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Bellview crashed after take off ???

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Bellview crashed after take off ???

Old 23rd Oct 2005, 05:19
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Boeing 737 Missing in Nigeria

Just heard on the news a Boeing 737 has gone missing on a flight from Lagos to somewhere else in Nigeria.

They are saying its crashed into the sea somewhere.

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 08:02
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Bellview crashed after take off ???

Thats what CNN is reporting - no further news as of yet:

Nigerian jet missing after takeoff
From CNN Africa Correspondent Jeff Koinange

Sunday, October 23, 2005; Posted: 3:55 a.m. EDT (07:55 GMT)

A number of high-level Nigerian officials are believed to have been on board.WATCH Browse/Search

Nigerian airliner missing (2:37)
Map: Where the plane took off

or Create Your Own
Manage Alerts | What Is This? LAGOS, Nigeria (CNN) -- A passenger jet with 114 people on board disappeared from radar shortly after taking off from the commercial capital of Lagos, and Nigerian authorities say the plane had gone down.

The Boeing 737 left Murtala Muhammed airport at 7 p.m. (2 p.m. ET) Saturday and was en route to Nigeria's capital, Abuja -- a trip that should have taken about 50 minutes.

The pilot of Flight 210 issued a distress call just before the control tower lost sight of the plane about three minutes after takeoff, officials said.

Several high-level Nigerian officials were believed to be on board the privately-owned Bellview Airlines jet, the office of President Olusegun Obasanjo told CNN. They were headed to Abuja for a meeting.

The Nigerian airline is popular with expatriates living in the West African nation and Western diplomats feared several their citizens could have been on board, according to Reuters news agency.

The airline has been operating for about 10 years and has no record of any incidents.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria said two helicopters had been scrambled to search for the plane.

Relatives of those on board have also chartered a helicopter to look for the plane, while teams have been dispatched to search on land and in the water.

A statement from Bellview Airlines, read on Nigerian television, said the airline was "not able to confirm the whereabouts of the aircraft."

The twin-engine plane had a capacity of 120 people, but there were 114 on board, 108 passengers and 6 crew.

A storm was passing through Lagos about the time the flight left, according to CNN's Jeff Koinange.

There were widespread rains and thunderstorms around the southwestern corner of Nigeria, particularly near Lagos to Ibadan, said CNN's meteorologist Mari Ramos.

Flights leaving Lagos fly out over the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, before turning back to reach Abuja, according to Koinange, so it is likely helicopters will be searching the Atlantic coast.

If the plane did crash, Boeing spokeswoman Liz Verdie said they would work with the U.S. National Transportation Safety if invited to do so.

The normally bustling airport in Lagos was quiet on Sunday morning as coordination efforts were underway to find the plane, Koinange said
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 08:22
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it is a sad day .the wreckage has been found.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 09:02
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Location of wreckage?

Where has the wreckage been found?

Let us pray for survivors.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 10:12
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Wreckage found in Oyo state north of Lagos. 50 or more survivors reported.

Very sad. RIP.


edited to include survivors reported on Sky news.

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 11:15
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What a tragic night - A sad and tragic loss.

Our company's sincerest condolences to our colleagues at Bellview.

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 11:57
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At least half the passengers survived.
However rescue got to the crash scene about 13 hours after the plane crashed.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 12:04
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Unhappy Only In Africa

Whale blamed for plane rumours

Cotonou - A sperm whale trapped in fishermen's nets made such a noise as it struggled that it sparked reports Sunday that the sound was that of a Nigerian jet crashing into the sea.

In fact, Nigerian officials said, the plane crashed on dry land 400km north of the coast just after dark on Saturday after taking off from Lagos.

Earlier, before the plane's wreckage had been found, fishermen from the neighbouring city of Cotonou had reported a mysterious large object dropping into the sea.

"We were heading out to sea at around nightfall, when I saw a large mass fall into the water," fisherman Pierre Ahouansou told AFP on his return to the port of Cotonou in Benin.

"It was a great big thing. It shook the surface of the water," he said.

Ahouansou's apprentice, Pamphele Folly, confirmed the sighting. Both spoke to a reporter before hearing reports of the missing airliner.

It was intially thought that the sound might have been that of the missing jet, but Chinese trawlerman Li Wong later cleared up the confusion.

"In fact, we caught a sperm whale last night and it made a lot of noise as we hauled it in," he told AFP in Cotonou harbour.

Nigerian officials said that a Boeing 737 airliner with 114 people on board disappeared a matter of minutes after taking off from Lagos at 19:50 (20:50 GMT) on Saturday.
From News 24

An airport spokesman said it was possible the plane had either crashed or been hijacked.
From Skynews
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 12:06
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It is very sad to realize that it takes a crash (and loss of human life) to convince politicians in Abuja that the TRACON (Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria) project is imperative for safety and disaster management. Early pinpointing of the crash sight might have averted MANY deaths. The survivors had to wait an agonizing 12 hours to be rescued.

Condolences to Bellview + relatives of the victims.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 12:10
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I have read your posts many times Rani and it is quite clear that you have lots of info on Nigeria.

So would you say that many more people could have survived was there full radar coverage.

I mean it was nightfall already but saying that the first reports showed that it was crashing in the sea ... that is a long way from the accident site ?

It is too late - it remains a tradegy but hopefuly somebody will wake up now
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 13:10
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News item

'Half survived plane crash'
23/10/2005 14:02 - (SA)

Related Articles
Whale blamed for plane rumours

Missing Nigerian plane crashed

Mystery surrounds missing plane

Missing plane: Crash feared

Plane with 114 aboard missing

Abuja - More than half of the 116 passengers and crew on board a crashed Nigerian airliner survived, a spokesperson for the local state government told AFP.

Adeola Oloko, Oyo State's chief press secretary, said that an emergency broadcast had called for all medical personnel in the region to head to the crash site to tend to the injured.

The missing Nigerian airliner crashed in a remote rural area 400km north of Lagos, an airline official told AFP on Sunday.

The plane took off at about 19:50 (20:50GMT) on Saturday from Lagos bound for Abuja and rapidly vanished from radar screens, police and aviation officials said.

Initially, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (Faan) said they suspected that the Bellview Airline Boeing 737 jet had plunged into the Atlantic as it looped round over the sea before turning north.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 13:23
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Unhappy Race to save crash survivors

Nigerian rescue teams raced to recover injured survivors on Sunday after an airliner with 117 people on board crashed in a remote rural area.

"More than half of the people on board survived," said Adeola Oloko, chief press secretary to the government in Oyo State north of Lagos, where the aircraft came down, announcing a major rescue effort.

A message had been broadcast across Oyo State calling for all health workers to make their way to the crash site in the town of Kishi, 400km north of Lagos, he said.

The Bellview Airlines Boeing 737 airliner took off at 19:50 (18:50GMT) on Saturday from Lagos on a scheduled service bound for Abuja and rapidly vanished from radar screens, aviation officials said.

"We lost contact with it about three minutes after take-off," said a Bellview staff member at the firm's office in Lagos domestic airport.

Officials initially said that there were 116 people on board, but a copy of the flight manifest passed to reporters listed 111 passengers and six crew.

President Olusegun Obasanjo's office called for Nigerians to pray for the victims and said that emergency reponse teams and rescue helicopters had been sent to the scene.

The president's spokesperson, Remi Oyo, confirmed that there had been survivors, but could not say how many. "God has been gracious, but I don't have the figures yet," she said.

A spokesperson for the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), the 15 nation regional bloc, said the group's deputy executive secretary for politics, defence and security, Malian General Cheik Oumar Diarra, and a Ghanaian finance officer, Emmanuel Quaye, were on board the flight.

It was not clear whether they were among the survivors.

Diplomats said that they had been told that the plane was missing. It was not clear whether any foreign citizens were on board but the service is popular with expatriates travelling to Abuja.

Nigeria has a terrible record for aviation safety and has been the scene of numerous crashes, including an accident in May 2002 when an airliner plunged into a suburb of Kano, killing 115 on board and scores more on the ground.

There have been a number of recent near misses, including an incident in July in which an Air France jet arriving in the oil city of Port Harcourt from Paris hit a herd of cows.

No-one was hurt in the incident, but the plane was badly damaged.
Full report

Very early for rumours but lost contact 3 minutes after take off and crashed 400 km away - eischhh does not calculate unless total loss of electrics ?

To top the tradegy I see the Nigerian First Lady died while undergoing surgery in Spain.

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 14:32
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 15:50
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Very sad day for Nigerian aviation, here was a promising airline. I really hope the authorities do their best to rescue effort. Rumours at the moment suggest it was Ghanian f/o and a Nigerian Captain flying.

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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 17:29
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Conspiracy Theory

According to the Passenger Manifest, Major Joseph Haydon (American citizen) and head of the OCD (Office of Defense Cooperation, which is basically the military liason with the Nigerian Army/Air Force) was on board.

Major Haydon was one of 5 white passengers.

I hope to God that this was not an Al-Qaeda attack, or any other conspiracy for that matter. However, the significance of this fact is chilling.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 17:47
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Aisle seat, please.
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My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 18:49
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 20:07
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Captain Imasuen Lambert - Okada, Albarka, very experienced
F/O Eshun Ernest

Cabin Crew
Etim Victoria
Ukuwelah Lulu
Queen Ozekhome

Engineer Sanni Steve
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 20:23
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30 MAR 2005 Engine fire on takeoff causes grass fire at Kano
An engine fire on a departeding Boeing 737 caused grass on the Kano Airport, Nigeria to catch fire. The resulting bush fire caused serious damage to the transformers and electrical cables serving runway 24. The Bellview Airlines B737 5N-BFN landed safely back at Kano without injury to the 96 passengers and five crew members.

Was it the same plane that crashed?

It also seems there are alot of questions that need to be answered especially considering the fact that the weather was really bad with serious thunderstorm at the time.I wonder how regular is the weather update in Nigeria?
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Old 23rd Oct 2005, 20:27
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Amadu, I dont think its right to put the names on the net.

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