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Flying in Namibia (Small charters)

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Flying in Namibia (Small charters)

Old 3rd Sep 2006, 16:55
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Flying in Namibia (Small charters)

I have been flying in Namibia for a while now and realised that The politics ruens the fun off flying.

Swakop is a nice place to fly, execpt the drunk and crazy boss we worked for. Windoek and its politics+the 2 face people there is shocking. You cant trust anyone. The small charter pilots in windhoek thinks they are the best in the world. Swakop is still O.K and would go back there any time.
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Old 3rd Sep 2006, 17:15
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Tough day at the office, boet?
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Old 3rd Sep 2006, 18:29
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Its a great place to get that first job, I was there for a while and I had an awsome time. Try not to let the politics bother you too much, do your job and go home.

Good luck!
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 13:46
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Ya, Namibia is a beuatiful country and tought me how to do bushflying. I guess that every man is for himself, so you will get the 2 face people everywhere. Its just that at Eros it suprised me how many of those there are. Any way. Im not complaning any more, because I stayed out of the politics and I`ve got a asome job now that will make all of them jealous
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 14:11
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After reading some horroristic stories about crime rate in SA I was wandering how life is in Namibia in that regard. Better, worse, same?
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 17:06
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Ag lekker...

Boeta, you're a pilot (and clearly not English). Keep yourself out of the politics and concentrate on the flying... especially when flying in turbulance in that old rust buckets! Swakop is a lovely place and I wouldn't trade my 4 years I've spend there, for anything. Enjoy it. You WILL miss it!
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Old 4th Sep 2006, 19:44
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Conversion to a Namibian CPL.

Boeta, I'm thinking about comming to Namibia in november to look for a job... Do you know how many written exams and flight tests it takes to convert my licence, I currently have a Canadian CPL with a Multi-IFR. Also approximately how much does the whole process cost.

and if anybody else knows something about the subject please let me know.

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Old 5th Sep 2006, 00:29
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Boeta, i agree with BOB3213 - SWAKOP is an AWESOME place!!!!!

I also DID some time there, and made FRIENDS for life!!! The flying is GREAT, also learned alot the hard way,remember those bloody hot +40'C days,MAUW out of Epupa and Opuwo.......eish!!!
Ex-SWAKOP pilots are highly rated in the 'contract' world today.

How can you trade Swakops social life for W'hoek???? (2 inni bors 1 inni kop) I remember the days, when the C210's pull in after a long days work, and the SKYDIVING CLUB becomes the 1st meeting point for a TAFEL LAGER or TEN, not to mention the JAGERMEISTER. The misty Swakop becomes heaven later at night, where all the European backpakers meet in town at some local BAR.Those were the days!!

The afternoon EXPEDITIONS, Dune-boarding,Fishing,Biking in the dunes, a Beer at the Golf Club,German carnavals and to seal it all, a BRAAI in the Swakop river. Hell, i miss those days!!!!!!!
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Old 5th Sep 2006, 20:15
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Hi All,

A question for pilots who've worked in Namibia before.

What kind of experience, hours do operators in Namibia look for? And is ability to speak German really a requirement?

Thinking of going there soon. Would love some advice. Thanks!
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Old 6th Sep 2006, 08:24
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If you can speak German it helps a lot! Either way regardless of the language issue you need to have a C210 type rating if you arrive there with both then you have a really good chance of getting work, if you cant speak German then try to arrive there with at least a C210 endorsment.

good luck
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Old 6th Sep 2006, 10:24
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SWAKOP is an AWESOME place!!!!!

It is one the the BEST places to have flown!!
Could'nt believe that you get paid for a lifestyle like that!!
Sleeping till 10'o'clock, having brunch, flying from 2 to 5'o'clock (in huge "formations"), have a couple of Tafels at the Skydivers, dinner at the Lighthouse, and to round the evening off; go big at Grunies!!
EVERYDAY (well almost!)

Miss it
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Old 6th Sep 2006, 16:41
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my oh my.......

Are you boys serious at all?
Firstly Boeta, dont start a thread about 2faced people and politics in a country that has provided you with the experience/fun/opportunity to move onto an awesome job as you say. If you were on a contract in deepest darkest africa as some of us are, you would thank the heavens above for being in Namibia........
As said by others, its a cool place with even colder beers.....

Ronnie - Namcrime vs SAcrime - Sa wins everytime, shame they dont at rugby these days.....Nothing to worry about (especially if you have an UZI)

Dyermaker - whats that label in europe? FCUK or FUKC - use that with regard to having to speak german in order to get a job.
Quick point - Aviation i believe is in english, the national language of the country is english - are you getting the picture at all ???

Maybe i had a bad day in the office - but you get what i mean -
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Old 7th Sep 2006, 13:50
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Ok, cool fantastic, we all agree Swakop is THE place to be as a pilot. Drunken parties at the skydivers, hot tourists at grünies, cold beer in abundance an foggy weather to sleep of the hangover.

Just remember the unpleasant shit going on as well, low level flights along the coast with 10 planes going in opposite directions at the same height; bitchy charter queens that chase you along with too little fuel ending in emergency landings on the beach; power line or railroad approaches (yes we all did them), hopelessly overweight 210's to "save" money for the company etc, etc, etc
End of the day I suppose it all worked out, nobody has been killed yet ....

Hmmmmm windycorner, I agree, contract flying is not too wonderful, but to an extend it depends what you make of it. I had some great times doing contract flying. Once again, I also like to remember the good times ... but won't ignore the endless crap we had to deal with. Too make up for it I suppose the money is good. That kind of money nobody will, or can earn in Swakop.

Oh and boeta, relax there are some good people on Eros airport, do yourself the favor and get to know some of them.... and by the way, have you discovered the spell checker yet ;-)
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 13:36
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Swakop was the best! I still think the stories from there beat contract stories most times.

It is the greatest place to start a career-and I only left because like most people went chasing bigger things. There are moments of madness that you look back on ask questions, like trying to find a shipwreck at a hundred foot cloudbase-just to work your tip. Generally it was life, but you had to watch your nest egg, as winter was busy with much cash-while summer was little flying with many Tafels on the deck of the Lighthouse.

The Politics i think is a recent thing with all the new companys (i think there seven now? or something in Swakop) as when I was there it was just Pleasure Flights and Atlantic.

Would recommend it to anyone to try get work there-but it will never be a career-remember that.
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Old 22nd Sep 2006, 20:39
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Airforce 1:"The Politics i think is a recent thing with all the new companys (i think there seven now? or something in Swakop)"

Still no politics in Swakop amongst pilots i hear,they're always up for a PARTY!!!!
Don't miss the chaos on 124.8 and dodging the Bohlen at low altitude!!

Only one legend (king) left in Swakop.
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Old 27th Sep 2006, 08:32
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Yes that is right... Never was there pilot in-fighting.Only between the bosses!
One king remaining...I think he will be the next Erwin!!!
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Old 27th Sep 2006, 20:55
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Yes, an AWESOME place indeed Swakop is, was and always will be!

The good memories will stay for many moons to come….…from the Beryl’s burgers to the Opuwo pies. From the formation take-off’s to the formation flying. From skidding over the water to seeing the curvature of the earth from high above. From dodging planes at Sossus to dodging shipwrecks always getting in ones way. From sleeping in the Swakop river to.....’sleeping’ behind the hangers!!

Where can one come back from a magnificent days flying, park your plane, walk a few steps to the bar where a cold one is already waiting, have dinner on a deck overlooking the beach, go to the pub and party the night away, without a worry in the world, all in just one night......only one place comes to mind, Swakopmund!! And I have the evidence to proof it…..

So when is that much talked about reunion happening?

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Old 28th Sep 2006, 07:18
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Anything going in namibs for low time guys?
What if I get a 210 on my licence, and go there and camp?
Whats the chances of getting work?
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