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Air Mauritius: Chaos at Flight Ops

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Air Mauritius: Chaos at Flight Ops

Old 10th Mar 2011, 12:46
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Air Mauritius: Chaos at Flight Ops

Flight Ops saga continues: Huge heat up between Department of Civil Aviation and Flight Ops. May be this has result in change of head of trainning?
Bright minds theorem
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Old 10th Mar 2011, 15:53
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BugsB and his team of rabbits are just a bunch of losers. It is not even worth working for them. Just avoid the place by all means.

This is a hopeless little funny airline.
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Old 10th Mar 2011, 16:08
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Change of head at training !

They are just swapping seats with the previous puppet in order to try to calm down Civil Aviation
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Old 11th Mar 2011, 07:01
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Tourne qui vire, vire qui tourne my friends. This company will only change when the government's influence is quelled. i.e Probably never. It's infuriating as it is sad.....such potential.
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Old 11th Mar 2011, 17:56
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A typical third world dump. Heard you cannot get leave as most of the pilots have left or are leaving. Must have morons in charge.
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Old 11th Mar 2011, 20:05
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The Rabbit and his dream team think that they are a bunch of rocket scientists and they always look at you with something behind their short sighted mind. They want to show as if they have invented aviation and that they know more than anyone of us. Not to mention that they have a very very small picture of this industry as they have known only Air Suspicius.

Now when the need comes to get rid of you, there will be issues and you will be sent to the psychologist (their manipulated penguins) who will issue a report for you. Feel disgusting about it. So many cases.

Wonder may be, they themselves need to undergo psycho test or treatment in view how things are managed and their behaviour?

Devoted pilots who have given so much for this airline for years, have been kicked out without respect in the past, then only a few weeks later realised that there is a shortage of crew. Where is the planning of this dept? Where are the guys in charge, ready to wear 5 strips on their shoulders?

As we all know, they are a class of (superior breed of flyers) who can not manage and forecast anything. A bazaar day to day operations. Calling the boys on off duty when they are in pain and no crew available. Then, it goes: Oh please can you help doing this flight or this one on your day off. Arrogant Beggars isn’t?

Again: Bright Minds Theorem. May be a few of them are Socrates or Pythagore?

Guys who think to join an airline in paradise, watch out what will be waiting for you! Don’t just think sandy beach and sunshine. Very curious about Captains flying for several years as PIC doing regular sims, then suddenly they are no more a good captains.This happened to many First Officers too.

Mk has been lucky so far to recruit only a few, just because Mauritius is quite a good place to live. Otherwise nada. Question to myself if whether they do even know how to recruit and make descent contracts. There are so many mysteries of these recruitment shows. SOOOO much more to tell. Freezed, defrosted and deep freezed.

Do not forget, Bugs Banny that this is not your property or your airline as probably some may think. The a_s of this company have just been saved with Pensions Funds that we all have contributed for hedging episode. THINK AGAIN

PANAM who had been among the largest airline has gone down and is no more. With this behaviour one day, we will see our aeroplanes parked and no more money to run. But no worry,it is not Bright Minds Personal Money. Who cares?

Anyway the show will go on. What a pity and a waste,

VIVA the republic.

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Old 12th Mar 2011, 10:52
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The kind of scenario that is developing in "Your preferred leisure airline" means only one thing:
MK is being bled to death so it can be sold cheap. Obviously the government has enough on their hands with inflation and the other major issues, so they have decided to kill the Golden Hen.
You guys beware!
The expats will leave or get the kick, but I really pity all the nice, hard-working Mauritians that will loose their jobs!
Don't let Management axe you - stand up and fight for your jobs, your life and the families you support!
Go kick the Dream Team (the hindu house mafia) out!
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Old 13th Mar 2011, 11:37
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Guess what sounds all good from the outside, but once inside, all you want is out? A Fancy Fair. That’s exactly what this company is: a true Fancy Fair.

Inside it, intimidation, blackmailing, harassment and threats are common practice to thwart the employees from voicing out the wrongdoings of their hierarchical superiors.

What to expect when Flight Ops are being ruled by unquestioned weed-smoking incompetent autocrats comfortably hiding behind what is referred to as “The Committees”, which allows them to freely escape from engaging their individual responsibility contractually assigned through their position as defined in the Operations Manual.

Dare to launch an anonymous survey amongst the flying staff, which guarantees their immunity; and you will be surprised to discover how the frightened voices will start to rise out of the numerous rabbit holes covered by the peaceful grazing yard of that team of Floppy Gums.

Although mafia is everywhere, only third world countries allow such a disorganised bunch of incompetent leeches to bleed a state company and its employees to death with such an arrogant sense of impunity and defiance.

Their reputation has gone so stale that they can’t even get relief pilots anymore. What’s the next fallback: pilots from India? French retired pensioners? Bets are open.

Some of us have already had to blow out our maximum flight and duty time. Let’s see to what extent our Civil Aviation Authority will allow them to continue mess with this.
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Old 15th Mar 2011, 18:20
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