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Pilot Positive 2nd Apr 2010 11:59

Pentro Drilling Nigeria
Does anyone have any experiences/information they could share with regards the above outfit? What type of multi-crew fixed wing & rotary aircraft do they have? And what registration are they operating under.

Cheers :ok:

biggestboy 2nd Apr 2010 12:47

Never heard of them...

Dont pay any money for admin fees, handling fees, or anything else.

Likely a scam.

Pro1966 2nd Apr 2010 15:43


I'd say, be carefull, Nigeria! I see this company! has been advertising for flight crew, through alot of web sources. Now, the way the positions have been worded, all very strange.....

"Receive informal and formal instruction in the use of instruments, radio and navigation equipment, perating procedures in case of in-flight emergencies such as electrical, hydraulic or engine failures, take-off and landing procedures, penetration of landing areas, maneuvering procedures and other exercises dictated by the particular aircraft and unit missions"

Just not right. Also these positions have come up now for aleast 4 different countries! same company.

Gut feeling, something not right.


Pilot Positive 2nd Apr 2010 16:12


Yeah, their wording of the job description shows a severe lack of aviation insight yet their website appears to be quite credible....


Perhaps I would be naive to think that they know the oil drilling business but just not aviation...

Any ideas of how I could aunthenticate this company from Europe?

Pro1966 2nd Apr 2010 18:36

Still, the same. Website looks very sus.

If you feel you need to verify a company, then thats not a good to start.

My experience, stay out of Nigeria, nothing but trouble.


carholme 2nd Apr 2010 21:20

The very fact that they include a Scam Alert on their site should be warning enough. They believe that this will authenticate them to the readers. Don't touch it with a bargepole!


Metro man 2nd Apr 2010 21:33

Taken from their website

Scam Alert

It has come to our notice that some individuals are contacting people via e-mail and or publications on the internet claiming to be recruitment agents of Geomech Engineering Limited and/or using the names of our employees in bogus, fictitious and imaginary transactions, to solicit for financial details, advance fees or other favours in exchange for which they purport to confer non-existent benefits (funds, employment, contracts etc) in Geomech Engineering Limited.

These e-mails/publications are usually sent from persons posing as the Company's attorney or claiming to occupy influential positions in the oil and gas industry. The sender of the mail usually would request that the target co-operates with them in order to benefit from a stated business transaction or get a job in Geomech Engineering Limited by sending unwanted junk emails to the victim.

We have also recently been informed that certain emails received by members of the public, and advertisements posted on some job web-sites, have promised job-seekers positions in the Geomech Engineering. These emails and web-sites promise that upon payment of a fee and the receipt of the recipients' curriculum vitae, the recipients are assured jobs within the Geomech Engineering imited. The contact addresses and phone numbers contained in such emails and posted on such web-sites are usually of a foreign country and such mail originate from a free mail domain such as yahoo and hotmail.

Geomech Engineering Limited disassociates itself from such mails/publications and hereby warns the general public that these are scams designed to defraud unsuspecting individuals / corporate organizations. You are strongly advised NOT to communicate or disclose any of your financial details or send any money to these individuals. You are also advised to report any such incident to the Police.

Geomech Engineering Limited shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by any person (s) as a result of such mails / publications

In the event that you receive any of the emails described above, we advise that you
contact the following for confirmation:

Pentro Drilling Limited
40 Airport Road,
Warri, Delta State,
Email: [email protected]
Website: Home
Phone: +234 468 729 13
I wouldn't pay any money or travel there at my own expense with the promise of reimbursement later on. More than one westerner has been kidnapped over there.

Quick Google shows the first four pages of results (as far as I went) as just job adverts and NOTHING else, not one news item. I think that answers your question.:E

Pilot Positive 2nd Apr 2010 22:04

Yes, these are some very good points and I have made similar observations.

Spot on Metro Man re: possible kidnappings - you highlighted my exact concern. Any authenticity would have to originate from a highly credible source within Europe. That has not materialised.

Pro1966 - what were your experiences in Nigeria? Are they aviation related? Would love to hear more about them.... :)

Any other comments?

bbratuse 2nd Apr 2010 23:06

It's a scam. Out of curiosity I applied on that job ad. Few days later some guy called me from Nigeria posing as recruiter and asked me some stupid questions like what you can do to make management happy etc..Few hours later he have sent me e mail congratulating me on getting the job and attached a contract which looked too good to be real. Oh,in all previous correspondence and "interview" he never mentioned which acft should I fly,home base,routes,is it charter,private etc... I found out already on the net that this same contract (almost to the letter..there is a sample on Oil-Mine Nigeria Limited) has been offered in Nigerian job scams.So just to mess with the guy I asked him about acft type to be flown and validation of my FAA license and bellow is the answer and also details of the guy so no poor desperate soul (and lot's of those in today's aviation) falls for this and loses money...
Here is the mail:

Dear ...........,

The type of Aircraft we do operate on are Boeing 707, Boeing 737, Bell 212, Bell 412, Bell 440, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604 and the base Airport is Osubi Airstrip here in Warri. You can use the FAA licence for there is no problem with it.

Martin Oghenrume
HR Manager
Pentro Drilling Limited
Phone: +234 803 859 8938 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +234 803 859 8938 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.pentrodrilling.com

Cheers all

froggy_pilot 3rd Apr 2010 08:41

Typical nigerian 419 :ugh:

Never heard of Pentro Drilling in Warri

On their home page all what they pretend to do, belongs to Chevron... :eek:
Agbami is Chevron with Bristow as air operator

Pro1966 3rd Apr 2010 11:15

And guys, plenty more out there.

What really gets my goat! is the recruitment sites posting these positions, no research and probably don't even care!

Pilot Positive: Many years in Southern Africa and recently briefly in Eastern Africa, enough time to know and hear that Nigeria is rotten to the core.


COMMS2 3rd Apr 2010 11:56

Looks like a big time scam. Got an appliction form back from a Chap named 'James' who is their HR person in Nigeria. The form has no requirement for flying experience whatsoever. But what it does require you to fill out is personal info such as next of kin, passport number, etc. Basically all the nice things a scammer would love to have in order to get your bank details or ID. I Informed flight global (who placed the ad) of this info including the scam alert on Pentridrilling website, but received NO COMMENT! Need I say more - STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS ONE GUYS & GALS! :=

Dupre 3rd Apr 2010 12:33

Quick google search of Pentro's own text reveals that it has been copied word for word from other websites - Halliburton is one, and a seemingly genuine Oando is another.

Looks like the same crowd did an identical scam with a company called Subsea Dredging.

Check the halliburton site for the text that I'm talking about - it is exactly as found on the Pentro site. Completion Fluids - Halliburton

Give this one a WIDE berth!!!!!

Spadhampton 4th Apr 2010 10:32

You Guys are good....
What an informative, worthwhile network THIS is turning out to be!

froggy_pilot 4th Apr 2010 10:38

Before they can land a Boeing 707 in Osubi, they will have to double the length of the runway :} (only Dash 8 are landing there)

Pilot Positive 4th Apr 2010 11:58

Before they can land a Boeing 707 in Osubi, they will have to double the length of the runway
:hmm: tricky. Not sure I'm up to african shortfield landing techniques of that magnitude.... :cool:

Spadhampton 5th Apr 2010 11:37

No Problem......
You just point the nose straight down.

MagicTrick69 5th Apr 2010 18:51

Pentro Drilling
Their website is not all that! It's very small for such a "large" company. I'm interested in the company BECAUSE, I've been selected to hire. I received a phone call from them about a week ago, for an interview and now I got an email saying I have to contact "Guarantee Travel" for them to assist me in my paperwork so Pentro can process my VISA and travel ticket.

Anybody else got hired and have information??????

MagicTrick69 5th Apr 2010 19:11

Pentro Drilling
I got the same type of email from Pentro Drilling:

The accommodation provided is a family status accommodation and the type of Aircraft we do operate on are Boeing 707, Boeing 737, Bell 212, Bell 412, Bell 440, Challenger 300 and Challenger 604.

Martin Oghenrume
HR Manager
Pentro Drilling Limited
Phone: +234 803 859 8938
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: Home


You have been selected to fly the Fixed wing Aircraft. I also want you to know that we demand update on the processing of your work and residence permit documents so as to enable us start processing your Visa and Air Ticket.

andYou have to start the processing of your work and residence permit documents so that we can provide you with your Visa and Air Tikcet. What you have to do now is to contact the Guarantee Travel for them to assist you get the requirted traveling documents ready.

All from this same guy. I guess now is when they will start asking for money. If they do, I'll post everything so everyone knows.

Pilot Positive 5th Apr 2010 19:24

MagicTrick: Please clarify

...been selected to hire.
MagicTrick do you mean you have been asked to form part of the pilot selection board, conducting interviews and such like, or have been hired as a pilot? :confused:

If on the selection board how on earth did they initially approach you? :eek:

If you have been hired as a pilot what kind of selection did you go though and what is the nature of the job? From what I have seen and heard it does seem a little vague... :cool:

Some specific details of your experience would be useful MagicTrick. :ok:

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