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raviMK 24th Aug 2006 18:40

Air Mauritius ab-initio program 2006/2007
Air Mauritius is launching its next ab-initio program in the coming weeks..

The selected candidates will be short-listed and sent most probably to 43 Air School since Air Mauritius will be assisted by that said school to shorten the duration of the selection exercise..

Rumours are that 15 cadets will be chosen this time..

The selection exercise will be more rigourous and intense..but nothing is yet finalised as Air Mauritius top management is having two conflicting groups in deciding whether or not to send 2006/2007 cadets to 43 Air School and maintain the 1 year contract..

But from my sources in Paille-en-Queue Court,top floor management have hinted that the final decision to send the 2006/2007 cadets to the school will largely depend on the views of the existing cadets at the 43 Air School..

Air Mauritius is running short of pilots and vacancies are increasing..The fleet as well as the market is expanding..Air Mauritius urgently wants to expand and remain a world class airline..High standard trained pilots will be needed to contribute in this expansion..

Therefore,the ultimate contributing factor as to where the next batch will be sent for training will be largely dependent on whether an Air School will form mauritian pilots on time to realise the expansion of Air Mauritius..

LocaliserAlive 24th Aug 2006 18:54

Do you mean they will train ab-initios into A340 captains and F/Os within a year?

EI-Shamrock 24th Aug 2006 20:49

Found your post on another forum:

Air Mauritius had advertised for the recruitment of ab-initio trainee pilots (mauritian nationals only) around April 2005..It consisted of :
1. Aptitude and Reasoning Tests
2. Psychometric Tests
3. Group Exercises and Technical Tests
4. Final Panel interview

Mauritian nationals only? :sad: Well, it is understandable.

sicky 25th Aug 2006 01:24

There's an application form on their website, but no requirements listed. It is dated 2004 aswell!!

mk943 27th Aug 2006 03:39

Thanks for the info raviMK.

barkingboris 28th Aug 2006 15:38

Air Malicious
I worked there for 6 years as cockpit crew and the expats are world class and a few locals but as for MK management and the rest and that includes the airline as a whole ,they are so far from being world class its scary.
Happiest day of my life when i left.One would think after being in a country and company for 6 years that upon leaving there might be a tinge of sadness ,well not so.

raviMK 6th Sep 2006 15:21

Air Mauritius ab-initio pilots 2006/2007
Thank you readers for the numerous PMs..

It is interesting to see that a highly known Aviation Institution in Australia is sending interesting proposals for the next batch of Air Mauritius cadets..

Air Mauritius is exploring new and potential avenues for its trainee pilots..

Compared to the contract/agreement Air Mauritius and the 43 Air School signed for a year,it is worth considering..

Air Mauritius is currently going through a 'pilot drain' due to growing demand of pilots in the gulf..and this is expected to continue for the next 8 years..

Air Mauritius needs pilots..mostly Mauritian pilots..and very quickly..

And the way things are going,it will not be surprising in the coming months if MK management selects a second air school to train its cadets..

Only time will tell where the next batch will head to and it's very likely that 43 Air School will not be the only destination..

Will keep thread updated when decisions are about to be made..

Keep reading..

UAU242 6th Sep 2006 20:09

I understand that schools in Australia don't do the JAA license, only Australian ones...will seriously annoy me if they do choose this option as they insisted I spend considerably more money and do the JAA!

ALTCRUISE 6th Sep 2006 21:19

Air Mauritius Comedy Club
Dear RaviMK

Just to CORRECT a paragraph of yours.......!!!!!!!

Pilots are not leaving Air Mauritius because of VACANCIES in the GULF,....rather, they are leaving because they are not appreciated by AIR MAURITIUS.

As you and others are well aware, there is a "Court Appearence" set for today, the 7th....and one other date later this month.

(already the Air Mauritius legal team is asking for a POSTPONEMENT....surprise....surprise !!!!)

This is not to have a "tea party"....but to try and RESOLVE many outstanding issues relating to pay and working conditions that have been ongoing for close to TWO YEARS now.

Many attempts were made in the mean time, to try and RESOLVE these issues WITHOUT going to COURT. Many items are just "common sense" and very "fixable".....if ony we had managers who are able to MANAGE

There is absolutely ZERO goodwill in this company`s management towards it`s expat workforce.....yet the expat Pilot group continue with thier task to the highest standards....and for that, I salute them....as they DO have honour and integrity and a VERY HIGH work ethic.

But the price the company is paying, is the huge and unecessary loss of very experienced Pilots,....who over time could have transfered thier knowledge to the locals, and have built the "Air Mauritius" this goverment wants to see in the future.

There seems to be a very short-sighted "power game" going on here...and it is going to cause furthar and significant damage to the good name of this airline....the writing is on the wall !!!

barkingboris 7th Sep 2006 03:12

all new
I agree fully with the above post.
MK management are doing a fine job of fiddling while it all goes up in smoke.Most of those twits have been promoted way above what they are capable of and yes the pilots are leaving .I did 4 flights the other day which involved flying over Africa and i heard various MK flights on 126.9 and enquired who was on board.Not surprising that out of a potential 12 crew on those 4 flights they were all new and i did not know one of them.MK is a tiny airline and cannot afford to lose its expat staff.
RaviMK sit up and take note son ,management are considered a joke.

raviMK 7th Sep 2006 19:33

Air Mauritius ab-initio pilots 2005/2006
Dear Readers..

Thank you for responding and thank you dedicated mates for all the PMs..

Just want the people who made the last two postings on my thread to know that they are not sticking to the point here..

The theme of my thread is about Mauritian ab-initio pilots and not the frustration that expats have or will experience..If you guys are willing to vent your frustration on Air Mauritius,you are at the wrong place and I kindly suggest that you open your own thread and make your points there..

Sorry to be rude but there are thousands of wannabees worldwide who are more interested to know about the ab-initio scheme rather than reading the unsatisfied demands of x-pilots from Air Mauritius..

Thank you..Comments much appreciated..


Solid Rust Twotter 7th Sep 2006 20:03

Your thread?

It's a public forum, boet....:rolleyes:

UAU242 8th Sep 2006 19:17

Inaccurate posts ought to be corrected, even if it does mean going off-piste!
Should I be surprised that mk told me to do JAA and then possibly decide to send cadets to Australia? From what I've heard from others, probably not!
Also, where are all these keen interested-in-aviation-type cadets who are currently at 43? Do they even know this site exists?? Please someone tell them so we can get some first hand feedback.

barkingboris 11th Sep 2006 05:12

thread ownership
RaviMk bought the thread for Rs 10.
Lekker bly op die kak eisland

LocaliserAlive 12th Sep 2006 05:00

Originally Posted by barkingboris (Post 2841823)
Lekker bly op die kak eisland

:= Would you please share your thoughts instead of hiding cowardly behind your 'kak' language from your 'kak' country?:yuk:


VS1g 12th Sep 2006 08:45

Judging by LOC's previous postings he is not a happy chappy on Ravi's island, much like Barkingboris was. Maybe someone should help with a translation for LOC. Can anyone help?

barkingboris 12th Sep 2006 14:41

lost in translation
Hi Loc
To translate for you the phrase i posted.
Keep in mind that the kak language is my second language.
It means " Live or stay nicely on the shit island"
Take a chill pill and dont get bent out of shape.
I do hope that you do not side with MK management as they have shafted you guys and i hope that you all get your day in court with those twits.
Good luck ;) ;)

LocaliserAlive 12th Sep 2006 19:48

Thanks for the translation! Everybody has his reasons for leaving a company or a country and I have mine for not being happy and wanting to leave too. But I am just sick of guys that were happy to find a job and get a rating on heavy jet to turn back and point fingers at their ex-colleagues. Air Mauritius is very far from being 'World Class' (whatever that means) and the island is definitely not first world (Africa with a mix of India), but don't forget that it gave a lot of you (not all) guys the chance to get an airline job and move from there.

Don't take the previous comment personnaly BBoris, I have maybe met you and flown with you before (I don't know if I had a tinge of sadness when you left):{. But please do not criticise all Mauritians and put everybody in the same basket! You have probably stayed in your expat corner and not bothered to meet other interesting people like a lot of expats do!

BTW, I am not with MK management


Loc :ok:

barkingboris 13th Sep 2006 03:41

Thanks for the reply.
I was not having a crack at the expats or your average Mauritian who was very pleasant but solely at the MK management who have scant regard for the pilots.
I did a 12 hour layover the other day and when we popped out of the clouds at about 6 miles it all seemed so green ,blue and colourful and was a very stark contrast to Dubai.From that aspect it was nice but still i had no mixed feelings.
As you said it did give me 3000 hours on a 340 which have set me up nicely and it could be an awesome job if one had basings and sensible management.
;) ;) ;)

LocaliserAlive 13th Sep 2006 06:43

We all agree on that. It could have been a great place to work if only for the (mis)management and the diving Rupee! Anyway, time to move on now. Good luck in the sand dunes! It's a small world, we might meet again sometime.



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