain anyway! Good luck to you my friends...oh yeah the are now about 175 expats here and another 70+ to come. They are very friendly to us. Petty crime happens here like anywhere but if you walk down in dim lit street in the West you will be lucky if that is all that happens!

Woldo777 10th Nov 2015 09:26

thanks Taylor
Hi Taylor, I wrote a email to you! I would be happy for more Info!

STOCKMAN 22nd Nov 2015 16:45

Been with Ethiopian for a while now so thought I would update this thread.


Very friendly people to be around.
Except for petty thefts Addis is safe for Expats.
Temperature is good through out the year. A little pollution but not too bad.
The company treats you good. No complaints.
The contract is honored ( except for below)
The money gets to your account on time and correct amount every month.
99% FOs would rather fly with you then the local Capt. They are friendly to you and unless you are a total jerk you will like the cockpit environment.
The cabin crew are friendly and competent.
20/10 or 25/12 schedule.
Confirmed. Buisness class seats on your GDO every time. The 777 have the full flat seats now.
14 days Annual leave @ 2 days per month. I take all 14 days every year in combination with the GDO.
Pay is per aircraft type etc etc.
The housing allowance covers your hotel or shared apartment.


This is One of the poorest countries in Africa. Therefore please do not expect western standards in housing food sanitation transport. Etc etc. though Addis has adequate infra structure restaurant. Etc. it's not a bad city at all.
Ethiopia is a single party socialist country. The government controls everything
Time magazine this month had Ethiopia as the No1 country for Internet censorship.
The CAA, Ethiopian airlines , the government all are one and the same thing.


Initial sim training for the 777 is a breeze. 737/757/767 could be a nightmare. ( 6 737 captains in last year alone I know off did not make it through the 3rd day of sim)
All said and done. If you want to fly within legal duty period limits with legal rest periods.....this company is probably not for you. The constant calls from scheduling will result in Either
a. You will quit as soon as you can find another Gig
B. You will snap and they will fire you
C. You will fight every day to stay legal and the chief pilot will have you on speed dial. Then your contract will not be renewed.
D. A few months and you can't take it anymore. You will quit without the next gig lined up and no job.

Either way it will be a short stay.

Want to fly 150 hrs a month. ( some do...) and make lots of overtime money. This company needs you. :ok:

Just my two cents for those looking into joining here.

linkebungu 2nd Dec 2015 17:11

STOCK, what kind of routes are you flying? Are only nationals crewing the USA legs?

STOCKMAN 5th Dec 2015 15:45

Mostly the locals get the USA trips. Once in a long while you might get that trip.

The locals are not paid much. Way less than you and me.
They are paid per diem on the lay overs. We are paid per diem for everyday that we are available for work.
Therefore any trip that involves per deim and a layover. The locals will fight for it

The scheduling dept is inefficient and corrupt.
Therefore as an expat you will get a few of these trips just because the scheduler screwed up or the local Capt fell sick or any such combination thereof.
Every few months or so they loose a cabin crew here and there to desertion. So they really don't want an expat around those times.

Hope this helps

linkebungu 8th Dec 2015 04:20

Does that leave ex-pats with relatively shorter trips to Europe or Southern Africa? Or is it even stuck to mostly quick turns, i.e. Luanda and back in a day?

Mostly freight? Mostly pax? Good mix of the two?

EDIT: Thanks for the all the replies thus far, good info

SEEDA 8th Dec 2015 05:44

Thanks Tayor
Hi taylor,

Thanks for the Info, I wrote you an email. I appreciate any extra information.


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