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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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Danger One word....Bangui...


1. will we have a journalist reporting from Bangui?

2. Opportunity for you merc types to organize city defenses....$$$.…?

3. Relief flights being planned yet?

4. Missionaries & NGO’s staying or going?

5. Will there be another genocide?

6. Does anybody care?

7. Pray for Bangui.
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people do care...despite the silence. last time i was over there i made a couple of friends. pretty good blokes, really friendly people in general. pretty sad news about what's going down right now can only give them our best wishes. is there any unbiased network covering the story?
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Old 29th Dec 2012, 01:11   #3 (permalink)
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Only that the city is under an impending attack by ruthless rebels. No inside city reports. Basically….."crickets".

A word about the French, whom maintain a military presence, stating that they will basically do nothing at all to protect Africans. I don’t understand this because these rebels are not “political” rebels fighting for a cause, just criminals and thugs. They appear completely outside civilized intent.
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The latest newsa is that the Seleka rebels have halted their advance and are taking part in peace talks. It may have helped that Cameroon and Gabon have sent in troops and Congo-Brazzaville is also expected to send a contingent.

I don't really know CAR too well, but it sopunds as if the Seleka are similar to Nigeria's MEND, basically several different groups of rebels who were offered an amnesty after the 2008 Libreville Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The Seleka rebels say the government has not honoured peace accords signed between 2007 and 2011 that offered financial support and other help for insurgents who laid down their arms.

One of the more worrying things about this rebellion is that it includes former members of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA), as well as Chadian, Sudanese and Nigerian mercenaries although the rebels deny this.

I couldn't see the former MEND militants coming together like this - mind you CAR only has a tiny army, unlike Nigeria.

For the sake of all the innocent people who just want to get on with their lives I hope a peaceful accord can be found as there's too much unrest already in this part of the world.

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Thank You Phone, that's very informative It is always uplifting to see other African nations helping and working together in decent common cause.

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The reason behind the rebellion.......

I am not surprised that knowone in the international media has bothered to ask the question "Who is backing the rebels and why?"
Is it just a co-incidence that the Chinese were due to start oil production in the north of the country This Month after spending a sizable sum of money on exploration and exploritory drilling during last year?
I am sure the US don't want their number one economic enemy to obtain cheep oil from the South Sudan shelf via Northern Central Africa....especially after all the money and lives lost making this possible....
I smell a Big Rat.....or maybe I am suffering from some neurotic psycosis like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory....
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