African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Arik Air

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Arik Air

Looks like they are hiring for all seats and fleets. I know it was bad for a while but any new word? Thanks for the info.
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After one year and half, they are still owing three salaries to the whole 340 pilots.
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It's coming sar.... Anyone who goes to Arik should first get 6 months salary up front...
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Of all things in Naija, Arik is the Centre of the Centre of Excellence! Arik's pay is so predictable, why you could set a clock...on the ground and smash it.
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Don't go to Arik unless you want to fly without being paid salary!
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Any idea what is the current situation with the fuel shortage? Also what to expect in the Skype interview? Thank you
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Not the Airline of choice...

If you have loads of money and can do without pay for 2-3 months then come for the 30/30 rotation. Direct flights to JFK / LHR to return buy the next segment with your own cash and wait for anything up to 18 months for reimbursements.

Get picked up for work with sloppy old vans filled with dust and sand 50/50 chance the Air Con is not working so the 30min-1 hour drive to work in 35C temps..= not very nice.

return from flights wait for another 1hour before you are given a ride back to your accommodation.

Food at the Hotels is limited to rubbish with avg. 90mins wait for your order.
At the pilot compound the food is served at scheduled time but you better be there or you dont get any..

the list can go on and on... in short Dont go there...find something else....this Airline is the worst of the worst take my word for it.
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it seems that Arik is grounded....temporarily? gn=aerotime_major_aviation_events_in_september_2016&utm_term =2016-09-29

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This can't be true or is it??

How The Rot In Arik Air Endangers Passengers? Lives And Aviation Safety | Sahara Reporters
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Or here

Unpaid Salaries: Arik Air Becomes Slave Camp As Staff Beg Passengers For Money, Work In Terrible Conditions | Sahara Reporters
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I know far too many very good pilots who simply walked away without the salaries they were owed as soon as they had an offer from somewhere else. I wouldn't say that Arik had / still have a seperate line in the P&L for ' UNCLAIMED SALARY ' but if they did, it would be quite a large figure.

A few years ago, the expectation was that ARIK was going to be the only airline in the world where the number of aircraft was more than the number of pilots on the payroll.

Late pay + Lagos base = Only if you're desperate.
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It's getting better... Apparently Lufthansa Technik finally pulled the plug...looks like they are going to write off Millions of €'s ...
No money for maintenance, no money for salaries, no money for the same time announcing new aircraft orders..... Pathetic !!!!!
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Dear pilots.

Unless you have been fired from your actual employer and have no other job or you are not current DO NOT EVER COME TO ARIK.

Work and not getting paid (10th December and we are still waiting for August salary)
Having to pay for your own tickets and working visa and not getting your money back.
Not getting night allowances unless you beg several times for it.
Not knowing which will be your next sector or waiting 8 hours to be refueled because marketer has not been paid for fuel.
Using horrible hotels and having to wait for your room until hotel gets paid in advance (other way they will not be paid never ever)
Having DFO,CP and fleet manager telling you that you have to fly even I the company owes you 4 month salaries...

That is ARIK.
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Why don't you guys just leave ?
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Because they are owed a lot of money. As soon as they leave, they know they'll never be paid.

Not saying it is the right policy, but I guess maybe that's is going through their minds?
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African pilots tend to have a harder time attracting employment prospects outside of Africa than non-Africans. Africans tend to have a harder time attracting employment prospects INSIDE of Africa than non-Africans. The possible exception being White South Africans. There are many reasons why. One reason is that African licenses are difficult to verify even inside of Africa. One CAA will not commmunicate with another CAA to verify a pilots license, due to incompetence, laziness or because their employer told them not to. Also, even inside of Africa, a person with a foreign license from Europe or the US will be more attractive than a pilot from the other side of the continent. And in fact, a country like Nigeria will have closer ties to Europe or the US than another African nation.
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Aviation unions to shut down Arik Air operations from Tuesday - Premium Times Nigeria

Nigerian press are reporting a total strike in Arik as from Tuesday 20 December
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How much is the NCAA to blame in lack of oversight for the conditions which finally led to Arik's recent strike?
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Time is almost out

Must be very nearly the end of the line.

Anyone who thinks of working here; don't! I flew for a related subsidiary and got well and truly screwed. Owed me a small fortune and despite action avoided paying. Crooks and liars.
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Yip!!! Africa....all too familiar rant! Been there, got the t-shirt (wrong size/had to pay for it)
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