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desertnomad 27th Sep 2006 15:00

C210 Far from home!
From one DESERT to ANOTHER.Heard Eros-based C210 V5-KED , has been seen in Khartoum,Sudan this morning!!! Intersting,that far from home,with all the avgas shortage north of the Kunene and Limpopo.:cool:

Rude Boy 27th Sep 2006 16:23

It looked rather out of place. I feel sorry for the poor guy who had to fly it all the way here.

5Y-NOT 27th Sep 2006 18:43

Namibian C210? Been thru kenya, on a trip to cairo and back I believe, good effort!

arrow208 27th Sep 2006 20:41

Saw the chap hanging on the wing like a real 210 pilot while getting his beast pumped full this morning. Did not know they had Avgas in Khartoum?!

Must be an awesome trip if he goes all the way up north and then back to Nam again. Won’t mind doing a trip like that!

Name on tail fits in nicely with the ‘desert’.......:ok:


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