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43 Air School for a Kenyan

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

43 Air School for a Kenyan

Old 29th Apr 2007, 10:05
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43 Air School for a Kenyan

I happened to have gone to 43 Air school on sponsorship but my experience there was terrifying. The management are downright biased against black folks especially those who are company sponsored. This is a far cry from the land of madiba we hear about from outside. I'll never forget the place for all the wrong reasons - racism and all.
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 10:17
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Modurator :

Please remove this thread,white South Africans are sick and tied of being accused of Racism,discrimination etc ! Don't use this forum to start a black .....white thing !!Become colourblind please !!Sort your differences out directly with the party involved !!! And not using PPRuNe.....
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 10:55
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I've heard this too many times, more often by students that couldnt fly and were washed out or had a hard time with instructors because they just couldnt fly.
I have many black Kenyan friends who I trained with and they never had any sort of racial problems mention by you. But like I said earlier, I know many others that couldnt fly, maybe because they were just not meant to become pilots and some of them came out saying similar things you saying
I also dont understand why 43 Air School management like you said, "are downright biased against black folks especially those who are company sponsored" Makes no sense to me mate!!! I think they are maybe more strict with company sponsored student to make sure they of a high standard and popularity to companies who send their pilots to train there.
So please don't blame racism...
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 12:18
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How dare you MusaQ!!!!!!

Hey MusaQ, How about taking your thread and shoving it! Im not sure if you are someone sitting in Africa bored out of your skull and what to cause nonesense but not here dude. I know, if you didnt like it that much or if you were so hard done by, why didnt you make a stand and leave? Then, maybe, people would question it. I am an ex 43 boy (as half of the industry is these days) and I never saw any racism being displayed. I think you need an out to explain to your "company" why your flying was so terrible and why you were on 30 hrs and still no solo. 43 is one of the worlds top flying schools and they have a rep to up hold. You are privileged to attend such a flying school, you just never realised it. You probably were sitting in your mudhut, in some hole of a country, when your mom said "why dont you learn to fly, you can make lots of money". You obviously dont have any passion for this career, so get out and make space for those who do! So boo hoo, get over it. If you would like something to cry about, pm me. I agree with the bianchi, take it up with the boys at 43 (what champions!), but go play the race card somewhere else! Comprende amigo?

Go on, reply I dare you.
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 15:51
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fish Offensive comments.

TermightJ...There is no need to be offensive to the guy. If he feels this way he wont be persuaded otherwise by comments such as you have made.
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 17:51
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43 Air School is a top class organisation, one of the best in the world. If you can't fly - you're out. Its as simple as that. Nothing to do with racism.
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 18:47
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I absolutely agree, nothing to do with racism. My experience was that all cadets regardless of colour got preference over the self paying white souf effrican. I recall often having to suck the hind t t, as a result ended up being there longer costing ME more money. So those on the gravy train should be a little more thankful .

As for 43 you either love it or hate it regardless, I hated it probably more to do with the place than the school, but as a package deal you can keep it.
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Old 29th Apr 2007, 19:18
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Maybe you should look at your performance and try again, this time a little harder. If you feel that anyone has been racist i'm sure you can contact someone to fix the problem.
43 air school is a good and if anything they support a non racist culture. Why should they be racist?

Good luck, i hope you sort it out!

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Old 29th Apr 2007, 19:55
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What are you smoking!!!!!!!!!?????????

I got my CPL at 43 in September 2005 and I can say with all honesty that the above is absolute bull!

Paddy might have scared the living hell out off me sometimes in the lecture hall and Tim's cuisine was often scary but racists NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

43 is a very good flying institution and a business. If you were a sponsord person frm Kenya you were prob a cadet and I know that the 43 management always made sure those clients were well taken care off (the airlines bring in the most money)

So go cause a stir else where mate!
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Old 30th Apr 2007, 01:48
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Musa Man.......You can always go to another Flight School. Eventually you will be flying.
Quit whining and get on with life.........
(Is sponsorship something that means it didnt cost you anything anyway...unlike most Pilots today)
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Old 1st May 2007, 14:50
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43rd is strictly a commercial operation and Kenya Airways is one of their most important client. It has an accelerated course structure which is appealing to many from the continet. The owners have to be utterly stupid to mistreat these high paying trainees because it will have serious ramification to their business.

As far as quality goes, I am not so sure. There have been cadets dropped from ET flying school who later went and finished up at 43rd!
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Old 1st May 2007, 17:38
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Thumbs down

Since I left the sandpit and came to work Africa, I have met many African pilots who trained in School 43 and have never heard allegation like yours. Some said they don't like the location of the school, some not the food, some the lack of social life. I'm sure if your allegations were with foundation the organisation sponsoring you would have taken action
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Old 1st May 2007, 21:50
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Guys, I believe the guy had a reason for making the claims that he did. Let us not jump off right away and start accusing people of this and that. Maybe if you took the trouble to find out the fella's grievances ,it would paint a clearer picture.
Some of you do make a good point reagarding incompetent students. I have dealt with a few of those myself. Once they flank a stage check, then all of a sudden the instructor never showed them this and that and never covered this and was lazy and bla bla bla! Looks like Musa has a tough one on his hands..........Fly safe fellas
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Old 2nd May 2007, 11:56
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Typical of someone who has been given it all. Look around in yur own country and tell me racism does not exist. Big chip on yur spoon fed shoulder....lack of intelligence as well as respect for anyone. Can see ur type from a mile away. Preferably not in South Africa or near an aeroplane in future.
Go climb a mountain.....preferably Kilimanjaro.
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Old 2nd May 2007, 15:59
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Still stand by my argument

Didnt mean to be rude or anything, just saying it as it is. Talked to a buddy of mine in another flying school in SA - he told me he took longer to go solo because his landings had to be perfect compared to other guys whose were similar to his. have to admit - it takes the morale out of a student pilot. Most guys I know already went solo in their heads long before the actual one.
That said in my defence, I made some white buddies who I still keep in touch with. Got admit it though - 43 is a beautiful school, one you can learn to fly well given a good atmosphere. Managed to continue my program in a different school but is taking me longer to finish coz of breaks between.
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Old 2nd May 2007, 16:08
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Sorry to cut back:

"....You probably were sitting in your mudhut, in some hole of a country, when your mom said "why dont you learn to fly, you can make lots of money".

Isnt this offensive TermightJim.
So much for your apparent ignorance to an honest concern
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Old 2nd May 2007, 16:56
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MusaQ might be right? 43rd is a huge school which is committed to deliver Fresh com pilots to their respective "Companies" but their level of training is far from being "Outstanding" these days!! they are just a sausage factory! and one should see how these guys struggle to cope with ATC'S Once they are flying away from their bush`~ and 43 is also increasing the statistics of incidents/accidents in S.A based on Incident reports.. what a class again...
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Old 2nd May 2007, 17:46
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Double order of popcorn and a large coke please!!!
I think musaq got all of you going quite easily - amazing how quickly a thread can expand after it should have just died a quiet death that it deserved. But we have a bunch of bright kids that fell for it hook line and sinker. Ah well I'll sit back and watch with interest.....
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Old 2nd May 2007, 18:31
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MusQ, it could be worse!! - you could be trapped between the moon and New york city.....sounds crazy..............buts it true!!

Tay19 - you an english teachur - could you help with my spalling? It`s atrocious!!
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Old 2nd May 2007, 18:51
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Just joined PPRuNe and this thread is sure enjoying a lot of interest from me. Yes, where does this Tay guy come from? Lets all just step away quietly before anyone gets hurt

(bianchi if Tay is fully booked for english lessons, you can contact me )
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