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South Sudan any1? What to buy before?

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

South Sudan any1? What to buy before?

Old 31st Jan 2014, 22:23
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South Sudan any1? What to buy before?

Got offered to fly 208B in South Sudan. I have 2-3k euro to spend on necessary equipment. Plane is HSI equipped only. I bought Garmin Aera 795 and I am thinking of what else to buy that could ease my life in Africa. Anyone could make some pointers? Maps? ipad apps? I'm totally stupid about flying in Africa and don't even know if they issue metars in Sudan.
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Old 31st Jan 2014, 23:20
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South Sudan any1? What to buy before?

How about an AK47?
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 00:29
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Equip it with an ECM pod and MJU-32 to deflect Strelas... also get a good T-11...
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 11:23
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Go to a camping store and buy yourself a mosquito net, and a solar shower. Without power, and sometimes crap all water, it can be a nice creature comfort to have hot water every now and then.

As for flying... The van is pretty robust and simple. Listen to the guys that have been flying there. A handheld GPS to map safe routes, a normal map of the area to do the same, and as long as the AH and altimeter is working, then you will be fine.
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 11:47
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Portable Traffic advisor can help - plenty on ebay for under $500usd
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Old 1st Feb 2014, 12:11
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There is an iPad map app that is excellent here in Australia.

Welcome | OzRunways 4 | Electronic Flight Bag for Australia, New Zealand, Africa and more!

They have just released Ozrunways 4, and are starting to provide African maps, including ONC's for whole continent, and what they refer to as TCP's (I assume that is a typo on their web site and it is TPC's).
They do a one month free trial.
The developers post on PPRuNe and there are a couple of threads devoted to comparing Ozrunways to others, in the Australian edition, but it will be same basic program.
The developers on PPRuNe are called Shagpile, and baswell.
You could PM either one of them with questions.
I have used the Australian edition of Ozrunways and it is terrific. I have no experience of the African edition. If you decide to get the app, better to go to the web site above to buy it, rather than App Store as it is cheaper direct from the OzRunways web site.

I just looked and apparently can't PM either of them for some reason, but I sent baswell an email to look at this thread.
Re mosquito net, a better way is a "Mozzie Dome" - excellent kit, far better than a old fashioned mosquito net.

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Old 1st Feb 2014, 23:02
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Thanks you guys, its been very helpful. I got some news regarding my stay. I will be staying for 3 months in this hotel :
(Bedouin Hotel in Juba). Do I still need a mosquito net if I sleep there?

Is there someone flying in Africa who could confirm Welcome | OzRunways 4 | Electronic Flight Bag for Australia, New Zealand, Africa and more! is worth it? My flights will be VFR only, during the day and in 200-300 NM range.

Perhaps someone has a POH for a caravan that's non G1000? I found one here, but it's hell to print and pretty old http://www.redskyventures.org/doc/ce...ed-to-2004.pdf

I wonder if they even have postcards in Juba.
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 01:09
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I have 2-3k euro to spend on necessary equipment.
Firstly I'd be asking why "they" don't supply this for you, as any responsible employer would...

Or why you even need to ask this, and the employee of a decent employer...

Maps, charts? GFPS? Not you problem, surely? This is the most basic requirement for your employer to provide. Ask why you need to ask this question...

You'll need at the very least a folding camp cot (US Army issue - the best, accept no other), a number of mossie nets or domes - they don't last long.

A reliable water purification system of some sort.

Portable rations for hen you're stuck up-country and don't fancy eating the local stuff (5 days worth)

A very comprehensive First Aid kit to include full courses of drugs for Amoebic Dysentery, Ghiardia and Salmonella. Else when you get struck with these downroute you quite simply won't be flying yourself back. So who will?

All inoculations for all diseases likely present. It's not a short list.

Comms independent of the company to call for help should it be necessary. Satphone/HF and someone reliable to call....

AK47s etc is somewhat tongue in cheek of course, but to go to S Sudan without the above would be pretty damn silly imho.


And, by the sound of it, since you seem to need to ask the question in the first place, just walk away.

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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 04:00
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I sent you an email about the Ozrunways.
I have no connection with Ozrunways at all, except I use it and noted they just bought out an African edition.
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 11:05
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And a quick course in crappy controlling
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 11:55
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Did you mean you have been given 2-3k Euro of the companies money to spend on stuff our you are spending "your" money on things to take?

South Sudan isn't a place I wouldn't want to be right now. If you haven't noticed there is a region type conflict going on between South Sudan and Sudan. All the oil in the South and the North isn't happy about losing control of it.

Unless they are paying a huge monthly salary and can give you iron clad assurances of your safety I would walk away from this gig right now.
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Old 3rd Feb 2014, 06:21
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bloodhound: In the last 5 months I've operated 10 flight into Juba (in a B738), and this month (Feb) will add another 3 to that total, and March will be yet more.

As far as I am aware, just a single ATC Controller has the task of running:
  • Clearance Delivery
  • Ground Control
  • Tower Control
  • Approach Control (which he has to do without the benefit of radar)
and Juba, as I'll trust you are aware, is - right now - a very busy little airport, what with a mixture of light, medium, and heavy aircraft off all types (including rotary & fixed-wing).

Now for those who might moan about Juba's ATC, I would like to see some of them spend a day in the ATC blokes shoes... and therein my hat goes off to that bloke in ATC for managing a ridiculously high workload !

But if you want to vent your spleen on the matter, direct it at the South Sudan CAA and therein ask them what they are doing with all the money that is, no doubt, being paid to them by way of overflight, approach, landing, handling fees ?!
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Old 3rd Feb 2014, 06:57
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I sent you a PM with information as to what you might find useful in Juba. Did you receive it?
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Old 3rd Feb 2014, 08:38
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And make sure you buy a double bed sized mosquito net, better not to fall short. Don´t trust on the ones you saw on the lodge's video, most probably they will have holes on it; and you will have to overnight in an outstation which might not have them, sometimes.
Also take malaria pills with you at all times (the ones you take when you start feeling malaria symptoms, not the anti malaria treatment to prevent it, which can be worse than Malaria itself). In case you need medical attention ALWAYS look for a United Nations doctor (if there is any UN base at the place you are unlucky to fall sick in, of course). Try to avoid local "doctors" at all times (I have witnessed myself one of those "doctors" take a blood simple from a guy who clearly had malaria symptoms just to tell him to come back the next day (!!!) to check the results, while this guy was getting worse by the hour). If in doubt about malaria symptoms just take the pills, they can't do you any harm, anyway. Add a mosquito repellent for when you are outside at night. Do not drink local beers (if they have any).
Make sure there is a shovel in your airplane when flying during the wet season (April to November, approximately), you might have to dig your airplane out of the mud at more than one occasion.
During the dry season, after a windy day, visibility could be drastically reduced due dust suspended in the air for a couple of days, so make notes about obstacles at the fields you visit.
Always take dollars (euro is not welcomed in some african countries), and a good amount of small dollar bills in order not to get ripped off with the "I don't have change!" phrase. And of course, bills have to be recent (some countries require them to be not older than 1996, some others from 2000, etc.). I don't really remember if this was an issue in South Sudan; just ask your employer.
Appart from a couple of GPS's, the most important equipment for me is a sat phone, in case you have to do an off airport landing . Hope your employer provides you with one (make sure the battery is fully charged before leaving).
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Old 3rd Feb 2014, 09:27
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Artlite, who you going to fly for?

I have just last week returned from Juba.

I can supply you with good gen.

Pm me if you like.

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Old 4th Feb 2014, 23:08
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Thanks for all information, highly appreciated. Wasn't even expecting such a response (and one prayer offer on pm). The money I mentioned, if stars align, I would receive as a grant from EU. In Poland, where I live, you can apply for maximum 10k euro when you register a company. I applied for cessna SET/IR training refund and a couple grand as a start-up hence my post here. On a side note perhaps somebody knows a place where I can get a rating in my part of Europe? (central eastern). Options in Poland are pretty limited and mostly for SET/VFR only.

I will take everything you wrote into consideration. Had some training for AK47 in the air force, but hopefully I won't need to use it. My employer (a friend) is pretty green himself since the company just started and it'll be our maiden flight. The coordinates and maps will be provided by our African lesee, although we don't know what maps yet. Plane flies on empty next month to S. Sudan and able to take up to a tonne of load that's why I asked - so it doesn't go wasted. I should join around mid-April if nothing falls apart.

Is sat phone really a must? Are S.Sudanese trustworthy and reliable pple?
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Old 4th Feb 2014, 23:51
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Did you know that since Dec 13 there has been continuous fighting in S.Sudan. At one point no aircraft's were flying to S.Sudan. Some have resumed back but limited services to Juba only. Alot of people have flee to Kenya including foreign nationals.

You may want to first check the current status of the country before planning on your maiden flight.

All the best.
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Old 5th Feb 2014, 00:43
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Personal:Hand Sanitiser, Small bottle of disinfectant, Wet wipes, Basic Medication like Panadol, Diarrhoea, Malaria Kit, "Swiss knife" kind of tool, long lasting torch.

Professional: Portable GPS definitely. No matter what people say, in Africa you are responsible for your own survival. A good offline aviation GPS on your android/apple device. Get a decent mobile internet asap. A VFR Map - Crucial!

Before you fly checklist: Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Mosquito Spray, Coffee Flask.

Get as many 2 min meal kits as possible even though you are in a hotel.

The locals are a pretty different bunch, keep your interaction as minimal as possible. But most important enjoy your flying, you've got way more self-respect than the oke paying to fly(or crash) a brand new B738.

Last but not the least stock on movies and music as much as you can.
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Old 5th Feb 2014, 06:07
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Is sat phone really a must?

Don't wait to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a non existent search and rescue service to find out, especially if your airplane is not fitted with a satellite tracking device.
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Old 5th Feb 2014, 06:54
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I am glad you have enthusiasm and also the courage to ask for advice. However from your latest post, including the sentence

Are S.Sudanese trustworthy and reliable pple?
concerns me as I don't think you are fully-conversant of what's happening there, and the fact that the ongoing situation will be tense and with unpredictable outbreaks of violence for some time.

If you are unexperienced in working in an area of civil unrest, where resources are often stretched or unavailable, I would suggest you seriously consider your current employment proposal ... and make sure you and your family are well insured.

Oh and make sure you are vaccinated against measles (odra) because that is a major health hazard at the moment. This may seem a bit 'random' as advice, but if it gives you shingles (polpasiec), you'll not be flying anywhere.

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