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Skybiter 12th Jun 2000 19:58

Air Mauritius - all you need to know about MK (threads merged)
Scuttlebutt is that Air Mauritius may be in the market for crews. Does any one have an email and postal address for them and any further info about the company such as what they're like to work for, chances for advancement and all that other stuff that keeps us awake at night. Much obliged folks....

FACT-pilot 13th Jun 2000 01:29

I know of 3 Air Zimbabwe guys who left for mauritius, the last one R Paterson left in February. I think they are looking for crews. Try their web site to get any info on address application etc.

Hope this helps and best of luck.

Skybiter 14th Jun 2000 21:46


Thanks for the gen. Tried their web site and got a load of info but unfortunately all aimed at the punters and not at us wannabes. Would be grateful for any other information such as an email address as the particular bit of the sticks I'm in at the moment has a pretty dodgy postal system.

tired 14th Jun 2000 23:54

Skybiter - don't know of an email address, but you can try faxing them at +230 6373190 attention Capt D. Paturau (Chief Pilot).

They've just taken on 17 new F/Os, don't know if they're looking for any more.

Working for them? On the flying side they're a great airline (the 340 fleet, anyway.) Salary and conditions not particularly good. The big problem is whether you can hack living on the Island, not always everyone's cup of tea, (though maybe better than where you are now?)

I think the chances for command have reduced considerably of late, a lot of the locals are starting to get towards the hours needed and will obviously get priority over expats. Up till now, it's been about 4 years before you could expect to start thinking about a command (on the jets, the ATR is different.) But they're supposed to be getting A319s soon, so that might change the equation again.

If you want to try snailmail, try:-
Air Mauritius
Flight Operations
SSR International Airport

Hope this helps.

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Ultra 7th Feb 2001 09:22

What happening at Air Mauritius?
Was just wondering if they're looking for anyone - min. req's etc.

Pls reply here or email me. Thank you.

huntsman 10th Feb 2001 01:20

heard a while ago that there are some spots but you need to be a mauritian national
good luck

Ultra 10th Feb 2001 12:21

Thanks Huntsman, Just thinking about buying a 76 endorsement.......seems all a bit too late now.....all the hopefuls are using local F/O's etc......thanks again...all the best...

huntsman 11th Feb 2001 03:30

look at the rumours forum
there's a thread about people doing self-paid endorsements

ifylofd 2nd Mar 2001 12:27

Air Mauritius info sought??
Have tried unsuccesfully on other sections of this forum but not much luck. Since alot of you guys are geographically closer thought someone may help.
Can anyone provide any info on the Air Mauritius job? ie pay,currency,tax,perks(if any),company,lifestyle etc,etc,etc.
Hoping someone has experienced it or knows of someone who has.
If not on the forum feel free to email to [email protected].

Thanks. :)

Ravensdale 6th Mar 2001 15:04

Did you apply for a position there?

I'm also after info and would be interested to know if anyone has an interview yet. Or if anyone has any info on the interview process?


The Unteleported Man 6th Mar 2001 16:06

I'm under the impression you need to be married to be accepted. Your spouse will probably not receive a work permit.

The guys I know there are generally happy although I've heard a bit of niggling with management goes on.

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.

yan 6th Mar 2001 21:22

hi guys!
right now, they undergoe interviews but only for airbus a-320/330/340 typed dudes. Unfortunatly they got a nice little pool of qualified guys from sabena (the belgium carrier is doing bad) and also a couple of guys from virgin...but might not be sufficient as emirates singapore and cathay are attracting most of the airbus drivers available.
Good luck to you all...
and regarding contract details, I don't know much.

Intheslot 22nd Aug 2001 16:55

Air Mauritius- Pro's and Con's
Hi there guys, just wondering if anyone out there can give proffesional and un-biased info on Air Mauritius?? Preferably someone who is there at the moment or moved on from there to better pastures!

Pontius' Pilot 22nd Aug 2001 20:04

Supply an email address and I will be able to put you in touch with pilots working there. Don't want to give their addresses on the open forum. I will contact you as soon as I have it. The sooner the better. I leave for London tomorrow evening.

Intheslot 22nd Aug 2001 21:55

Thanks a lot Pontius, if you click on the envelope next to my "callsign" the mail will come direct to me and then we can start comms. Enjoy LHR I am also there tomorrow night!!

Intheslot 22nd Aug 2001 22:09

Sorry Pontius, it is the grey envelope with the red "stamp" in the corner. Thanks!

Pontius' Pilot 23rd Aug 2001 12:21

Hi Intheslot. I sent you a personal message, did you receive it? We should meet at the Three Tuns pub across the road from Thistle Marble Arch, say between 13h00 and 14h00 local London time on Friday 25 August.

Spool-up 24th Aug 2001 00:32

Yo Intheslot,

If you're gonna go...Go BIG.

Buster unload...go!

PS: 2.4 in 8. Enjoy London

fast&furious 24th Aug 2001 23:45

Hello Intheslot

You must decide if you are "IN The Slot" or for that matter what SLOT you want to be in !!! Decisions decisions boy!! What do you want from life? You sound like a confused little short boy?!! what is your story?

Intheslot 26th Aug 2001 22:18

If you read the initial question (thread) you will see that proffessional comments were asked for, why dont you stick to that for the moment?

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