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Fraud At Caa Exams?????

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Fraud At Caa Exams?????

Old 8th May 2007, 15:26
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Fraud At Caa Exams?????

I can't get my head around this.

At our flights school we have students from West Africa. These guys can't pass their PPL exams (the first couple of times) , yet when they go write their CAA COMM Exams they pass all 8 first time without having done a ground school.

How on earth can this happen if something is not amiss?

Has anything changed since the last scandal, or is it still OPS NORMAL for the fraudsters but just not covered in the media?

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Old 8th May 2007, 18:05
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Thats quite a serious allegation or thought that you have.

What flight school do you have / work at, that you know that these chaps cannot pass their PPL's, yet, just suddenly go off and write their Comm's passing all 8 at the same time. (without attending a ground school).

What sort of numbers are you talking about ???????..(5 guys, 10 guys).

Since they cannot pass their PPL's, they cannot write their comm's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

Goffel by the mine dump
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Old 8th May 2007, 18:11
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Correct me if I'm wrong! They failed their PPL's but passed their Comm. I shud've skipped my PPL too and gone straight to Comm. In fact why did they write Comm and not just go for ATP!!

WEIRD! gonna watch this thread!
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Old 8th May 2007, 18:19
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Good question as far as I know you can only enter for the cpl written with a valid ppl,this ppl can only be had after one must have passed the ppl written administered by the flight schools.Are you alleging your school allows these westafricans get the ppl without passing the exams?If you have facts to prove this please inform the CAA so your school can be sanctioned for this.As for the caa i think its about time it starts changing comm questions regularly to prevent fraud.
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Old 8th May 2007, 19:06
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This is hilarious,
Sounds like some story that was initially told by an instructor, then it passed on to the janitor and then the guy in the control tower heard it and then it reached a student that had washed out and then it skipped to egypt and was overheard by an air maroc flight attendant who flew to SA and..............men what a mess!
What school would let someone sit for their comm if they failed their PPL? If this is your school, I suggest you jump ship because it is doing you no good ma friend.
Or better yet, get the facts of the story and then post it here. But then again, this forum is based on rumors....ma bad!
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Old 8th May 2007, 22:09
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Meant to say....

Sorry guys...

What I wanted to say, but omitted, was that these students eventually after several pathetic tries manage to pass their PPL written exams. (I did fix it now)

It is just strange that these students, (I know of 5) suddenly pass all their computerized CAA tests first time.

And our PPL exams are really really easy to pass.....
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Old 8th May 2007, 22:29
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red8, when you walk through the door tomorrow there will be two men in long black coats waiting for you. Go with them & blow the lid off this smoking gun. Please keep us posted.

>>Developing story<<

Proudly sponsored by

Remember - you heard it first on PPRuNe
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Old 9th May 2007, 06:18
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Certain schools actually quote figures like those mentioned above, so its not a new thing. If something has been going on, its been doing so for a while.
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Old 9th May 2007, 07:03
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I remeber a few years back that something like 25...?...Airline pilots for Alitalia were caught flying with fraudulent licenses.

Eleven were captains.
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Old 9th May 2007, 07:39
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I'm just speaking off the top of my head with no real knowledge of the exam process, so take the following from where it comes!

Is there not a different process for foreign Com students and local students?

The foreigners write an open book exam, but the Com they receive is not good for work in SA/ZS aircraft.
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Old 9th May 2007, 09:13
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deanW, I don,t think that there is a seperate process for foreigners, many of my friends both SA and foreign did the same course with the same rules....no exceptions. A bit of a loose comment to make
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Old 9th May 2007, 09:31
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Unless something has changed in the last three years there's no such exception for foreiners.

If a foreiner wanted an easier theory exam for a comm that wasn't to be used in SA or on ZS registered aircraft there would be no need to train in SA at all. I did the SA comm and didn't think it was all that difficult but did include lots of irrevelant crap just like Europe.
The US and Canada have got their ducks in a row and safety records to back it up. I am European by the way.
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Old 9th May 2007, 09:57
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If memory serves, and sometimes it does not, some years ago in England there was a system in place with the CAA whereby foreign students, you know, the lot from Africa, Arabia or indeed, anywhere other than England, could write and fly the ATPL exams and tests. The standards they had to achieve were not much mooted generally, but it was understood that they received a UK ATPL with the endorsement that it was not to be used for flight within UK airspace. The purpose of this system, if it existed, was, of course, to enable the new ATPL holder to return to his country of origin and be issued with a validation there, based on the UK ATPL. This would then allow him to fly from his own nation, usually for the national airline.
This always was pure rumour and one has never seen such an endorsed licence, although one was several times on course with pilots from Iraq, Iran and Malaysia and it was quite understood that such was indeed the arrangement.
In fact, now that one casts memory back far enough, one remembers a course chum, an Iraqi, an excellent fellow, who was determined to achieve the 'full' British ATPL so that he could fly for an airline other than Air Iraq (or whatever). He was, even in those days, very concerned at the amount of radio active material being transported weekly into Baghdad on an Air france Jumbo!
Perhaps and possibly ZA/CAA has taken a leaf out of the UK book but, in dispensing with the endorsement, has conveniently forgotten to allow for a margin of error?
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Old 9th May 2007, 12:24
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Sacaa Com Exam Questions On Internet

This is not new. It is an old story that you can buy an EASY COM from the people working behind the desk at SACAA.

How the ones who were investigated during the scandal got away, god only knows.

How they managed to keep their jobs?!?!?!? How they managed to stay in the same positions?!??!?!

Anyway, they must have become a bit wiser as no Carte Blanche/ Special Assignment expose has been launched so far. Red8 PM me and I will give you the details of one of the big guns at MNET who has always been keen on getting stuff from me for Carte Blanche.

So, to throw another thing in the mix. I heard that all the questions and answers for the COMM exams have been posted on the internet by our famous friends at CAA Exams. You just need to come up with the right amount and voila you get the http.

Very clever if you ask me.

God bless the internet.
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Old 9th May 2007, 14:21
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On another forum, the question was asked if candidates could write open-book exams for their Com (the exam is unrelated to the instance related to this thread).

The SA CAA replied as follows:

The candidates referred to were writing Air Law and Procedures to obtain validations, which will allow them to fly outside the borders of South Africa only.
The approval from the Commissioner only provides for open book examinations for pilots flying for foreign operators, operating outside South Africa, utilising SA registered aircraft. These flights will not enter South African Airspace. Also the approval has been granted to specific operators that have made application in this regard.
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Old 9th May 2007, 15:57
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A South African licence issued to a pilot to enable him to fly a South African registered aircraft outside South Africa but not within South Africa itself is duplicitous in the extreme.
Presumably European, American and other CAAs are entitled to expect that all South African registered aircraft flying within their respective airspaces are being flown by a crew of uniform South African licence standard which has, to some extent at any rate, been approved by ICAO?
This is a vastly different, and potentially much more dangerous situation from that in which a pilot obtains a watered down South African ATPL, then obtains a Bongoland validation and flies one of their aircraft into LHR or JFK, when everyone can see him coming anyway.
Does SAA allow such open book rated pilots to fly its aircraft once outside the Republic's borders so that they can hone their skills on an unsuspecting world?. All change seats at the Limpopo! Bring on the second division!?
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Old 9th May 2007, 17:56
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Someone told me that itsthe guy called XXXXXXXX on the CAA office how can fix this for you. 15.000 Rand is the price they sad

Name removed. 4HP
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Old 9th May 2007, 18:59
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I think you have just opened yourself to a very serious law suit with that allegation.

I certainly hope you have some valid proof to have actually named a CAA official in the exam room...(otherwise I think that particular person is just about to retire with your money).

And dont think that just because this is a rumour site that you are exempt from lawsuites with that type of allegation.

Eisch, the young and brave.

Goffel by the mine dump.
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Old 9th May 2007, 22:35
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Opps yes bad of me to name names sorry for that. The thing is that alote of guys knows this shit is going so maybe its not a bad ide to check it out ???? Our maybe you want this to go on forever

Regarding the lawsuite yee they can try if they like
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Old 10th May 2007, 06:35
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I have to strongly disagree with you...

I did my CPL (Frozen ATPL) course in the UK and dispite being from Africa, at no time was I handed an easier, "wink wink nudge nudge" type exam!!!!

I worked my a**e off for those subjects and all the "local" boys sat in the same room as me writing the same exams.

The only thing that we did see/experience is the fact that various countries had their students merely "sit off" the time at the UK schools.
By that I mean that these guys were sent there for X months exactly, and regardless of their exam pass rate or final outcome of the course, they would return home to get their local country licenses only. AT NO TIME did the UK CAA issue anyone a less qualified/dont fly in UK airspace license.

Believe me, the UK CAA have never made it easy for me to do anything. When I eventually had the hours to "unfreeze" the ATPL, they wanted copies of airline AOC's, letters from MD's and pretty much anything else they could think of.

The school I went to had some of the oldest UK instructors in the business, and I never heard any of them mention any lesser licenses for foreigners.
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