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cessnacap 28th Nov 2019 15:03

Hi guys,
First, let me tell you thanks for all information on this thread, really appreciated !

Now, I need your opinion about my situation.

I have 1450 TT, 450 Multi PIC on C310R. Autumm 2020, I will go with to Bostwana to see how is really this place and make sure it's possible for me and my wife to live here. My goal to find a job is January 2021. I will prospect during our first trip too. My goal is to fly C208 but i'm not in a hurry, just live this adventure.
Summer 2020, I have the possibility to fly C310R ( about 100 hours) OR C182RG ( possibility 150 hours). My question is: Which one would you recommand to me ? Flying C182RG and gain experience on this plane (similar C206) give me more opportunity ?

Thanks for your help !

Climb150 29th Nov 2019 02:12

Some companies require experience in a 206 or 210. Im not sure if this is due to most applicants having less than 500 hours or if its a company requirement.

Some experience in a high wing cessna (182) could be a benefit if you havent flown one before.

Maybe contact the main companies by phone and ask what their minimums are.

The Ancient Geek 29th Nov 2019 13:40

Some time in a C206 and in a GA8 would certainly help as these are the common types.

cessnacap 1st Dec 2019 14:33

Climb150 and The Ancient Geek Thanks !

Since a week, I'm in contact with compagny for 206 and 208 :O paradrop

To be continued..

Bushdodge 1st Dec 2019 19:52

310 vs 182 probably won't make a difference. I'd suggest you go for the 310 for slightly better job chances in some countries when you leave Maun. The companies here don't care about the types you've flown, just what the labour department say - it was only a few years ago we were all putting any 200hr pilot into any aircraft that needed a pilot.

Everyone falls into one of a few categories now:

1. You have less than 500hrs = you won't get a job. No exceptions.
2. You have more than 500hrs, have never flown a C206, C210, GA8 and have no turbine time = some companies will be interested but your options are limited and only getting worse as time goes on.
3. You have more than 500hrs and HAVE flown a C206, C210, GA8 and have no turbine time = your options are getting better and half the companies will be interested, some might even want to put you on a C208 straight away.
4. You have more than 500hrs, with turbine time but not on a C208 = you're not a common type and no one knows exactly what will happen when they apply for your work permit. Probably send an email to OAR and hope for the best.
5. You have more than 500hrs and have flown a C208 = you will be offered a job.

It's pretty straight forward really. You fall into a category and take your chances.....

abezzi 3rd Dec 2019 08:37

I will suggest you to not waste your time on a 182, and this is because here in Maun nowadays the bigger company have only Caravan and only the smallest ones still have only Airvan; very few 206 left in town. The best thing you can do to have a very good chances to get a job here is to get a C208 rating/endorsement in your licence

cessnacap 4th Dec 2019 13:43

Bushdodge Thanks ! Easy to visualize :ok:

Abezzi thanks for info. I must have C208 rating but hours on Caravan will count ? I'll not have to do PPC for paradrop so :}

Glassos 27th Mar 2020 15:27

How are the bush operators holding up in the current environment?

abezzi 30th Mar 2020 08:18

Everything is shut down...

gerpols 24th Apr 2020 16:57

Everything still shut down ?
Sitrep please.

abezzi 25th Apr 2020 11:56

Yes, only Medevac and few flights a week to replenish food to the staff left on the camps

chowder 8th Jul 2020 10:59

Whats the news? Any operations going on?

abezzi 19th Jul 2020 10:35

Still nothing...until South Africa open the borders again it will be impossible to have tourist up here...

pil_dyl 14th Dec 2020 19:44

Is there any update on hiring and vaccine rollout?

Thank you in advance!

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