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A0283 6th Jun 2022 10:33

June 5th,2022 small plane lost in port of Rotterdam waters
Small plane on flight plan from eastern Germany en route to France with 2 PoB. Probably crashed as some debris was found. Both persons still missing by June 6th.

The registration number was visible on part of the debris.
Visibility in the area was bad with rain and low cloud.
The Pinksteren holidays would significantly reduce the number of potential witnesses in the extensive industrial area.

B2N2 6th Jun 2022 13:44

Considering the Airspace and the apparent routing curious why (so far) ATC has not been aware of any issues.

B2N2 6th Jun 2022 17:07

Informal sources have it as a Spanish registered VLA.

DIBO 6th Jun 2022 17:53

Pretty sure it's the registration mentionned by ASN, as it's (almost) confirmed by this picture in a local newspaper

A0283 8th Jun 2022 08:41

The search for the two missing persons, an adult and a teenager, is continuing by 06:20 local time this morning. The flight as now reported following a track from Bergen in Norway, a stop in northern Germany, continuing to Holland, contacting Eelde, on VFR, lost in the Rotterdam port Caland canal.

A local pilot stated that the minimum altitude in the area was 500ft, and low cloud at the time down to 500ft.

The PoB are said to be a Norwegian father and his son.

The SAR effort of ships, helicopters, UAV, divers has already covered areas downto 24meters deep in the canal.

A0283 26th Jul 2022 07:36


Related link on the Dutch SafetyBoard site.

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