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Bellview crashed after take off ???

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Bellview crashed after take off ???

Old 1st Nov 2005, 10:44
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It appears that there have been ongoing "discussions" between the US and Nigerian agencies regarding the investigation and retrieval of evidence. However, not before time, all hopefully seems to now be on track.
Escavation of Crashed Aircraft Begins Today
Posted To The Web: Monday, October 31, 2005 - By Ndubuisi Francis

More than a week after the tragic Bellview crash in Lisa Village, Ifo local government area of Ogun State which claimed 117 lives, all seems set for the escavation of the remains of the B737 airplane.

The relevant agencies, including the Accident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (AIP), a directorate of the Ministry of Aviation; accident investigators from the United States National Transport Safety Board (NSTB), Boeing officials and insurers of the airplane, Llyods of London, among others, have already visited the site to assess the situation.

THISDAY gathered that the relevant bodies used the visit, among others, to know exactly the type of equipment required to begin the escavation. It is believed that construction giant, Julius Berger will provide the heavy equipment needed for the removal of the remnant of the crashed plane.

Meanwhile, Bellview Airl-ines has already announced that it will this week begin the process of initial disbursement of insurance compensation as the collation of personal data of the next of kin of victims of the crash has been smooth.

The airline's management said at the weekend that many bereaved families have filled forms and that because of "the very high level of co-operation by the family members, we are sure we can begin the process of initial disbursement of insurance compensation next week (this week)".

While expressing appreciation for the co-operation it has received from the families of the victims, the airline enjoined them to "continue in their attitude of patience and understanding". It also urged relatives of other victims who have not collected the compesation forms to do so at the airline's head office "where all required support is being provided to enhance the collation process."

Bellview said the compensation is an interim arrangement "to cushion the financial strain that an accident such as this may cause to the families of the victims concerned; and our insurers have shown great understanding to make this possible."

In related developments, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) and aviation industry player, Mr. Nick Fadugba have called for caution on comments concerning the possible cause of the crash.

NCAA stated that contrary to some comments, the crashed airplane was not old since it was manufactured in 1981.

The Authority stated that the aircraft underwent a C-check only in February this year and was an advanced type of B737-200 series which most popular carriers in the world use for their short-haul operations.
On search and rescue, NCAA stated that the Nigerian Airspace Managment Agency (NAMA) and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) are saddled with the responsibility.

Also speaking with aviation correspondents on the crash, Fadugba who is the Publisher of African Aviation magazine based in London said he was immensely concerned about "wild rumours, speculation and conjecture regarding the cause of the Bellview Airlines accident".

He said such rumours range from technical fault with the aircraft to its age and to possible sabotage as well as inclement weather.

"I would like to call upon the Nigerian public, members of the House of Assembly and the national media to please exercise patience and restraint until the official report into the actual cause of the accident is prepared by the Nigerian and international air accident experts who have commenced work. We call upon the Federal Ministry of Aviation to ensure that this official report is made public.

"Contrary to speculations in some quarters following the accident, it needs to be pointed out that Bellview Airlines is one of the leading private carriers in Nigeria and on the African continent. It has one of the largest fleets and largest networks operated by a private airline in Africa. In addition, it has the distinction of being the only member of the International Air Tansport association (IATA) Clearing House and the only airline in Nigeria certified by the European Air safety Agency (EASA).

"The woefully slow response to the accident-especially the search and rescue operation highlights the glaring inadequacies still present in the Nigerian aviation industry. I would like to call upon the Federal Government of Nigeria, the National Assembly, the Federal Ministry of Aviation and the entire Nigerian aviation industry to draw urgent lessons from this tragic event and to implement widespread reforms in the Nigerian aviation industry which will signficantly enhance the safety and security of air transport in Nigeria”, he said.

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As a matter of interest ... who owns Bellview ? ...and what have their comments been about the crash ?

I have only flown with them once ...on a flight from Lagos to Kano..and in this instance... they did an unscheduled stop in Abuja to drop off 3 pax... followed by a technical delay..resulting in about a 3 hour late arrival.
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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 11:25
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I thought by now they would have suspended Bellview from flying until we are sure that they have stopped overworking their crew. We don't know what happened up there, but we do know that there was a serious lightning strike ( some serious jazz) and there was a Bellview plane with fatigued crew. The way they describe this accident be like say there fit be some survivors at least up to 12 hours later, because if they say the fuselage is buried under ground without it shattering into pieces, then there could have been survivors in the middle row, I think( well that is based on the description given by the media). Dotun i no know say you still sabi dis side.Hola!
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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 11:50
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we do know that there was a serious lightning strike ( some serious jazz) and there was a Bellview plane with fatigued crew
We do? We've got some rumours, that's all we've got...
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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 11:56
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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 17:24
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I dont think NCAA should ban Bellview based on rumour. We really should wait for the results of the enquiry. The captain was very good knew very well what he was doing. I also know both crew (capt and f/o) did the last re-currency together at United Airlines in Denver.

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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 19:50
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I.R Pirate, you again!!!???
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Old 2nd Nov 2005, 20:39
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Latest press reports are saying that a forged Maintenance certificate was given to Air France by a Nigerian carrier who had engine problems in Abidjan recently, carrier not identified but from the article it left no doubt who it was.
Interesting and I’m sure AF would recognise both a false CRS and a forged one – but why exactly were they looking at it ?
Guess they did the rectification so might look at last CRS – they would only be Certifying their work – but they could have refused to do so the work if they were that suspicious.
If AF (or anyone) is SURE the paperwork is false aren’t they required to make an immediate report to the appropriate NAA and would they really continue to work on the plane ?

Of course there have been instances where airline A doesn’t recognise a CRS held by airline B because it doesn’t look like theirs – in most cases this is because the NAA of airline A specify a Format while that of airline B specify the Content but not the format – and the required content can vary between NAA – but normally description of work / aircraft time / signature / date are included.

The AIB and NTSB will be checking CRS’s / Workpacks / Authorised Signatures – when they say something was wrong then I’ll give it far more credence.

Know this is a Rumour network – just commenting on one posted.

In my opinion the most grotesque thieves are the politicians. But that's another thread/website.
- thats why we have Jet Blast

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Old 13th Nov 2005, 16:38
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Bellview Crash: Sabotage Theory Gains Ground

Nigeria' s reputable newspaper, thisday carried this story today.
An intresting piece:


There were speculations at the weekend that the October 22, crash of Bellview airlines flight 210 which claimed 117 passengers, including the Defence Attache of American Embassy, Mr Joseph Haydon, may have been more than an accident.
This comes as Bellview management yesterday denied insinuations that the aircraft had a problem and the late pilot made complaints about it before the ill-fated flight.
The sabotage theory, according to THISDAY investigation, may have compelled officials of American National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) at the crash site to invite men of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to come and help unravel what is becoming a mystery and criminal investigation.
There were fears in security circles that because the Bellview evening (last) flight is usually patronised by top government functionaries and diplomats, sabotage cannot be completely ruled out.
The Abuja-bound Bellview plane ran into trouble after it lost contact with the control towers three minutes after take-off in Lagos and was believed to have gone down with a big bang, a rare occurence in aviation accidents. The fussilage of the plane was finally escavated last Thursday.
According to sources, investigations so far have revealed that there has been no evidence of mechanical problem with the aircraft engine and the posers they raise are: 'Why will a plane suddenly drop from the sky without warning? How come all the systems went down at the same time?'
THISDAY investigations further reveal that up till now, the black box has not been found while a full seat of the aircraft cannot even be pieced together from the wreckage.
One of the Nigerian officials who has been part of the investigation said the US experts argue that plane don't just drop from the sky without any warning signals that would have been communicated with the Control Towers as it happened in the Bellview crash.
THISDAY checks reveal that when the pilot taxied on the tarmac, he was instructed to turn left by the contol tower but he said he would turn right because the weather was better along that direction. A few seconds later, he communicated back that he would turn left as instructed because he had discovered the weather was indeed better on the left.
The pilot was said to have spoken after three minutes of take off while ascending after which he lost contact with the control towers. He was expected to make another contact at ten minutes after take off but by then it had crashed.
Meanwhile, Habib Mohammed, Bellview Head of Corporate Affairs yesterday described as false and unhelpful speculations that the crashed aircraft had problems.
Mohammed's statement said Imasuen who was the Captain on that flight and who took professional responsibility for the lives of 116 other passengers that evening, was not suicidal. "He was a highly professional staff whose integrity remained unquestionable.
"First officer Ernest Eshun, who was the second in command on that flight and shared the responsibility for a safe and smooth operation of the aircraft, could also not have been a culprit. F O Eshun is newly married and his wife was on the same flight that killed him and his wife and 115 others.
"Would this team, who have so much to live for, have simply succumbed to pressure to fly an unsafe aircraft? Would they have invited their loved ones were they in doubt of the safety of the flight?
"Against the popular wisdom that in case of an accident like this it is destructive to speculate, why do so many people assume the expetise to know what went wrong with Flight 21O? This is unhelpful and misguiding to the general public. The procedure for verifying the safety and serviceability of an aircraft is tested, comprehensive and standardised all over the world, and thus dependable. All well meaning people must await the completion of this investigation, which is already underway.
"American National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) has volunteered experts to help with the investigations relating to the crash. The process when completed should have unquestionable credibility. Surely, all we have to do is wait.
"However, there is a need to clear certain untruths that so many non experts have peddled as a holy grail in the wake of the tragedy. One, that the aircraft involved undertook another domestic flight earlier that fateful day and after take-off 'jerked' and 'jerked' several times before it achieved stable cruising, and was therefore unsafe.
"Someone had told the press that he travelled on the same aircraft from Abuja (another said Port Harcourt) and that they heard loud complaints about the poor state of the aircraft. Neither of these stories was true. The aircraft involved in the accident has registration number 5N -BFN, and the ill-fated flight was its second operation that day. The first was a flight to Accra/Abidjan on the West Coast. No one could have encountered that aircraft on any domestic flight on Saturday 22nd of October 2005.
"Moreso, aircraft in essence respond to turbulence and weather movements. It is therefore not unusual to experience occasions of rough flights. More so that Bellview in particular has subjected itself to operation, maintenance and safety standards that are acclaimed in international Aviation; as an lATA member airline and achieving the European Air Safety (part 145) Certification.
"Another rumour is suggesting that the beacon (Emer-gency Locator Transmitter -ELT) on the aircraft was outdated and it was responsible for the long hours involved in searching for the accident site. This is not true. The 212.0 MHz frequency beacon, by ICAO's specification, remains valid till year 2009. A beacon that the world’s highest Aviation authority certifies till 2009 cannot be said to be outdated in 2005. And yes, that aircraft had the Storm Arrester too.
"Yet another rumour; that Captain Imasuen was overworked that day by the time he took up Flight 210. This is far from the truth. Captain Imasuen resumed work on Friday at 3.00pm and had done only one Abuja return flight before he captained Flight 21O. At 8.50.pm, he would have worked for only six hours at most. Aviation regulations clearly specify a 12hour working day for a pilot with a following rest period of 12 hours.
"Other stories were rife that Engineer Sanni was on board Flight 21O that day because the aircraft was problematic and he was needed to hold it together. Engineer Sanni was onboard because the aircraft was going to night-stop in Abuja. Aircraft which have to sleep over in a non base station of an airline must carry an engineer who will see to the release of the aircraft the next morning. An aircraft will only be so released after human and other waste has been evacuated, amongst other routine look-overs.
"A foreign agent was well published to have claimed that he flew the same aircraft on the fateful day from Freetown to Banjul. This is another falsehood. 5N-BFN was never in Freetown or Banjul that day. It operated the Accra-Abidjan-Lagos service smoothly on Saturday the 22nd.
"It is heart rending for anyone at this period to be accused of cajoling Captains and Cabin crew to fly aircraft that are not airworthy. A Captain or Crew who must fly a plane against his wish will not invite others, loved or not, to come and risk death with him. Bellview Airlines is grieving deeply because we lost personal friends and people we have worked with for years.
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Press Reliability


Just one word of caution regarding ThisDay newspaper. While it is one of the top 3 "reliable" newspapers in Nigeria today, it has misled the public in the past. Notice how the headline itself is merely based on an "investigation" carried out by its journalist and makes no reference to official sources whatsoever.

Is that responsible journalism coming from a responsible newspaper? More like the Nigerian headline industry.
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Post From News 24

Can only agree with Rani. Take a West African newspaper with a big pinch of salt.

You can pay almost nothing to publish anything used to be my motto.

From News24 :

Nigerian and US air accident investigators ended their inspection of the site of an airliner disaster on Sunday, but still have no idea why the plane crashed and killed all 117 people on board, an official said.

Recovery teams have yet to find the flight's data recorders, three weeks after Bellview Airlines flight 210 from Lagos to Abuja lost contact with air traffic controllers and plunged into a cocoa grove minutes after take-off.

"We couldn't find the black box.

"Nothing has been found which indicates the cause of the crash," Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesperson for the Nigerian federal government's national emergency management agency, told AFP.

"The US experts will continue to work with the little, little part of the aircraft that we found," he said, referring to a team of American investigators from both the US government and the manufacturers of the ill-fated Boeing 737.

Nothing ruled out

Asked to comment on Nigerian media reports that local experts were beginning to take seriously the idea that the jet was brought down by a bomb attack or sabotage, Farinloye said simply: "Nothing is ruled out."

On October 21 the crowded passenger airliner took off on a scheduled domestic flight between Lagos and Nigeria's capital Abuja in a powerful electric storm.

Air traffic control lost contact three minutes later.

Almost 24 hours afterwards, Nigerian television journalists found the wreckage of the 24-year-old aircraft on the outskirts of the farming village of Lissa a short drive north of Lagos.

Wreckage and dismembered corpses were spread over a wide area and in some cases buried deep in the ground by the force of the impact.

Witnesses said that the jet appeared to have exploded in mid-air prior to plunging to earth.

More than 900 people have died in Nigeria over the past 12 years in more than 30 aviation accidents.

Since last month's fatal crash one plane has been damaged while landing on Lagos's badly maintained runway and another has aborted its take-off from Abuja after sucking a bird into its jet engine.

International airlines have threatened to cancel their lucrative Lagos flights unless the government improves safety at Lagos, where only one runway is serviceable and where ground radar is turned off at weekends.
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I guess at this point, they have been able to rule out all possible causes, except one, we are in Africa, and we are black, and yes, the new 1000 Naira note just came out, and to add to that, there was a terrible, really scary lightning that night. I actually saw that lightning, and believe me, these were my exact words, "God helps any aircraft flying through that". My daughter who schooled in Ogun state was actually the one that made me think about this. She said they were sitting outside when the lightning struck and since a lot of 'weird' things happens around her school, she and her friend ran to their hostel( because they thought it was jazz).

well, i don't believe in that.The Power of God i s stronger than all these . (Reality!)
i ma just thinking of a possibility that if they were struck by lightning, is it possible for them to loose all their instruments? I figure that at least the stand-by AH and altimeter would work., or are Gyros affected by magnectic fields? i can't remember, its being a while.So if they lost all instuments, at night, in weather, with no form of attitude reference, they could have flown at take-off-power to the ground.
I don't believe that the Captain was not overworked though, its a Bellview thing, if you ve not flown over 120 hours in a month, you ve not flown, and for a jet, thats a lot!
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Arrow Black Box Destroyed ?

The head of a team probing a crash which killed 117 people in Nigeria last month said on Thursday the aircraft's black boxes have not been found and may have been destroyed when the plane slammed into the ground.

Angus Ozoka, the head of Nigeria's accident investigation and prevention bureau, would not say how much longer the investigation into the October 22 Bellview Airlines crash could last.

There has been little indication of what could have caused the crash, although some aviation experts have said the plane may have been downed by lightning.
Full Report
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I've read a lot of crash investigations and been around for quite a while. I dont remember a crash of this kind where both the CVR and FDR were not found. I have heard of aircraft that temporarily or otherwise did not have one or both fitted. ??
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Has the CVR or FDR been found in the mean time ?
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