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benalwa 18th Feb 2017 16:49

Yeah indeed they were re calling the older 777 captains to man the 737 and 787 fleet. So you are right in some way.
Sadly the pilots resigning are the younger Captains who still have many a year to give to KQ. From what i gather the greatest attrition has been on the E190 and the 737 which is why this hiring process. And if we do have a shortage of about 40-60 pilots on the current fleet as it stands (50 % being E jets). Simple extrapolation will make me bet E-jet.

e190kq 6th Mar 2017 10:39

summoned 14th.

benalwa 6th Mar 2017 11:15

Yeap 14th it is man.

Alphatangotango 6th Mar 2017 15:55

Hi Jockeys,
This year KQ will be recruiting a lot to replace last year's attrition. As at 31st Dec 2016 KQ had lost 83 pilots! The most affected fleet is the B737. So polish up on your knowledge base and get ready to fly the Pride high.

Kaizibe 7th Mar 2017 00:51

e190kq and benalwa congrats for stage 1 invitations.

What sort of experience ans TT hrs did you guys have at the time of application?

254HEAVY 7th Mar 2017 02:30

There is movements of B737 pilots to B787 and vise vasa from E190 Pilots to B737. Some of the E190 pilots could be bypassed straight to B787 like what happed to the previous lot. Until all this is sorted that's when newbies will start training or else the training department will be chaotic and they can't loose too many pilots from one fleet to the other.

e190kq 7th Mar 2017 04:02

kaizibe I have 300tt including 30 hrs sim time which they insisted does not count. That leaves me with 270tt.

jameselevun 7th Mar 2017 12:18

Let us see how it goes, excited about this new development from the pride

Kaizibe 8th Mar 2017 20:44

Originally Posted by e190kq (Post 9698093)
kaizibe I have 300tt including 30 hrs sim time which they insisted does not count. That leaves me with 270tt.

Thanks for your reply. That's promising that they have invited all that meet the minimums. Wish you and everyone who have applied all the best!

kibz2005 13th Mar 2017 17:41

Anybody on tomorrow?

ngarenjoka 15th Mar 2017 18:23

Direct Entry
Ive been summoned for Friday 17th :sad:

benalwa 16th Mar 2017 08:43

For those going in Friday this is what i got to keep the thread going.
Please make sure you bring along your National ID card as indicated in the email from KQ (not passport). The test is conducted by KAF and they wont allow you into the barracks minus a national ID (to them a passport is not an ID, funny indeed)

Bridging courses are not accepted by KQ(3 guys were sent away on wednesday). If you dont meat the bench mark grades its gonna be kinda difficult.
Bring along some water for your self and a snack maybe, nothing is served at the barracks for strangers. The tests will be completed at about 4pm, with a 5 minutes break in between; and i mean five minutes not 5 minutes 1 second.

For the girls who are short and they wanna hit 5.4 which is minimum, get your self a good hair style that gives you a couple of inches. 2 ladies were bundled out at 5.38.

The test itself is high school stuff, just simple arithmetic but time is an issue. Its the general science paper thats got some high school chemistry e.g Effect of alkali on litmus, which metal burns brightest in oxygen, composition of a nickel cell, how to remove hardness in water, which direction does a magnet point when its freely suspended?, which metal reacts to formm sulphur dioxide. Thats as far as my memory serves me.
For mechanical reasoning a wrong answer is = -0.5, you rather not guess anything.

For Math, familiarize yourself with relative velocity, its gonna help you a great bunch.

Thats all folks. Wish you success.

Female Capi 16th Mar 2017 08:54

Thank you for the insight @benalwa

Optimum Flap 16th Mar 2017 13:50

Thanks for the info benalwa. Sounds like it was full on day for you guys.

I always knew that one day, knowing the effect on litmus would come in handy.

All the best to all who are attending their interviews.

jameselevun 17th Mar 2017 07:41

Day one was really long, time management is of the essence, all the best to those sitting their aptitude tests today, we will meet next week God willing :-)

2454 17th Mar 2017 08:19

Hello guys. So basically to those who went for the aptitude interview. What type of questions came in hand and was math straight forward paper?

benalwa 17th Mar 2017 08:25

@optimum flap, Yeah it was a full house mate. 46 guys sat for the aptitude on Wednesday. KQ said they are planning to have us come in for the psychometric next week. They are under a tight schedule to complete these tests within a minimum time i.e by April and indeed there is lots of movement from the E190 to B737 and B787 to create slots for the new recruitees. I am guessing most of us will end up on the E190 after all. And i pray all of us are taken guys. For the guys going in today, kindly pass on what transpires. Cheers guys.

254HEAVY 18th Mar 2017 09:22


Well done lad for sharing day 1 experiences! Wish you all the best and hope the rest will take the effort and share their experiences too.

benalwa did they tell you what sort of numbers they are looking to fill in?

benalwa 18th Mar 2017 11:21

254 heavy..
You've been really insightful in this forum. We appreciate it. Keep the fire burning.
- Numbers were not mentioned though..

Turbokite 19th Mar 2017 06:18

If they are looking at replacing the numbers that left to the sandpit, then they should be looking at recruiting about 70 to 80 pilots.

Unfortunately as 254 mentioned, a lot of the attrition came from the left seat, and i doubt many of the current senior FOs have the prerequisite qualification to upgrade to the left if any.

All the best to you guyz, the pride is really a good company to work for as a pilot.

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