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Bellview crashed after take off ???

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Bellview crashed after take off ???

Old 27th Oct 2005, 17:16
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A question:-

Is it fact that the crew got out a distress call or not ? What was the content of it, did anyone hear it ?

From the reporting, it seems that the crash site will have been heavily compromised given the uncontrolled public access that occurred until the authorities arrived.

A very sad event.
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Old 28th Oct 2005, 01:12
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Group Claims Responsibility

Bellview: Group Claims Responsibility

Daily Champion (Lagos)
October 26, 2005
Posted to the web October 26, 2005

By Tony Ita Etim, Felix Nwaneri
Lagos/Port Harcourt
A shadowy group claiming to represent Niger Delta interest yesterday claimed responsibility for the crashed Bellview 210 plane.

Simply identified as Coalition for Militant Action in the Niger Delta (COMA), the group in a statement in Port Harcourt last night and signed by Alliance Leader, Alaye Temi and Chief Strategy, Architect David Igbi said that they will continue to target those who oppress the region.

The statement titled: "On the crash of the Bellview Airplane Boeing 737 on the 23rd of October, 2005: read:

"The Coalition for Militant Action in the Niger Delta (COMA) by this statement accepts the responsibility for the crash of the Bellview Airplane Boeing 737 which crashed into a remote area of Ogun State last Saturday few minutes after take-off.

"The crash at Ogun was not the expected outcome and was due to a failure of an installed deprogrammer aboard the airship.

"Let us once again state that we resist with vehemence the continued detention of the flag-bearer of the Niger Delta struggle, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari and until he is unconditionally released, we will continue to vent our anger on agents and infrastructures of the Nigerian state. They that haunt will be haunted. Those that sow deceit and discord will have fury visit them in their backyards.

"The continued explanation and despoliation of the Niger Delta will be resisted with all our might. The vain glory vaunted by the falsehood called Nigeria shall be called to nought. We will state again that if Dokubo-Asari is not released in good time, we shall release fear and insecurity in the hearts and minds of every cohort of the Obasanjo regime. This government is a fraud, utterly vindictive and lack the will to provide to the Niger Delta, the quality of life that they deserve.

"The Coalition of Militant Action (COMA), is a strategic alliance of all militant groups in the Niger Delta who reject the strange decision of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force to stay militant action. Alliance members include: The Isein Justice Movement, Ijaw Militant Group, Niger Delta Guerillas, The Ogoni Justice Seekers, the Movement for Mass Militancy in the Niger Delta, Judgement Day Coalition and several others.

"In our earlier communications, we maintained that "Our actions will be swift, heavy hitting and decisive. Nothing will be the same again. You do not abduct a leader and flagbearer like Dokubo-Asari and still believe that all can still be well." We stand by all these.

"All Niger Deltans and friends of the Niger Delta are advised to stay off suspected targets. There shall be no vindictive action on the basis of tribe and ethnicity. Fury action taken will be focused on interests and agents of the government of the Nigerian state.

"We therefore call on all Niger Deltans to support our cause. We have been pushed to the wall and have turned about. It is either Dokubo-Asari is released OR they will see no peace.
"Let us now begin to watch and pray."

Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Sunday Ehindero may have goofed as government yesterday said Black Box of the ill-fated Bellview aircraft which crashed last Saturday at Lisa, Ogun State, has not been found.

Ehindero had told reporters at site of the crash that the black box had been found by his men.
Confirmation to this effect, is coming even as government has officially invited United States government to assist in unraveling mystery behind the tragedy.

Ehindero, who visited the accident scene in company of Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG Operations) Mike Okiro and outgoing Ogun State Police Commissioner, Tunji Alapini had said that the box was found on Sunday and handed over to an investigating team by a Police rescue team led by Commissioner of Police (Air Wing), Charles Cole.

However, Minister of Aviation, Prof. Babalola Borishade, same day countered the claims, saying the box is yet to be recovered as the aircrafts fuselage, location of the box, is yet to be pulled out from a crater made by the crash.

Refuting IGP's claim, yesterday, NCAA Director-General, Fidelis Onyeyiri, who spoke through his media assistant, Sam Adurogboye said: "There is no misinformation on this matter. The Black Box has not been found."

The NCAA, however advised anyone who by accident stumbles on the box, to hand it over to the Accident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (AIPB) of the Ministry of Aviation.
On assistant from the U.S. government, the NCAA spokesman said the authority has written to the US government on behalf of the Federal Government for assistance concerning investigations into the crash.

"Nigeria has made request in all areas including investigations, escavation and getting to the root of the accident as well as upliftment of the nation's aviation industry" he said.
A letter in that respect, made available to journalists, dated October 24, 2005, addressed to US government through its embassy in Abuja stated thus:

"We wish to refer to the telephone conversation between the Hon. Minister of Aviation and the Consular-General of the Embassy of the U. S in Lagos.

"Following this discussion, we wish to formally request for technical assistance in our determined effort to move the aviation industry forward especially in the light of the recent accident involving a Boeing 737 aircraft in our country."

Meanwhile, the AIPB of the Ministry of Aviation has said it will be conducting an eye-witness interview of persons with credible information on the crash.

A statement issued by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), signed by its General Manager (Public Affairs) Niyi Ajakaiye, said persons with useful information relating to the crash, from the time it took off till the time of crash, are requested to report in person at the Baale of Lissa Igbore's residence today.

"It also said second segment of the interview will take place between October 31 and November 5 at the Boardroom of FAAN in Lagos.

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Old 28th Oct 2005, 06:38
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Yeah right....

Yeah right, as if I will believe the above article....

Another hopelessly false media coverage.....
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Old 28th Oct 2005, 07:46
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What a nice article, if there were no 117 dead it would be nearly an happy ending...
What is a "deprogrammer"???
The rebels are the bad ones, let them bomb a little bit, Bellview is not responsible, and as the black box is missing all will remain a mystery!
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Old 28th Oct 2005, 10:44
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I was hoping that someone here might me able to provide the meaning of "failure of an installed deprogrammer aboard the airship".

GlobalFlyer, I gave a link. Perhaps others can provide further details.

Don't shoot the messenger.

The plot thickens.

Dokubo washes hands off Bellview Plane crash
Posted To The Web: Thursday, October 27, 2005 - By John Ighodaro

PORT HARCOURT — Detained leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, has dissociated himself from the crash of the Bellview Airline, which claimed 117 lives last weekend, saying he had no hand in the tragedy.

He also described the group, the Coalition for Militant Action in the Niger Delta (COMA), which allegedly claimed responsibility for the crash in a statement dated October 23, 2005 as “non-existent” but only out to drag his name in the mud.

This was part of a statement issued in Port Harcourt yesterday and signed by his lawyer, Uche Okwukwu. He further described the statement issued by COMA as most irresponsible, intending to achieve nothing than to blackmail Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari and the Niger Delta in general.

His words: “All the organizations claiming to be in alliance with the non-existent militant body, do not exist. For example, there is no movement, group or organization known as the Ogoni Justice Seekers.

“I urge the general public, the security agencies, government and the families of the victims of the ill-fated crashed plane, to disregard the contention of this non-existent group and see Alhaji Dokubo-Asari as one who is touched by these deaths,” his Attorney said.

He expressed condolence to President Olusegun Obasanjo and other Nigerians on the death of the First Lady, Chief Stella Obasanjo and the loss of lives in the plane crash over the last weekend, he said

A group, which called itself COMA, had claimed responsibility for the Bellview plane crash and attributed its action to the continued incarceration of Dokubo-Asari.

In a statement credited to one Alaye Teme, the Alliance Leader and David Igbi, Chief Strategy Architect, and published by some national dailies, the group said it would carry out more attacks if Dokubo-Asari was not released.


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Old 28th Oct 2005, 11:21
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I have seen lots of 419 magic before but this article takes the cake

"The crash at Ogun was not the expected outcome and was due to a failure of an installed deprogrammer aboard the airship.
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Old 28th Oct 2005, 13:44
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Now that would be an interesting new entrant to the market, an airship operator!

Surely a 'deprogrammer' only works on aircraft that has a modern computer cockpit, which the 737-200 doesn't.
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Old 29th Oct 2005, 18:46
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Dman & NDB17 give my bro in London a call so he can fix you up with a number to reach me in Nigeria, switched off my old number for now. We need to talk!

Flew into PH this morning to spend the weekend with my family(Thierry is also with me from Dallas)

Been at the guest house in Ikeja with the guys since we lost November, Ernest and the rest of the crew, as you know Sarah had joined him on the nightstop to Abuja and that was not made known to me until monday afternoon. I am so devastated by it all.

I miss him so much.

Wept uncontrollably when we landed in PHC this morning.
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Old 30th Oct 2005, 07:50
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No probs my man, WILCO. He was a nice guy, I was going through my phone and came across his number (Ernest), not sure whether to delete it or not. Skipper was a good guy as well, we used to bet on who could make the best greaser (no floating ofcourse). I remember my last flight with him from ABV, nasty storm over LAG, ended up coming in on R(030) or something funny like that. I will really miss them all.

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Old 30th Oct 2005, 18:34
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Lightbulb Crashed Plane Excavated

Nigeria is set to begin the excavation of the fuselage of a commercial plane that crashed last week, killing all 117 passengers and crew on board.

Officials said the main body of the Abuja-bound Bellview 737 jet which plunged into the ground on October 22 was still buried under the ground with the black box and bodies of some of the victims.

A spokesperson for the national emergency management agency, Ibrahim Farinloye, said investigators and rescuers were now ready to dig out the remains of the ill-fated aircraft from the grove at Lisa, about 50km from Lagos.

"The Nigerian and American experts probing the crash have disclosed that they are now set. The excavation exercise will start on Monday," he said.

He said equipment for the job had been moved to the site while the area was cordoned off by security agents.

Four air accident investigators from the US have been visiting the site to take photographs and collect samples of objects of the crash.

The plane lost contact with the control tower three minutes after take-off from Lagos airport, but it took about 16 hours before the crash site was found.
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Old 30th Oct 2005, 19:12
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Four air accident investigators from the US have been visiting the site to take photographs and collect samples of objects of the crash.
Maybe they read my previous post
Seriously - if correct it should lend lots of credence to the official report when we get it.
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 05:48
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DMan & ZAZ

As you say,dunno whether do delete his number(Ernest) or not. I recieved a last sms from him on the 18/10 saying that he need to pay a visit. Was at the guest house in LOS every single weekend and had good time.Will be indeed sadly missed.May their souls rest in peace.
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 08:02
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Latest press reports are saying that a forged Maintenance certificate was given to Air France by a Nigerian carrier who had engine problems in Abidjan recently, carrier not identified but from the article it left no doubt who it was. Most embassies now banning their staff from all carriers except ACN and Virigin Nigeria. Also rumours that UK CAA will check B3 on next trip to London.

My deepest condolences to the families of the crew and passengers of flight 210.
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 10:25
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abuja flyer. welcome aboard.
abuja mate!
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 13:56
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I. R PIRATE or whatever your name is,thank God even in the most powerful naton on earth, at the time of hurricanes, they always have to contend with looters.
Looters like you,that i do not know
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Old 31st Oct 2005, 14:10
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As I said.....In true african fashion!!
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How Unfortunate

First, the alleged looting was not confirmed by official sources. Only a single newspaper carried the headline. We all know the sad state of Nigerian journalism so I wouldn't chew on it.

How unfortunate, instead of engaging in constructive analysis and follow-up on the Bellview accident, this thread is being high-jacked by diatribe-spilling folks.

As Amadu rightfully stated, anti-civilization behavior is not restricted to poor nations but was also observed in the world's only "super power", with its generous contribution of pirates, serial killers, and rapists.

It should come as no surprise, then, to see the desperately poor seize every opportunity to lift them from misery - even if it entails disrespecting the dead and robbing their families. In my opinion the most grotesque thieves are the politicians. But that's another thread/website.

Last edited by Rani; 31st Oct 2005 at 15:57.
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Fine, have it your way, post retracted, reality concealed.
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As usuall, we get the odd idiot here now and again.
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I had a former colleague on board the flight - one of the few Brits -would like any current info on recovery etc - I know the FCO UK maybe trying - but local info appreciated. I understand and can take all the comments - maybe someone can pm.
regards to all in your area.
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