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CaptHaddock 5th Feb 2014 13:18

Rainbow Air Charters Kenya
has anybody heard of this company?
Kenya Tanzania Private Air taxi Charter Services,book a Charter Jet Travel Air Safari Flying Safaris in East Africa Air Kenya - Private Air Charters East Africa with air charter company Kenya

where do they operate from?

perceval 5th Feb 2014 15:42

Looks like a fake website . The aircraft seem to be from KSF / Kenya Aeronav . Lots of typos and errors . Stay away . Maybe report it to KSF or KCAA . Loads of those things appearing from time to time .

Rat Catcher 5th Feb 2014 18:24

Perhaps someone should tell Martin:ugh:

CaptHaddock 5th Feb 2014 19:04

truecaller shows "Kagiri" as the name behind the phone number....
I wonder....

daladaladriver 8th Feb 2014 08:55

What's going on in Kenya?! Have the Nigerians setup scam shops on the east side?

FLYDHC8 8th Feb 2014 09:16

What's going on in Kenya?! Have the Nigerians setup scam shops on the east side?
So other people are not capable of being scammers too? With that mindset no wonder more people are still getting scammed. "It can only be the Nigerians all the time". :ugh:

pyote 8th Feb 2014 13:42

Looks like the same aircraft advertised on their website

Seems legit!

Looks like the same aircraft advertised as a Seneca on their website. Looks like it's a "Baron" owned by a flight school and it crashed!

daladaladriver 8th Feb 2014 16:32

Fact: Nigerians are pioneers of internet scams... just like Somalis pioneered new age pirating... so making such an assumption isn't a stretch

FLYDHC8 8th Feb 2014 18:06

Agreed, it is a fact that they were the pioneers but at the moment are not the only ones involved in it, but still get all the blame. Maybe that is why internet scam is still on the increase because other people are getting away with it while the Nigerians take the blame.

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