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E145Captain 30th Sep 2012 19:14

Macson Petro Nigeria
A friend of mine recently received an offer to fly for a company called Macson Petro in Nigeria. However some clauses on the offer are looking strange. Does anybody knows something about this company? Or just a new form of scam?

The Ancient Geek 30th Sep 2012 19:33

Almost certainly another SCAM in the long series of similar ones documented here.
The scammers just keep coming back.

babisiliop 30th Sep 2012 19:54

Mascon Company
When did he get the offer?What type is gone fly?

Metro man 1st Oct 2012 00:56


Do a search for the thread on Petro Drilling.

always flying 1st Oct 2012 07:56

Here you go ERJ, its a scam, here's a link from an international fraud website that watches out for things like this. Now don't be shocked as its Nigeria, and remember the old saying, "there's no such thing as a good deal"

MACSON PETRO LIMITED / Fake Job Scam Fraud - Fraudwatchers

Ghost_Rider737 1st Oct 2012 10:04

Nigeria :=:mad:

babisiliop 8th Oct 2012 07:34

Any further info related to Mucson company?
I had a brief tel interview and they told me,they will send me the contract.
Any opinions?

The Ancient Geek 8th Oct 2012 10:11

Run away and hide.

It's a SCAM

babisiliop 8th Oct 2012 10:45

Very efficient opinon,thanks

ruiz007 18th Oct 2012 00:59

There is no such company in Nigeria. This is a Nigerian Scam!

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