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Air Mauritius - all you need to know about MK (threads merged)

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Air Mauritius - all you need to know about MK (threads merged)

Old 14th Nov 2002, 13:43
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Questions for anyone in the know.
1.Do they take ozzies, type rated on 330/340, lotsa hours.
2.How much time off between patterns on the island.(very important as a move would be based on spending a whole heap more time surfing than able with current job).
3.Does the company still provide housing close to surfing beaches as I'm led to believe they have in the past.
4.Whats the game fishing like.
5.Is salary still 4k us for fo and 7k us command.
6.Whats the cost of living like for a single guy.
7.Whats the chance of pulling the odd root.
8.Do jet fo's take thier commands on the ATR.
Thanks for help in advance. Will answer any questions about cathay in return. Cheers
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Old 14th Nov 2002, 16:22
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Well I've just got back from that one flight for the month that Icaptain25 speaks about. In fact it's my second trip to Paris this month, and then I have to still fly to SIN & KUL next week (3 nights in KUL) and then off to HK in the last week of the month (4 nights in HKG). Thank goodness we don't have to fly on two days of the month!! MK must certainly have one of the nicest route stuctures to make it the great flying job it is.

On a more serious note:


I think if you were to let us know what qualifications and type ratings you have that you are offering MK, it would make it clear to us all how unfairly you are being treated or if you are just lacking in experience. A lack of experience is no crime. As planecrazi says, you will get it in time.

In another post you mentioned that your interview did not go all that well, and if you say you returned to France after your interview I then have met you on that flight. You did not come across as negative and as bitter as you are now when we chatted on the flight deck. Or have I got the wrong guy? The person I met was a very pleasant guy who seemed determined to persue his goal of flying for MK. Why the change? Don't give up so easily.

500 million MUR (rps) profit:

Yes I think everyone thinks it could have been better. I have the Annual Report 2001-2002 in front of me and the figures reflect a profit of closer to 520 million rupees. This after a disappointing 2000-2001 year. It shows me that the MD is doing something correct to turn the company's profits around like that in one year.

Why do they employ people from overseas... :

Same as every company I guess. Because there are insufficient local people available with the required expertise and qualifications. Whilst MK employs ex-pats, they do run a cadet scheme, from time to time, which takes Mauritians from zero flying experience to their first commercial flying job on the ATR's.

but still nothing is happening, not even a letter from them.. :

Agreed! Their way of keeping their potential recruits informed of their selection status is poor.

I too have thought about it again, and yes I am still convinced that it is a great company to fly for.

(edited for spelling)
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Old 14th Nov 2002, 17:55
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Thanks Pontius for your nice long mail,
I have been to france recently(on air mauritius request at air mauritius school EPAG) I spend a month there learning the JAR and flying on the sim.
The french told me that my level was excellent (flying and technical)and that I had the potential to achieve a lot. I couldn't believe it myself. When i went to france i was scared that they were going to find that my level was very bad (they critize a lot the australian training) but i didn't have one simple problem.
I even went to Britair to do an assessment on ATR (passed technical and flying no problems at all)
When i left mauritius they (banymandhub and co) told me that they will assess me as soon as I get back. They promiss it. Now they don't believe my results at EPAG and say that it doesn't mean anything what else do they want
Since i have been back no news from them at all. I might if i am lucky get interviewed and tested on ATR in january. Nothing on paper yet. Why? Too much pressure so he or they don't want to take any decsisions. So I hope now you understand why i am a bit pissed off.
Top guys (meaning chief pilot will not mention any names) told me that they were disgusted by the way this company was running. Not long ago when they did mauritian pilot selection they were told that if they employ a white they have to employ a chinese and at least 2 indiens. true. N i am white..........big problem but sooner or later i will change my name n grow a bear
anyway I am off to SA tomorow morning Will see how it goes there
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Old 15th Nov 2002, 06:45
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Old 16th Nov 2002, 16:42
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hi guys
I was the one who originately posted this topic, and even though all the replies were very inetresting and instructive, I still dont know if i can apply with FAA licenses at Air Mauritius.
thanks in advance
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Old 17th Nov 2002, 02:51
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An ICAO recognised licence is acceptable. When being employed by MK you are issued a Mauritian licence on the grounds of your existing licence, in your case an FAA one.


MFF (multi fleet flying) on A319 and A340 is only done by a few of the more senior pilots at the moment. Normally (exceptions do occur) type rated pilots are placed onto the A340, B767 fleet.

A319 is now generally being used as a progression to the A340. Some ATR captains have progressed onto the A319 as FO's recently, and so have some FO's from the A340. These will soon be receiving their command training on the A319 in time for the delivery of the second A319 in Q1/Q2 of 2003.

Entry level for lesser experienced FO's would most likely be the ATR. The offer of employment is made for a specific type, from there one fits into the company policy as determined from time to time according to the company's needs.

Hope this helps.
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Old 21st Nov 2002, 09:52
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Guys, sound like great company. Look on the bright side, if you hear from them after applying, then it can only be good news. Companies in South Africa seems to be doing the same. SAA never replies unless they want to hire you. Comair the same. I might be wrong but that has been my experience. SAA seems like Josua Door. You must have an uncle in the furniture bussiness to get your CV to them. The smalle guys in SA normally does not last long enough to reply. All the guys I have spoken to, only have good things to say about MK.

Can someone please tell me if I will be wasting my time to apply at MK with a RSA ATP. 2700 TT, 1500 medium jet P2(40 000 kgs +). I will really appreciate a contact address and name to apply to.

Must say, the smaller companies in SA is great to work for. Good bunch of oaks and some of them really have exceptionally high standards.

Happy surfing !!
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Old 22nd Jan 2003, 11:22
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Air Mauritius ATR Jobs

I've heard that Air Mauritius is conducting interviews for Captains and F/O's for ATR in Feb.
Can anyone confirm that the ATR fleet is now fixed ie, no chance of going to the jets and that the pay is equiv $1600 US for F/Os and $2300 US for Captains.
Also why are ATR guy's leaving enmasse ?.is it because of the lack of promotion ?
Anyone heard anything else?.
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Old 22nd Jan 2003, 12:43
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Is that $2300 a week or month, if it is a month then I can see why they are bolting.

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Old 23rd Jan 2003, 11:26
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Rumour has it that they interviewed ATR Captains and A319 F/O's yesterday and some more today!
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Old 24th Jan 2003, 04:38
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direct entries, and buying the next rating to be promoted are also good reasons???

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Old 24th Jan 2003, 11:19
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<<Also why are ATR guy's leaving enmasse >> They are?
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Old 24th Jan 2003, 17:49
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OK lads, let's hear the 100 most valid reasons for leaving this ATR outfit.

1, Low Pay
2, Boring destinations, 3 in all
and la di da!!!!
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Old 25th Jan 2003, 13:23
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i heard that lost of atr pilots are leaving and that air mauritius will be in big trouble soon. is that true?
anyway i will understand why they are all leaving!
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Old 25th Jan 2003, 16:05
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Well then Captain, you can finally get your job with MK, move back to your motherland and we can put to rest your regular gripes about not getting a job.

Take it from me son, there's a pile of CV's a foot high on Manoj's desk, most of them rated. Somehow I don't think they're in the dwang. The ATR fleet has always had a reasonable turnover what with promotions to the jet fleets & guys jumping ship.

Life in paradise, IMHO, will just go on, as before.

Bon Chance Mon Ami.

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Old 26th Jan 2003, 09:38
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Unfortunately 4holer, since the DFO announced the ATR fleet is now a fixed fleet, ie no promotion to the jets, the situations changed for a lot of the guy's.
Th pay was acceptable when it was transitory, however now, with no prospect of promotion some of the guy's will have to go elsewhere.
The managements attitude aparently is "if you don't like it, leave".
They have already interviewed direct entry guy's to the 319.
According to some of the pilots the cp and ftm arn't helping matters, cancelling leave, not allowing pilots to leave the island on days off and failing people in the sim. Sounds like paradise to me, I think I'll stay where I am.
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Old 26th Jan 2003, 19:22
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ok, so are they looking for more crew or what?

3 destinations are better than none at all!
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Old 5th Feb 2003, 11:38
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Peoples I just wanted to comment on the Air Mauritius thing, I was flying for Another ATR operator and went for an interview with Air Mauritius in 2001, got offered the job but was told in the interview that if you are not 'local' you will be pushed aside for them first so may never get on the jet. The pay was about $1600 plus allowances, the accomodation is great but they wanted six months notice or you pay them out and they only do three routes. Those were the facts and although the beach life might have been great I turned it down because of the above reasons and because it is a very small place.
Everyone to their own though so good luck to guys who have interviews.
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Old 6th Feb 2003, 09:19
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Without digressing too much from the original post, MK is the National Airline of Mauritius and it makes perfect sense that they will always try to promote their own people first. This happens all over the world and the fact that they tell you at your interview or from the beginnning, leaves to no misunderstanding in the future. Should you decide to take on the position, at least you know what lays ahead.
I understand they've had too many people come to the company to get Jet Ratings, build some hours on type then leave. At least with the Locals, once they get the job they stay with the company till retirement.
As was mentioned in the previous post, "each to their own" and if you're not happy with MK's offer then don't take it.

I agree with Skaz, 3 destinations are better than none & there was a recent advertisement in the local newspaper for Mauritian pilots.
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Old 7th Feb 2003, 17:53
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once locals get the job they stay till retirement!

who are you kidding MK940?

its time MK got rid of thier DFO not to mention a few others...
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