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Ethiopean infos.

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Ethiopean infos.

Old 18th Jul 2017, 07:44
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Stinky Monkey, my understanding from talking to a 777 Capt here yesterday: Usually, Expat capts arrive here with plenty of time on EITHER one of the aircraft, not both. In that case; No, you are not bonded initially. But they will put you on 'your' aircraft to begin with (777 or 787) Then after a while (usually 6 months to a year) you will be offered to fly the other one also. And thats where the 'bond' comes in. They will subtract USD 1250 from your salary every month for 12 months = 15.000. Paidback to you after the completion of your contract. For absolute confirmation on this, write to the Recruitment boss directly [email protected] .com.

Another thing, Im curious as to if any FO has applied to the - in my mind - seriously shitty contract offer through Flight Global, as DE FO on 777....anyone ??
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Old 4th Aug 2017, 16:20
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Hi, on the airline jobs pages it says "height 1.65m". Is this a maximum height?
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Old 5th Aug 2017, 02:09
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I saw a 10/20 contract online. Are these guys serious ?
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Old 25th Aug 2017, 15:28
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Contract looks like it is now 21/9.
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Old 29th Aug 2017, 11:48
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Recently a Captain was docked 5 days pay for not accepting a flight with one hours notice. Docking of pay is not even in the contract. They make it up as they go.
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Old 29th Aug 2017, 16:10
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I can confirm what Dogged said. After being refused my request for the ticket home, I called HR / scheduling and the "1000000$ man".
All confirmed - from the CEO, nail those expats!! "The 1000000$ man" alerted the bosses that the Verenje won't like the new rule - reply "it's time they supported the operation"
So its maybe a 21/9 contract if you are lucky, more like a 22/8.
Stay away (like 4 expats that did not even bother to return from days off during August)!
The training is 1970's "please the skygods survival"
You might fly 1 flight from your original roster, the good stuff is given to locals who volenteer to fly on their days off.
If business is full you are shoved to economy, even during deadheading flights. And gentlemen; economy in ET is a whole new world.
Most wide body guys make between 12K-17K, for the big $ you need to do around 130 hrs during your 20 on.

To balance I must add: The locals are really nice and very switched on. The f/d atmosphere is super relaxed. The a/c are in good nick. Beer in Addis is super cheap.
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Old 30th Aug 2017, 13:26
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Just on a side note. 787/777 current and rated Captains will only need to pay $15,000 US to get job at ET. Sound so good to me.
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Old 1st Sep 2017, 06:33
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Their business/exploiting model soon will be exported, as they just have submitted a bid for arik airlines in nigeria!
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Old 3rd Sep 2017, 12:06
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If they insist in this policy reducing days off, many expats will leave (i ll be the first one).
there are captains already flying beyond any legal limit up to 140 hrs in 20 days, what do they want to do? allow pilots to fly even more by returning to addis one day earlier?
Sadly the COO is a brainless guy but it seems that the company is very happy with all the damages he s doing....
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 12:38
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Suspicion of fatigued crew on Ethiopian accident in Beirut

Interviewing rather senior pilot, from foreign crews to retired ETH pilots now serving as instructors, they reckoned in general nothing has changed at Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise, and no one more qualified to present a different argument than the present CEO who has been serving this outfit for over 30 years.

Local pilots are subdued no only because there is no pilot union and nothing encouraging to allow them to present a genuine protest, Medical unit in collusion with Flight Ops to repress those who report sick often, and now the outrageous interview to those local pilots who are no longer cooperating to fly on GDO's.

Now, charity starts at home, and the fault party is the diverse group of pilots, who ultimately pay the price, as some fly unlimited hours without concern for ECARAS rules that are clearly reflected in the FOM, incidentally to be monitored by V.P.Ops, but turning the blind eye on those who constantly exceed the limits with the excuse of serving company interests. Make no mistake, the moment there will be an incident or accident, the investigation would reveal exceedances from pilots to F/A's, as the shortage extends to the level of motor pool drivers who are never in time with the usual excuse there is even shortage of drivers, not vehicles.

When you read articles posted in the African continent about the success of Ethiopian Airlines, is no one else success but the company squeezing every minute of every employee, and not even a letter of commendation or gratitude for those going the extra mile, so how could this be a successful airline if their employees are constantly battered with all sorts of treats, from ABS reflected in those days they reject an assignment to constant intimidating meetings at Flight Ops to justify why are your shoes without lace??

Locals and foreigners are preparing a united front to obtain a responsible answer from whom is allowing all this disturbance to take place, safety is a big concern, and only him will pay the ultimate price, when we see that all this false advertisement about the success of Ethiopian, is nothing else but a big lie.

IFALPA, ICAO and other aviation organizations are reviewing the cover up of the Beirut accident, there was no foul play, no inexperienced crews, simply the result of abuse and exceedances that ultimately were paid with innocent lives who trust this brand.

We all know in the international arena that Africa is the dark continent, or because peoples are black, but because corruption is galore. If you are still employed with ETH, it is about time you search for plan B as all departments micromanaged but their own CEO are nothing but sources for repression if you do not follow their daily plan, even when they know and you know they have exceeded all operational limitations.

Notning can stand constant stress, even steel cables sooner or later snap if not provided with relief.
Stay away from this conspiracy, else you are by default to blame with the silence of the lambs.
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Old 17th Sep 2017, 15:16
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Agreed. Escape plan in action, but a few obstacles popped up.

Could any of the senior ET guys please confirm/deny the following:

Is it true that ET will not issue a resignation letter?
Is it true that ET will block your license verification?
Is it true that ET will not give a reference of employment?

Any info how to get around these problems (if true) will be greatly appreciated.
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Old 18th Sep 2017, 19:47
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I would recommend you review most of the postings here, it is quite evident that the questions you pose will be reasons for management to be suspect you are planning to jumpship.

Collect your thoughts after you visit the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, The Ethiopian Labour department, The Pilot Union, Legal advise from the reduced list of lawyers in Ethiopia who would be willing to fight your case, The U.N, The Ministry of Transport, and your local high commission; They may recommend you take your time OFF at home to meditate over the difficulties you are facing, and perhaps make you decide to never return back. There is however an international law which protects you from claiming your employment records, and the airline has 45 days to provide the information; Else they will be facing a ban to take more foreign pilots, and your case can be heard in any court of law preferably from your own origin nation, making sure if at all possible Ethiopian Airlines operates close by, to obtain an injunction that could put an embargo on the airline if your claim is not satisfied.

A visit to Aviation experts on safety and security from worldwide media may help publishing your story without undisclosing your name, make sure you are well documented and have a plan "B" in case of retaliation.

I would rather peel lemons in the Kalahari desert, if you are young, healthy and willing to live long, avoid this part of the world. Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot hijacks plane to seek Geneva asylum - BBC News
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Old 19th Sep 2017, 09:20
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1. If they don't then you can present YOUR resignation to any future employer.
2. Possibly an issue IF it's only on your Ethiopian licence.
3. Use you payslips to prove your employment.
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Old 20th Sep 2017, 03:14
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The company has now stopped paying the housing allowance because to many pilots are not returning from there GDOs.
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Old 20th Sep 2017, 14:29
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Same. No housing allowance paid.
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Old 20th Sep 2017, 18:58
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So on the face of it we have Ethiopian Airlines , purchasing billions of dollars in both Boeing and Airbus equipment , claiming to be one of Africa`s safest and most successful airlines , all the while behaving in a shameful , unprofessional and potentially dangerous manner. What the hell are you doing there ? Leave. They don`t deserve you.
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Old 20th Sep 2017, 19:35
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And many will leave 6000PIC. But u dont apply to a new place on monday, and start on friday. No housing allowance for me either. And absolutely no info from ET in advance. Ejection seat armed.
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Old 21st Sep 2017, 13:40
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Some real issues will be coming up in the not to distant future. The Expat pilot group as a whole have all been deeply offended by the actions of upper management recently. Some pilots are and will not be returning from their GDOs as we have already seen. The real trouble will appear in 4 or 5 months, after many of us have had time to interview at other companies. When those resignations start to land on the Chief Pilots desk is when the real trouble with scheduling will start. We can only work so many hours and if more pilots leave, because of the erosion our quality of life, caused directly by the COO actions, I just can't see all the flights being covered.
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Old 21st Sep 2017, 16:10
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Same here, ejection seat ready, the schedule is going crazy, no house allowances, pushing to use us beyond limits. I will test their patience instead, hell for them.
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Old 22nd Sep 2017, 13:59
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A real shame things are on the current trajectory. Was considering giving up a ME gig to come over. Not now.
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